Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bottling Line

I have a new hobby, something to channel my obsessiveness into when track is not enough. Beth got me a great home-brewing kit for X-mas, and I have been brewing up batches of delicious adult beverages. We dream about one day starting a brewery, with my brother on the street team, Beth running the brewpub and yours truly brewing the beer. That would be awesome!

Anyways, today we bottled our American Pale Ale, recipe courtesy of the Brew Hut, which I call "8549 Ale". Here are some pics of the bottling process

Beth mixing up the corn sugar, this helps with carbonation in the bottle.

Siphoning it into the "ale pail"

Me and the "ale pail"

Now we are siphoning the beer into individual bottles.

You need to really concentrate to do this right.

Beth is now capping all the bottles.
The fruits of our labor, 41 bottles of 8549 Ale, ready to be consumed in 8 weeks!!

Otis likes to help with clean-up.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Runner's Roost Full Line-Ups (Almost)

UPDATE: The relays are complete, as wella s a few other changes to sprinting events. Even if you checked, please be sure to double check! Bus leaves at 5:50!

Good morning.

Below are the line-ups for the Runenr's Roost Invite in Ft. Collins.

The schedule of events is very different than normal, will we be handing out schedules to everyone today at practice.

The sprint relay line-ups are forthcoming, sorry for the delay!

100 m G - JEvans/Musso/KEvans
100 m B - Johnson/Otis/McPhearson

200 m G - D'Agnostino/JEvans/KEvans
200 m B - Schuereman/Brost/Johnson

400 m G - Lake/Taylor
400 m B - DEidt/Abbey/Schuereman

800 m G - Bergen/Wojan
800 m B - Burt/Maloney/Lake

1600 m G - Hine/Wojan
1600 m B - Balsiger/TEidt/Burt

3200 m G - Dutton/Hine
3200 m B - TEidt/Jake/Balsiger

100 H G - PFollett/Manley/Larsen
110 H B - Batt/Calvert/Harris

300 H G - PFollett/Manley/Larsen
300 H B - Batt/Calvert/Harris

LJ G - PFollett/AGrimm/KGrimm
LJ B - Johsnon/Otis/Calvert

TJ G - PFollett/AGrimm/KGrimm
TJ B - McPhearson

HJ G - Schmidt/AGrimm/KEvans
HJ B - McPHearson/Calvert/Harris

PV G - Hughes/Yovich/Daily
PV B - Whipple

SP G - Costin/Casey/Thurston
SP B - Crichton/Austin/Raslawski

DC G - Costin/Casey/Thurston
DC B - Maison/Raslawski/Austin

4 x 100 G -KEvans/AGrimm/Laren/Musso
4 x 100 B - Brost/Whipple/VanHorn/Otis

4 x 200 G - Taylor/D'Agnostino/AGrimm/JEvans
4 x 200 B - Scratch

4 x 400 G - Taylor/KGrimm/Larsen/Lake
4 x 400 B - Brost/Abbey/Maloney/DEidt

4 x 800 G - Bergen/Dutton/Lake/Wojan
4 x 800 B - Balsiger/Abbey/TEidt/DEidt

Spt. Med. G - Manley/Musso/JEvans/KGrimm
Spt. Med. B - Otis/Johnson/McPhearson/Schuerman

Check out the weather, it should be nice!!


Monday, March 24, 2008

Runners Roost Invite


Our varsity line-ups had to be in by Monday for this week’s meet, so here they are, with approximate start times.

3200 m G - 10:20 - Caroline & Kelsey
3200 m B - 10:40 - Alex, Josh & Taylor
(There are slower flights of the two mile at 5:00, but I think all of our kids will get into the faster flights!)

4 x 800 G - 12:25 - Melanie to Kelsey D. to Kirsten to Katelyn
4 x 800 B - 12:40 - Alex to Patrick to Taylor to Derek

1600 G - 1:45 - Caroline
1600 B - 2:00 - Alex, Taylor & Brenden

400 m G - 2:30 - Kirsten & Krystel
400 m B - 2:55 - Patrick, Kevin & Derek

800 m G - 4:15 - Melanie & Katelyn
800 m B - 4:30 - Brenden, Josh & Shane

4 x 400 G - 5:35 - Krystel to Kelsey G. to Karlie to Kirsten
4 x 400 B - 5:55 - Tyler to Patrick to Shane to Derek

A long day, to say the least, but like Coach Hawk said, the Ft. Collins coach will run this meet rain or shine, snow or hail or wind, postal service style, (isn't it ironic that the UPS commercial play songs by the Postal Service?) so I would bet on getting a full meet in!!!

