Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Freshman/Sophomore Championships

This Thursday, up at Regis HS, at 3:00 is the Freshman-Sophomore Championships. This meet has turned into a pretty prestigious meet, with state qualification riding on the line. Whereas before it was a meet that we just filled up sparsely  now we are stacking it with kids in hopes to get them a time that would qualify them for the State meet. There is no distinction between varsity and JV, we are putting our best freshman and sophomores out there to get them race experience.
It really is a lovely run.
CHS T&F FR/SP Line-Ups

The FR/SP meet starts at 3:00, rolling schedule. No bus home, so make sure you have aride home from Regis. (Although the Cherry Creek Trail is nearby, so you can always run home. It's not that bad of a jog, I think I have done it once or twice in my younger years.)

The bus leaves CHS at 1:30. This is a little earlier than we would like, but we have no choice. I strongly recommend athletes to bring some school work to do while we wait for the meet to begin. I know I will be plowing through some grading while I sit there.


Pueblo Twilight Information

The entries for the Pueblo Twilight meet are now posted over on www.milesplit.com, and from first glance, it looks like we qualified everyone we entered.

Pueblo Twilight Acceptance Lists

Here is the entry sheet that I submitted, like I said, at first glance, it looks like we got everyone in.  I will look more closely later today, but I am very proud we are representing so well at this meet.  So are the other coaches, just got this email from Coach Lib:

I was just looking at the accepted Pueblo entries and I am pretty fired up for this one, I think we will represent pretty well. Looks like a good meet. Coach Lib

2013 Pueble Twilight CHS Line-Ups

The bus will be leaving from the school at 10:15 or so. It is about a 100 mile drive, and takes about 90 minutes or so. We are competing at the newly revamped CSU Pueblo ThunderBowl Stadium, which is going to be awesome. The weather looks to be pretty conducive to some good performances, looking like a high in the upper 60's and low winds (knock on wood). This is an all day event for the athletes, so everyone must have at least two bottles of water, plenty of snacks, a good healthy lunch, and probably some extra cash as well.

There is no bus back form Pueblo, as most of the athletes going informed us that they could get rides back to Parker that night. If you are entered into this meet, and you are unsure of how you are getting home, you must tell Coach Bowman or I immediately.  We can get you home, but the sooner we know the better. We do not want this to be a deterrent to you attending the meet.

This is a meet I have been looking forward to all year. We are resting up this week, in hopes that we can really lay down some fast times. Next week is League Champs, so I think this meet will show us where we really stand. Let's start thinking positively about our running, and go into this meet on a big fast wave!


Friday, April 26, 2013

JV Championship Results

Wow. That meet was one we will not soon forget. Everyone who was there knows what I am talking about. But, even though that was the slowest run meet I have been to in a long time, the weather held up remarkably well, and we had 36 (thirty-six!) new season bests on the distance side! That is unheard of, everyone was running so fat, faster than they had ever done before, and I am so proud of all of them.

Here they are, in no particular order.

Landon (55.7), Darin (60.7), Austin (62.1), Britney (69.7), Gavin (59.0), Patrick (65.1), and Mark (60.8) all got new best times in the 400.

Gavin (2:15.4), James (2:26.3), Chelsey (2:57.5), Emily (3:27.9), Kelly (3:28.5), Ellen (2:43.7), Cory (2:35.8), Spencer (2:40.3), Art (2:45.6), Johnny (2:52.5), Zack (2:57.1) and Darin (2:24.4) all got new best times in the 800.

Emily (7:16.1), Kelly (7:21.0), Taylor (6:27.7), Ashley (6:21.9), Ellen (6:15.2), Kat (6:19.1, Mariah (6:12.1), Landon (5:02.5), Austin (5:03.9), Cory (5:32.4), Spencer (5:38.4), Alex (5:23.2), Zack (6:27.6) Art (5:57.9) and Johnny (6:03.3) all had new best times in the 1600.

Finally, Jack (12:02.7) and James (11:55.9) had new best times in the 3200.

While the meet was not scored for teams, I am very confident that we came out on top. It was a great day for running fast, and I am very proud of everyone. Excellent work, ladies and gentlemen.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

JV Championships

2013 JV Championships Line-Ups
Here are the line-ups for the JV Championships. This meet will be after school on Thursday at Highlands Ranch HS. Hope to see a lot of first place finishes, I think we have a pretty good team this year!


Liberty Bell Line-Ups

2013 Liberty Bell Line Ups
Due to some AP testing in the morning, as well as two entries per open event, we have some normal varsity kids not racing at this meet. However, we hope all of you come over to Littleton HS anyways to cheer on and support your teammates.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Looking Back and Looking Forward

The start of championship season
-Great performances by the team this weekend. 2nd for the girls at the Rock Canyon Invite, 3rd for the boys. With a few exceptions, this was essentially a league championship meet, and I am very proud of both squads. We had a table full of medals and ribbons to give away on Monday, that is always a good thing.

-We had quite a few kids reach new season bests this weekend. Over at Dakota Ridge, Dom got a new best in the two mile, and James did in the mile (9:45 and 4:29). I know Matty got a new best in the two mile, and in the mile, so did Steven, Whitney Erika, and Ciara. Caleb got a new best in the 800, as well as Jill & Ellen. And there were a slew of new bests in the 400, lead by Alek going sub 50 in the open
race. Wow!

-This week is a pretty crazy week. For some, it will be the last week of racing. For others, it is the springboard to the State Meet.  On Thursday, at Highlands Ranch HS, we have the JV Championship. Same rules as usual for the transportation. We will have a bus to Highlands Ranch, but not one back.  Dismissal at 2:05, bus leaves at 2:15 sharp. We will be running lots of kids here, I think we have a good chance to win the overall trophy.

-On Friday afternoon/evening and all day Saturday, we have the Varsity Liberty Bell Invite at Littleton High School. This is the biggest invitational of the year, and it only allows two entries per open event. This is a big time meet, I am hoping we run well there. For Friday prelims and elite 3200, there will be no bus. For Saturday, all participants will ride the bus to Littleton and it will leave CHS at 8:15 am.  This is our first real bus ride of the year, I am looking forward to it! There will be no bus back, so you must arrange a ride home when you are done.

-Because of weird rules that disallow JV Champ kids from participating in Var. League Champs, and because Lib Bell only allows two entries, there will be some kids who are not racing this weekend. There really is nothing we can do about this. We cannot risk running those third and fourth event ranked kids at JV Champs, as we will need them eligible for Var Champs. All we can say is, you get a day off to rest and recover for the upcoming weeks!

-The following week, we have Freshman/Sophomore Championships at Regis HS on Thursday. This is a state qualification meet, so we will be running the best freshman and sophomores we have, regardless of JV/V status. Same thing as JV Champs, dismissal at 2:05, bis leaves at 2:15, no bus back from Regis.

-Friday we are heading down to Pueblo all day for the Pueblo Twilight meet. This is an elite meet,  with strict qualifying standards, and it's really our last chance to run some state qualifying times. We have been preparing all year for this meet, so I hope we will be at our best. Participants will be dismissed from school at 10:15 am for the meet and are responsible for any missed schoolwork. We are still trying to figure out if we will need a bus to come back, that will be discussed today at practice.

-Finally, the Saturday afternoon after the Pueblo Meet, we will be holding our annual pep rally BBQ banquet at Chaparral. More details will be forthcoming, but it is a low key, burgers and dogs, pep rally to get kids psyched up for League Championships. We will be handing out team awards and senior gifts, playing some games, and generally having a good time reflecting on the season so far and the season to come.  We will certainly need some help from parents pulling this off, but I hope everyone and their families can make it out, it is a really fun time.