Even if you do not race until later in the day, everyone will ride the bus up! No exceptions!

JV Line-ups will be forthcoming later in the week.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Advil & Ice


I was OK with last week's meet being canceled, I felt we needed the rest. But, with this week's competition being cut short, that is still killing me! Don't be surprised if we do not schedule any meets in the Springs next year, the reliability and dedication to track & field down there is questionable, to say the least. The racing at this stage of the season is an integral part of our training, when we miss it, we are missing out on training.

So, stock up on the Advil and ice, and you might want to get some Epsom Salts as well, as this week is going to be TOUGH. Two-A-Days on Monday and Wednesday, and a hard Texas Run on Thursday. We need to continue to train hard, so we can reach our goals by the end of the year. This all starts with a good long run on Sunday (3/23). Get at least an hour in, preferably 75 minutes. The be ready to work hard this week!!


Friday, March 21, 2008

Harrison Line-Ups

Varsity, be at the school between 6:00 and 6:14!!!

Here are the line-ups for this week, only two athletes in open events.

4 x 800 G Kelli Melanie Kirsten Katelyn
4 x 800 B Alex Patrick Derek Taylor

1600 m G Kelsey Caroline
1600 m B Derek Trey

400 m G Kirsten Katelyn
400 m B Shane Patrick

800 m G Kelli Melanie
800 m B Josh Brenden

3200 m G Caroline Kelsey
3200 m B Alex Taylor

4 x 400 G Kelli Kelsey G Krystel Kirsten
4 x 400 B Patrick Josh Trey Brenden

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Time in Steamboat

Oak Creek was a blast! This was a great vacation for me, it was so relaxing and energizing! Alpine skiing on Sunday, where I could barely keep up, then some Nordic skiing on Monday made for a perfect couple of days. The Maroney's house in Oak Creek is awesome, the company was even better, I had a blast. Total fun time, as you can see. :)

Some track details: No JV meet this week, varsity bus leaves on Saturday at 6:15 for Co. Springs. Practice at CHS on Thursday and Friday at three, we will have the varsity line-ups ready by Thursday practice.

Enjoy spring break!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Coaching Staff

This is fantastic, click this link to see the recent addition to the CHS coaching staff!

Also, before I forget, since the meet today is canceled, run a little longer on Sunday. Women shoot for 75 minutes, men for 90.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Change of Plans

No meet tomorrow in the Springs, several inches of heavy snow with more forecast throughout the day. The Liberty AD canceled it, and it will not be made up.

And you know something, I am kind of OK with that. I mean, I hate not having a chance to compete, but if there ever was a good time to have a meet canceled, this would be it.

As a distance team, we are certainly tired, approaching run-down. Some of us are sick, or getting sick, some of us are fighting injuries. A Saturday off, this early in the year will probably benefit us in the long run.

So, instead of having a race tomorrow, I want everyone to go out and enjoy the day. I have heard conflicting weather reports, but if it is nice, go for a bike ride, drive up to the foothills and go for a hike, play some basketball or roller hockey. Or, if you feel you are getting run down, rent the entire Star Wars series and watch the whole thing beginning to end. Enjoy your day off, sleep in, stay hydrated, and have some fun!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Finally, a vacation!

I know this is early, but I wanted to post our spring break training schedule that we will be following next week. Believe it or not, I am going to be out of town for the beginning of spring break, on a much needed Steamboat vacation. (Crashing at the Maroney's, it's gonna be awesome!) So, it's a few days early, but this is what I need from each athlete.

Sunday the 16th - Long easy recovery run, shoot for 60 minutes or so. Make sure to stretch!

Monday the 17th - The "Perfect Run". There is no official practice, so each athlete will need to do this on their own, or with some friends, or with their dog. (Otis actually LOVES this work-out, we go to a deserted park, he can be off leash, he thinks it is great!) The jog to the park should take you ten minutes. Then, set your watch for one minute repeats. Go all out for one minute, then recover for one minute. Then all out for one minute, recover one minute. Get 10 "all-out's" in. This is continous, no rest, no stopping. Then, jog back home for a ten minute cool down.