CHS Top 30 (Third Week of April)

Coach Whitneack sent me his template for the top 30 in the State. I modified it to fit the best marks that CHS has. This is a fluid document, I hope it changes for the better in the upcoming weeks. Gives you some marks to shoot for, certainly  but also shows that we are well on our way to having a bust weekend at State!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Competition Pictures

We have so many awesome people that take pictures at our meets. I want to give some of them a shout out on the blog.

Kevin Keyser came and took a ton of pictures at our meet Saturday. Go to his website to check them out. I hear there is a good one of Chloe and Reid somewhere. Future track stars I hope.

Mrs. Young (Zach's mom) is at every meet taking lots of pictures as well. She has a link on the side, so you can go to her shutterfly site and check those out as well.

Finally, Mrs. Jenkins (Evan's mom) has been at all the JV meet taking tons of great shots. I have posted a few of them below, but I have tons more on CD's at home. You can email me or email Mrs. Jenkins and we can hook you up with them.

I am so grateful that we have all of this support at our meets, it is fantastic, and thanks go out to everyone who supports us.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 22 Weekly Distance Schedule

Easy week this week, but we have three days of racing.

Monday - Varied Tempo Intervals & Off-Road Repeats
Tuesday - OverDistance Run (90+ min)
Wednesday - Roll of the Dice & Hand-Off Practice
Thursday - JV Divisional Championships
Thursday - Easy Stonegate Run
Friday - Liberty Bell Prelims/Strides @ LHS (No JV Practice)
Saturday - Liberty Bell Invite @ LHS
Sunday - Beth's Birthday


Last Day of Ski Season

I got first tracks on the last day of ski season this morning, and I has almost the only one out there. This guy joined me for a few minutes.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rock Canyon Varsity Line-Ups

Here are the finalized RCHS Invite varsity line-ups. Refer to the schedule in the previous post for exact event starting times. See you all Friday afternoon for a tune-up practice.

And here is a picture of Chloe watching Reid eat his first birthday cake last week at his party.


Real Quick Points

Loveland is canceled for this weekend. Actually postponed to Wednesday, but we will not be attending.

We will be at the Rock Canyon invite, at Parker Stadium.  It is a varsity only meet, so unfortunately, the JV kids do not get to compete this week. That sucks.

Here is the schedule for the meet on Saturday.

2013 Rock Canyon Invite Schedule

Athletes are expected to be at the meet at least 90 minutes before their race. The earlier the better.

Our entries will be posted later tonight. We are still finalizing them.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Loveland (R2-J) Invite Line-Ups

This is going to be a really fun meet.  Look at all of the exceptional athletes we are bringing up there. I am really excited for this meet. Not sure whether it is going to be Friday or Saturday just yet, so keep your calendars open. AS soon as I find out, I will let everyone know when we are heading up to Loveland HS. We cannot have anyone cancel out on us from this point forward. If you cannot go, that probably screws up a relay as well as an open event. You must be the best teammate you can be, you must show up and race as hard as you can this weekend.

We will not be having a bus back, it is too expensive. You must arrange for a ride home with one of your friends parents. If this is an issue for you, you must speak to a coach about it immediately and they will help you out with the situation. While you do not have to stay for the entire meet, we encourage you to, to help cheer your teammates on.

Your race day diet is super important as well. You should be bringing a cooler filled with healthy easily digestible food (and plenty of water) with you to this meet. We have some kids competing in four events, spread out all day long. You must eat well and stay hydrated throughout the day.  For more tips on eating, click back to the post I wrote about a year ago on it.

Congratulations to everyone on this list, I am so proud to be bringing such a strong and deep team up to this meet. We won the boys title last year, let's try and do it again on both sides this time!


Monday, April 15, 2013


Today is a holiday in Boston. It's Patriots Day. No one is in school. Banks and post offices are closed. A state holiday. Everyone is out watching the marathon, or home having lunch with the family, or day drinking at the Sox game.  You'd take your kid to the park, cause from the looks of it, it is a perfect spring New England day. The best place in the world to be on a great spring day is Boston, hands down.