Tuesday the 18th - Easy recovery run, shoot for about 45-60 minutes. When you are done, do a push-up pyramid to keep your upper body strength up.

Wednesday the 19th - Meet at Sierra MS at 9:00 am for three minute eggs! See you there!

Thursday the 20th and Friday the 21st - Meet at CHS at 3:00 for a normal practice.

Now, I understand this is spring break, and I am cannot make anyone attend practice, especially when I am three hours away! However, I can say, that if you are dedicated to track, and dedicated to this team, you will find the time to complete the Sunday-Tuesday work-outs and you will make sure to be at organized practice from Wednesday - Friday. If you are out of town, you need to communicate that with me. We do not have a JV meet Spring Break week, but we do have a varsity meet. So the Monday/Wednesday rule is modified. I expect you to train hard on your own on Monday, and I expect to see you Wednesday if you want to race Saturday.

This is not the time to blow off practice to go snowboarding, or to "forget" about running because The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is on. You need to continue working hard every day, in order to be fully prepared for the season. The preparation is the only thing you can control, so make sure you prepare to the fullest extent!


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lancer Invite Entries

Here they are!

4 x 800 - Hanrahan to Bergen to Lake to Wojan
4 x 800 - Balsiger to Abbey to D Eidt to T Eidt (not a typo!)

1600 - Dutton/Hine
1600 - Balsiger/Eidt/Eidt

400 - Lake/Taylor
400 - Brost/Cottingham/Abbey

800 - Hanrahan/Bergen/Wojan
800 - Lake/Burt

3200 - Hine/Dutton
3200 - Balsiger/Eidt/Edit

4 x 400 - Hanrahan to Grimm to Taylor to Lake
4 x 400 - Abbey to Burt to Cottingham to Lake


Hill Standings

Yesterday, as I alluded to in the previous entry, we did parking lot hills. It is a pretty steep hill, and it takes about 15 seconds or so to sprint up it.

Everyone did five to start as a "warm-up" and then we played Survivor on a random whistle start. Here is how it played out.

6 Hills - Abbie
7 Hills - Janelle
8 - Charlie
9 - Mackenzie
10 - Liz
11 - Kelli (+10)
12 - Thomas (+10)
13- Ryan
14 - Cam
15 - Ty
16 - Katelyn
17 - Kirsten
18 - Patches
19 - Kelsey
20 - Nathan
21 - Mel
22 - Ethan
23 - Caroline (top female)
24 - Justin
25 - Patrick
26 - Trey
27 - Brenden
28 - Josh
29 - Tie
30 - Derek
31 - Cabbage
32 - Alex


Monday, March 10, 2008


So, today we did a four kilometer Kenyan time trial, then 30+ parking lot hills, and then 100 meter sprints on the track. I think we worked extremely hard today, and it will really pay off in the weeks to come. I love Mondays!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Jake's Blog

My great friend Jake is ending his blog. I have linked to him the duration of my stay on the internet, and hopefully he starts up a new one. Although having children, a busy job and the like must make it hard to keep up a side project like this. However, when he does start a new one up (I know he will!), I will re-link to him!

Great Job

I will hopefully be able to do this every Sunday morning. I want to really commend both the varsity and JV track teams for competing with such tremendous pride and respect this weekend. Friday afternoon at the JV meet was, quite simply, some of the most fun I have ever had coaching track. The kids competed great, we represented CHS very, very well, and it was a pleasure to be part of it.

The varsity meet Saturday was just as awesome. The boys ran like gazelles, they threw like giants, and they jumped like grasshoppers. (How about those metaphors, smilies, personifications? IDK) The girls were just as good, if not better, as they went out and won the inaugural meet of the year. Power performances from everyone!

Congratulations everyone, Monday at practice will be a blast, handing out LOTS of ribbons!


Order of Events

I was asked to post an order of events for traditional track meets. Here it is, but beware, track meets do run slow and they do run fast. So, any event schedule with specific start times on it, those start times could be off by a bit.