That's why these bombs that blew up on Bolyston are so scary. I am not going to post any pictures or any video here, but this is horrible, horrible stuff. People died today, just thinking they were going to watch a race. And this didn't occur during the elites. They were long gone. This happened when all the husbands and wives were watching their spouses finally achieve a huge goal of training for and completing a marathon.  The people who are lucky to break four hours, the ones who have to walk and were struggling to get in. A joyous occasion for so many people who don't want to win, but want to be more healthy for themselves and the people who love them. And just like that, bombs blew up, and it was all over.

Sickening, disgusting and tragic. My stomach is churning. I love that city, I love running there, I love everything about Boston. And now that place will never be quite the same. I guess this happens all over the world to cities on a regular basis. But it is tough when it is my beloved city of Boston.

My thoughts and love and hope go out to everyone involved.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mid Year Distance Rankings

Presented without comment.
CHS Distance Female Season Bests

CHS Distance Male Season Bests


April 15th Weekly Training Plan

Monday: 300 or 200 m repeats at race pace followed by pace changers or broken 500's
Tuesday: Long easy aerobic run
Wednesday: Jay Johnson circuits
Thursday: Slingshots & hand-off Practice
Friday: Loveland Invite for ALL athletes (early dismissal)
Saturday: O.Y.O. fartlek
Sunday: Active rest day

More details to come at practice.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Rock Canyon JV Invite

Google Image: Canyon
It was a pretty windy day down at Rock Canyon HS yesterday, but I was very pleased with the effort and results of the distance kids this afternoon. Huge shout out to Coach Hawk and Coach Hartman for being in charge on such a blustery day, JV meets are super important to the program and having good coaches there for every one is key.

Google Image: Rock
After sifting through the results, I see a lot of highlights. I am sure I missed a few, but Mariah B. raced very well, as did Landon L. Erika, Ellen, Emily and Kelly all raced well in the 800, and I was super psyched to see ol' Austin S. drop a 2:30 in the open 8. Jessie had a strong race in the wind in the quarter mile, and Cory and Spencer did great in the mile as well.

Let's hope these good performances roll over to tonight and tomorrow.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Varsity Entries

I apologize for being late with these, but here are some more details for the two meets this weekend.

If you do not know if you are competing this weekend, than you need to CONTACT YOUR INDIVIDUAL DISCIPLINE COACH. I do not know every competitor in every event and what time they start. I know who is competing ont he distance side, but other than that, all questions should be directed to your discipline coach.

The Twilight meet on Friday starts at 3:30. It is a rolling schedule that traditionally falls behind.There are a few people who are competing in the earlier events, (boys triple, boys disc, girls shot, girls sprint med) that should check with Bowman about early dismissal. It might be a case of everyone being officially dismissed at 1:45, but only the athletes who need to be there early should take advantage of that. Everyone else should leave right after school and go directly to the stadium. All JV athletes and Mullen only athletes will be having practice with me right after school.

Mullen is a little different.   You need to be at Mullen at least 75 minutes before your first event is scheduled to go off.  I will be seeing the 4 x 800 kids bright and early. :) Below is the official Mullen schedule.