Standard Order of Running Events at a Track Meet

Sprint Medley Girls (heats)
4 x 800 Girls (waterfall)
4 x 800 Boys (waterfall)
100 m Hurdles Girls (heats)
110 m Hurdles Boys (heats)
100 m Dash Girls (heats)
100 m Dash Boys (heats)
4 x 200 m Relay Girls (heats)
4 x 200 m Relay Boys (heats)
1600 m Run Girls (waterfall)
1600 m Run Boys (waterfall)
4 x 100 m Relay Girls (heats)
4 x 100 m Relay Boys (heats)
400 m Dash Girls (heats)
400 m Dash Boys (heats)
300 m Hurdles Girls (heats)
300 m Hurdles Boys (heats)
800 m Run Girls (waterfall)
800 m Run Boys (waterfall)
200 m Dash Girls (heats)
200 m Dash Boys (heats)
3200 m Run Girls (waterfall)
3200 m Run Boys (waterfall)
4 x 400 m Relay Girls (heats)
4 x 400 m Relay Boys (heats)

I truly have no clue the way the run the field events, could someone maybe shed some light on this the comments?

Friday, March 7, 2008

Fried Food Sucks


I will NEVER eat again at JD’s Bait Shop. I love the place, don’t get me wrong, but after a night of moaning and groaning due to major GI distress, I will never eat anything that comes from that kitchen. You think I would have figured it out, after the chicken wing incident, but I am a slow leaner. Eating pink tablets like they were candy and curling up on the frozen bathroom floor in a sleeping bag are really not conducive to my overall well-being, and it all started with that gallon of onion rings I ate eight hours prior. Yuk. If you don’t feel bad for me, feel bad for my poor wife; Beth had to suffer almost as much as I did.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

League Relays Line-Ups 2008

Below are the line-ups for the running events in the League Relays this Saturday. (It wouldn't upload to Google Docs, so I had to paste them right in here.) The order of the relays is correct, as well as the order of events.

Coach Sep

2 mile team race girls Scratch Scratch Scratch Scratch
2 mile team race boys Josh Lake / Jack Crockett / Jacob Boyd / Trey Cottingham
Hurdle Relay Girls Paris Eike / Jordan Manley / Karlie Larsen / Paige Follett
Hurdle Relay Boys Travis Batt / Thomas Harris / Mark Farris / Justin Calvert
4 x 1600m Girls Kelli Hanrahan / Caroline Hine / Kelsey Dutton / Melanie Bergen
4 x 100 Girls Jordan Manley / Kellie Evans / Paris Eike / Jordan Musso
4 x 100 Boys Scratch Scratch Scratch Scratch

4 x 800 Girls Kelli Hanrahan / Kelsey Dutton / Kirsten Lake / Katelyn Wojan
4 x 800 Boys Alex Balsiger / Taylor Eidt / Shane Maloney / Derek Eidt
4 x 200 Girls Julia D'Agostino / Alexis Grimm / Karlie Larsen / Krystel Taylor
4 x 200 Boys Shawn Johnson / Tyler Brost / Travis Batt / Mike McPherson
D.M.R. Girls (8,4,12,16) Melanie Bergen / Kirsten Lake / Katelyn Wojan / Caroline Hine
D.M.R. Boys (8,4,12,16) Patrick Abbey / Trey Cottingham / Brenden Burt / Josh Lake
S.M.R. Girls (1,1,2,4) Paris Eike / Jordan Musso / Julia D'Agostino / Kelsey Grimm
S.M.R. Boys (1,1,2,4) Shawn Johnson / Tyler Brost / Mike McPherson / Travis Batt

1600 m Medley Girls (2,2,4,8) Krystel Taylor / Alexis Grimm / Karlie Larsen / Kelsey Dutton
1600 m Medley Boys (2,2,4,8) Scratch Scratch Scratch Scratch
4 x 1600m Boys Derek Eidt / Shane Maloney / Taylor Eidt /Alex Balsiger
4 x 400 Girls Kelli Hanrahan / Krystel Taylor / Kelsey Grimm / Kirsten Lake
4 x 400 Boys Shawn Johnson / Patrick Abbey / Tyler Brost / Mike McPhearson

Update: There were some changes in the men's 4 x 200, S.M.R. and 4 x 400. Please re-check above to see if those changes involve you. Thanks! SEP

Junior Varsity Meet Line-Ups 3/7

Click on the picture to access the JV @ Ponderosa Line-Ups for this week. Get ready to race!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bad Blogger

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but there is big news coming! The ladies will be able to tell you all about it!!!