Event#           Time             Event Name                      Event #     Time        Event Name
1                   8:00am     girls Long Jump                         60         12:55pm     boys 100m
2                   8:00am     girls long Jump                          61           1:00pm     boys 100m
3                   8:00am     girls 4x800 relay                        62           1:05pm     boys 100m
4                   8:15am     girls 4x800 relay invite             63           1:10pm     boys 100m
5                   8:30am     boys 4x800 relay                       64           1:15pm  boys 100 inv.
6                   8:45am     boys 4x800 relay invite            65           1:20pm   girls 300H
7                   9:00am     girls discus                                  66           1:25pm   girls 300H
8                   9:00am     girls high jump                           67           1:30pm   girls 300H
9                   9:00am     boys pole vault                          68           1:35pm  girl 300h inv.
10                 9:00am     boys shot put                             69           1:40pm  boys 300H
11                 9:00am     girls 4x100 relay                        70            1:45pm  boys 300H
12                 9:05am     girls 4x100 relay                        71           1:50pm  boys 300H
13                 9:10am     girls 4x100 relay                        72           1:55pm boy 300h inv.
14                 9:15am     girls 4x100 relay                        73          2:00pm   boys discus
15                 9:20am     girls 4x100 relay invite             74          2:00pm  girls shot put
16                 9:25am     boys 4x100 relay                       75          2:00pm girl sprint R.
17                 9:30am     boys 4x100 relay                       76          2:05pm girl sprint R.
18                 9:35am     boys 4x100 relay                       77          2:10pm girl sprint R.
19                 9:40am     boys 4x100 relay                       78          2:15pm girl sprint R.
20                 9:45am     boys 4x100 relay invite            79         2:20pm girl sprint R.Iv.
Event#            Time             Event Name                     Event#   Time      Event Name
21                  9:50am      girls 1600m                            80       2:25pm  boys 4x200 R.
22                  10:00am    girls 1600m                            81      2:30pm  boys 4x200 R.
23                  10:10am    girls 1600m Invite                 82      2:35pm  boys 4x200 R.
24                  10:10am    boys long jump                      83     2:40pm  boys 4x200 R.
25                  10:10am    boys long jump                      84     2:45pm boy 4x200 R.Inv.
26                  10:20am    boys 1600m                            85    2:50pm  girls 4x200 R.
27                  10:30am    boys 1600m                            86    2:55pm  girls 4x200 R.
28                  10:40am    boys 1600m Invite                 87    3:00pm  girls 4x200 R.
29                  10:45am    boys shot put                         88     3:00pm  boys triple jump
30                  10:45am    girls discus                              89     3:00pm  boys triple jump
31                  10:50am   girls 100mH                             90     3:05pm  girls 4x200 R.
32                  10:55am   girls 100mH                              91    3:10pm girl 4x200 R. Inv.
33                  11:00am   girls 100mH                              92     3:15pm girls 800m
34                  11:05am   girls 100mH                              93     3:20pm  girls 800m
35                  11:10am   girls 100mH invite                   94     3:25pm  girls 800m Inv.
36                  11:20am   boys 110mH                             95     3:30pm  boys 800m
37                  11:25am   boys 110mH                             96     3:35pm  boys 800m
38                  11:30am   boys 110mH                             97     3:40pm  boys 800m Inv.
39                  11:35am   boys 110mH
40                   11:40am  boys 110mH invite                 99      3:50pm  girls 200m
41                   11:45am  girls 400m                                100    3:55pm  girls 200m                                    
42               11:50am    girls 400m                                  101     4:00pm   girls 200m
43               11:55am    girls 400m                                  102      4:05pm  girls 200m Inv.
44                Noon         girls 400m invite                       103      4:10pm  boys 200m
45               12:05pm   boys 400m                                  104      4:15pm  boys 200m
46               12:10pm   boys 400m                                  105      4:20pm  boys 200m
47               12:15pm   boys 400m                                  106      4:25pm  boys 200m Inv.
48               12:15pm  boys high jump                           107      4:30pm girls 3200m Inv.
49               12:15pm   girls discus                                  108      4:45pm boys 3200m Inv
50               12:15pm   girls shot put                               109      5:00pm girls 4x400 R.
51               12:15pm  girls triple jump                           110      5:05pm  girls 4x400 R.
52                12:15pm  girls triple jump                          111      5:10pm  girls 4x400 R.
53                12:20pm  boys 400m invite                        112      5:15pm  girls 4x400 R.
54                12:30pm  girls 100m                                     113     5:20pm girl 4x400 R. Iv
55                12:35pm  girls 100m                                     114     5:25pm  boys 4x400 R.
56                12:40pm  girls 100m                                     115     5:30pm  boys 4x400 R.
57                12:45pm  girls 100m                                     116     5:35pm  boys 4x400 R.
58                12:50pm  girls pole vault                              117    5:40pm  boys 4x400 R.
59                12:50pm  girls 100m Invite                           118   5:45pm boys 4x400 R.Iv

If you are not sure what exact heat you are in, you can go to milesplit.com and click on the Mullen heat sheets. They are too big to be uploaded here on my site. Just match up what "event" you are in to the published time schedule and you are good to go. Get in touch with your discipline coach if you have any questions.

Sorry for the late notice, I hope the clears a lot of things up.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Distance Racing Line-Ups

We have three races this week.

The first race is over at Rock Canyon HS on Thursday. Here are the line-ups for the distance kids. I am 99.9% sure I got everyone listed in events they should be in, but if I missed someone, please let me know and I will make that update. The meet starts at 3:45, we have a bus there, but not back, and goes with a rolling schedule.

The next meet we have is Friday evening, at All-City Stadium @ Denver South HS. This meet starts at 4:00, and follows a rolling schedule. There is no bus, the athletes must drive themselves to and from the meet.  I strongly suggest that all athletes go to the stadium right after school, simply to avoid Friday afternoon I-25 traffic  We have a few competitors there. We have Alek, Devin and Drew in the open 400. We have Matt, Steven and Kaleb in the open 1600. We have Hanna running the anchor leg of the girls sprint medley. We also have lots of field events and sprinting event competitors, but your individual coaches will discuss that with you when we get back to practice tomorrow.

Saturday is prom, and because of the distraction of prom, I like to get athletes in and out of the meet before noon. Our line-ups for Saturday are restricted to two entries per open event, and those entries must have legitimate times on milesplit.com that meet the unpublished standard that the meet directors set. The meet follows a funky schedule, so we ask that athletes get to the meet 75 minutes before their event. There will be no bus, so we ask that athletes get to the meet on their own.

Having said all that, our distance line-ups for Saturday at Mullen HS are as follows. 4 x 800 girls at 8:00 am (yep, that's a 6:45 am arrival ladies!) are Jill, Ciara, Hanna and Whitney. 4 x 800 boys follow at 8:30 am (gents might as well be there at 6:45 too) with James, Ryan, Dominic and Johnny. At 9:50 am, Mackenzie runs the open girls 1600, and at 10:20 am, Bryce and Travis run the boys open 1600. We do not know 100% that these open athletes are in the meet, so we have signed them up to run at the Friday Twilight meet as well just in case they do not make the unpublished standard. We do not have any distance kids running after 11:00 am, due to ACT testing, prom, and other factors the athletes communicated to me.

Between today's snow day, the prom, the early entry deadlines, it has been a whirlwind past 24 hrs to make sure all of this is in. Due to factors beyond my control, these distance line-ups might change slightly, and if they do, I will keep everyone in the loop as much as I can. But, I am very confident that all of the distance kids are racing in situations that allow them to meet any other obligations they might have this weekend, as well as put them in the most competitive spot for them at this point in the year.  Enjoy the rest of your snow day, and I will see everyone tomorrow.


Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8th Weekly Training Plan

Monday: Hills & Kenyans

Tuesday: O.Y.O. Long Run

Wednesday: Pursuit Drills & Repeat 300's

Thursday: JV Meet @ Rock Canyon (early dismissal) or
Thursday: O.Y.O. Easy Recovery Run

Friday : Varsity Meet @ All City Stadium (no early dismissal, drive yourself) or
Friday: Tempo Kilos

Saturday: Varsity Meet (arrive two hours before scheduled event) @ Mullen HS

Sunday: Easy Aerobic Run (30 min or so, to shake out the prom cobwebs)

Yep, it's a hard week.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 3rd JV Meet

Girls Results

Boys Results

I was so proud of the JV kids yesterday. As you can see from the results, we skullcrushed Castle View and Rock Canyon by over a hundred points. There were so many kids who achieved new season bests in their events, as well as qualifying for the varsity meet on Friday. That makes me really happy that all  the hard work the athletes have been putting in has paid off. Excellent job Wolverines!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Final ThunderRidge Entries

ThunderRidge Elite Meet 2013 Entries
Congratulations! The athletes on the list above, through hard work and perseverance  have qualified for the ThunderRidge Elite meet this Friday afternoon. Make sure you are ahead on your schoolwork  and come to CHS on Friday prepared to run fast, you earned a spot on that bus! I am so pleased that so many kids from today unconditionally qualified to go to this meet. We have a strong team this year, and this is one step in proving that. The next step is going out to ThunderRidge HS and proving it on their track!

Great job Wolverines, can't wait to see you can do Friday!


Monday, April 1, 2013

ThunderRidge Elite Meet & JV Line-Ups

Friday's destination - remember,  no bus back!

The initial varsity line-ups have been set and are listed below. According to co.milesplit.com, the athletes listed below have all met the qualifying standard in the open events with marks from 2013 and will be racing these events Friday afternoon.

Sprint Medley - Corrina Carney, Jenna Lanskey, Olivia Perry, Katrina Bacovin
4x800G R - Jill Hanrahan, Mackenzie Hirsch, Ashley Lundell, Jessie Chappa
100H - Jenna Lanskey
110H - Dane Goldwasser
100G - Olivia Perry
100B - Javon Spencer, Alek McArthur
1600G - Whitney Schultz
1600B - Dom Compoz, James Kadolph, Travis Anderson, Bryce Rich, Kaleb Roosa
400G - Hanna Barringer
400B - Ryan Kwiatkowski
300G - Jenna Lanskey
300 B - Dane Goldwasser
800G - Ciara DePinto, Ashley Lundell, Jessie Chappa
800B - Johnny Bacocvin, Devin Reasoner, Zach Young
200G - Olivia Perry, Katrina Bacovin
200B - Javon Spenver, Alek McArthur
3200B - Matt Kade
4x400G - Jill Hanrahan, Hanna Barringer, Whitney Schultz, Jessie Chappa
4x400B - Dane Goldwasser, Johnny Bacocvin, Ryan Kwiatkowski, Alek McArthur
TJ G - Jenna Lanskey
HJ G - Olivia Perry, Jess Nazarenus, Katrina Bacovin
SP G - Jenny Calascionne
DC G - Jenny Calascionne
SP B - Isaac Hernandez
(All relays are coaches discretion, as usual)

The meet director has softened his stance from last week just a bit. We have a mega five team JV meet on Wednesday. If any athlete runs, jumps, or throws a mark that is better than the published qualifying standards at that JV meet, then I will enter that athlete into the varsity meet as soon as I get home. I will personally be at the finishing line verifying all CHS times, and we will have qualified coaches at all field events getting everyones marks from the field. I will not be assigning events as a head coach, you may choose which events you want to participate in on Wednesday, but your individual discipline coach reserves the right to assign you into events as well. Bottom line is, you make the standard on Wednesday in the JV meet, you compete on Friday in the varsity meet. I strongly suggest that any athletes who are only competing in relays compete in this Wednesday JV meet as well, so we can get times that might get you into subsequent meets.  An open time at a JV race carries more weight than a relay time in a varsity meet with many meet directors.

Again, the above line-ups are not final. They are entered, and those athletes are competing  But, if additional kids make the standard on Wednesday, they will be given the chance to compete on Friday as well. I believe track and field is the fairest sport out there, and this is the fairest way of doing things, so I am grateful we have a chance to reach those qualifing marks.


Details for Tuesday April 2nd

Couple of quick reminders for tomorrow.

It's the ten km relay, so make sure to bring a red shirt if you are on Isaac's team, a black shirt if you are on Kirsten's team, a white shirt for Bryce's team and a blue shirt for Mackenzie's team. We will be running this out on the track rain or shine, so be prepared!

Below is the flyer for the pictures. If you want a picture, be sure to print out this flyer and bring the appropriate money. Also, for the team picture, which everyone is in, wear your uniform top, and blue bottoms (wind suits, sweats, jeans, etc). Thanks!

More info on line-ups for this week in about 30 minutes!


ThunderRidge Elite Meet Schedule & Standards

This Friday we have been invited to an elite meet over at ThunderRidge HS. This is a new way of running meets, with only six teams invited, but all of the teams are very, very good. (Mullen, Broomfield, etc.) We are lucky to be invited to this meet, which is why I am so excited about going.

The schedule for the meet is below, as well as the minimum marks for entry. The meet director is being very strict about these marks, and I back him 100%. The first reason is we have limited time. It is not an all day meet, just a half day, and we need to get done before dark. So we can't have multiple heats of multiple events. The second reason is that this is an ELITE meet, and non-elite marks should not be allowed. I like this idea. Make the best race against the best, and if you are not the best, than you need to work hard to become the best.

Most of the entries are complete, but Coach Able and I will be working today after practice to round them out. We hope to have them ready by Tuesday at practice. If you do not run in an open event in on Friday, you will be expected to run in the mega-JV meet at our place on Wednesday. That meet will be very important for you, as it is your chance to try and get a fast time to qualify for the standards based Mullen meet next weekend. 


12:00   Weigh-Ins (Shot/Discus/Pole Vault)
12:30   Scratch Meeting
1:30     Girls 800m Sprint Medley        
1:35     Girls 3200m Relay                  
1:50     Boys 3200m Relay                  
2:00     Girls 100m Hurdles                 
2:10     Boys 110m Hurdles                 
2:20     Girls 100m Dash                     
2:25     Boys 100m Dash                     
2:30     Girls 4 X 200m Relay              
2:40     Boys 4 X 200m Relay             
2:45     Girls 1600m Run                     
2:55     Boys 1600m Run                    
3:05     Girls 4 X 100m Relay              
3:15     Boys 4 X 100m Relay             
3:25     Girls 400m Dash                     
3:45     Boys 400m Dash                     
3:45     Girls 300m Hurdles                 
3:55     Boys 300m Hurdles                 
4:05     Girls 800m Run                                   
4:15     Boys 800m Run                                  
4:20     Girls 200m Dash                     
4:25     Boys 200m Dash                     
4:30     Girls 3200m Run                     
4:45     Boys 3200m Run                    
5:00     Girls 4 X 400m Relay              
5:10     Boys 4 X 400m Relay             

1:00     Boys Long Jump                     
            Boys Pole Vault                                  
            Boys Discus                             
            Girls Triple Jump                    
            Girls High Jump                                  
            Girls Shot Put                         

3:00     Girls Long Jump                     
            Girls Pole Vault                      
            Girls Discus                 
            Boys Triple Jump        
            Boys High Jump                      
            Boys Shot Put  


BOYS:                                                                                     GIRLS

100:                             11.70                                                   100:                             13.75
200:                             24.25                                                   200:                             29.00
400:                             54.50                                                   400:                             65.00
800:                             2:12.00                                                800:                             2:40.00
1600:                           5:00.00                                                1600:                           5:55.00
3200:                           11:00.00                                              3200:                           13:00.00
110H:                           17.50                                                  100H:                           18.50
300H:                           47.00                                                  300H:                           52.00
HIGH JUMP:                5’8”                                                     HIGH JUMP:                4’8”
LONG JUMP:               19’6”                                                   LONG JUMP:               15’0”   
TRIPLE JUMP:             38’0”                                                  TRIPLE JUMP:              31’6”
POLE VAULT:              10’6”                                                   POLE VAULT              7’6”
SHOT PUT:                 38’0”                                                   SHOT PUT:                 28’6”               
DISCUS:                      105’0”                                                 DISCUS:                      80’0”