Sunday, October 28, 2007

Time Off.

For the next two and a half weeks or so, I strongly encourage the CHS XC team to take some much needed time off from running. At the end of a long season, your legs need time to heal up, as the mitochondria in your muscles are beat down, your running tendons and ligaments are all worn out, and your brain is sick of making your legs do this "running" thing over and over again.

Stay active by playing basketball, going skiing, lifting weights, raking the lawn, walking the dog, studying, whatever you want to do after school. Just don't so anything that involves running for more than five minutes at a time.

Trust me, Wolverine Track & Field Club starts on Nov. 13th, you will get plenty of running in then. Take some time off, you deserve it!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Plans for Saturday

Saturday should be a pretty fun day.

Colorado Cross Country State meet in the morning down in the Springs. The Chaparral girls are looking really stong. They all have experience on the course from last year, they have all been to big time races before, so I predict a very high finish. Their gun goes off at 11:00. And the boys are getting strong at the right time of the year, so I think some of them will pop a few high finishes as well once their race starts at 12:30. Good luck CHS!!

And then, later that night, Beth and I will be watching the Sox-Rox game from this vantage point.

Yep, that's right. We got Game 3, Infield Box Seats, right behind the Red Sox dugout. My old ski buddy Toby got tickets, he came out of nowhere with them. So, front row seats at Coors to watch Dice-K mow down the Rockies. It's gonna be fun! :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Look outside this morning, we are getting some significant snowfall! Since this is Colorado, it will all be gone by tomorrow, but the Mother Nature has a great sense of timing.

Yesterday I went to Breeze rental shops and they gave me a great deal on some new Spenst Hill equipment. Kiss those weak arms good-bye!

These ski poles are going to turn your shoulders and arms into sticks of dynamite! I can't wait for winter track, especially now that it looks like winter outside!

Friday, October 19, 2007


"You're simply the best, better than all the rest. Better than anyone, anyone I've ever met"

After actually looking up the lines to that song, I realize how incredibly bad it is. I never would have figured out that later on in the chorus, she wishes for death. Huh? I guess we should've seen this Ike thing coming a long time ago.

However, the first line of the song accurately depicts the past few days in the Sep's Blog World.

Let's start with Wednesday. Despite what many naysayers were mumbling about, the CHS XC girls team won their region and the CHS XC boys team came in fifth, which qualifies both of them to head to the State meet next Saturday in Colorado Springs. We had some great individual finshers as well, with Bals coming in 4th in the guys race, CH! coming in 4th to pace the girls squad, and Kels-D finishing strong in 6th. However, I was most impressed with K-Woj, (pictured here in a race in the Springs) who had a fantastic race and got 5th overall for the girls side! Everyone contributed and the trip to States is well deserved for all of the athletes. Woo-hoo Chap!

Moving along to a very important MLB game that was contested last night. Indians vs. Sox, in the Mistake by the Lake. I have to admit, I was pretty confident. As they say in the Boston side of the blog-o-sphere, "Josh Beckett is fueled by testosterone, Coors Light, and the blood of his victims". Even with Cleveland throwing out the ex-girlfriend of Beckett (left) to sing the national anthem to start the game, it didn't matter.

A home run from "Who Cares Manny" taken off the board incorrectly? No big deal. (BTW, any true Boston fan knows that the quote from Manny totally blown out of proportion by the national media. That is a good of case of "Manny being Manny" as you will ever see. Look how much he protested when they took his home run away. He was going crazy over that.)

Kenny "I played cards with Mickey Mantle" Lofton getting all up in Beckett's grill? (As the homeys in the ATL say) Not a problem, Beckett could've pushed him over and broken his hip if had so desired. And I wish he had, to be truthful and spiteful all at the same time.

And it all ended with this, Jonathan Papelbon coming in, staring down the quaking Tribe batsmen and shutting the game down. Sox win! 7-1! Jonathan really is the best closer in the game right now. Ask yourself, would you trade Corpas for Papelbon, straight up? Of course you would, if you know anything about baseball. But it wouldn't surprise me if Papelbon was a starter next year, which seems a little ludicrous to me. In Theo we trust, I guess. Now, we just need Schill the Conservative Christian Thrill to get us one more win, then we can throw the kitchen sink at the Tribe on Sunday. Should be a great weekend for baseball!

We haven't even gotten to the biggest win of the week. Every Thursday night, The Seppala family (and friends) gather at the Illegal Pete's DTC to play some good old fashioned trivia. You know, to purely exercise the brain. We always have our favorite host Thomas there, as well as esteemed quizmaster Jason. And every week, we NEVER WIN!!! We had a good string of second places there for a while, then we would bounce all over the standings. However, last night, the stars finally aligned for us. With extreme help from chick flick connoisseur CF, true Denver native R-Nack, smartest man alive Peter-man, and all the croo in the kitchen, we finally got that elusive victory. First place came to us with strategic use of the doubling joker, copious amounts of Rally Juice, and watching a lot of "The Daily Show". Reigning champs, Team Lets-Go-Red-Sox!! with a score of 88, handing out the beatdown for free. Any takers next week?


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Flapper Girls and the Charleston

I know this is a little old, but after the Pats/Cowboys game last week, a radio station in Dallas sent a fake reporter to the post-game press conference. This reporter asked questions in a "1920's" voice, catching both Bill Belichick and Tommy Brady quite off guard.

I finally found the YouTube footage of it, courtesy of Matt Mosely's blog on I think it is a riot, especially Tommy Boy's reaction.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

World Series!!!

Did anyone get to put some money on the Rockies winning the N.L. pennant before the season started? Nah, I didn't think so. The odds were probably 10,000-1 or something ludicrous like that. I bet Vegas didn't even take any bets on that.

But watching Holliday just crush that home run, or seeing Seth Smith get his second RBI of the season, or seeing Helton clamp onto that final out to seal it for the Rox; it was awesome, whether you had money on the game or not, right? And now the rush is on to get tickets for the World Series. Imagine a World Series game in Denver? It could be snowing, it could be 80 degrees and sunny? You'll get a chance to see it.

And the Rockies are riding a 21 out of 22 game winning streak? Morgan Magic of '88 dosen't even compare to this. It is simply un-be-weivable.

Speaking of the Old Towne Team, will Beckett go for the Sox on short rest? Or will Mr. Tim Wakefield right the ship? I am hoping for rain, to be honest. That would help us the most. :)

Go Sox!! Go Rox!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007


This is a great article about Bill Belichick. I had a hunch he would use this "Spy-Gate" issue to his advantage, and although there is no proof that he has, it seems like he would.

Great article starts here.

Big time win

Great win by the girls last Friday at League! I hear the Regional Race is this Wednesday. Can anyone tell me more details using the comments section? I want to come and cheer everyone on, but I don't know when the race starts!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Under the Radar

In all of the professional sports (Rockies, Red Sox, Patriots, Haile) chaos of the past week or so, this has sneaked by me. But the C.H.S. Girls XC team is doing really well in their recent meets! Second place in their division at some major races, including Liberty Bell and the Columbine race! I have been at a few of their races, and every time they run by me, they are running their brains out. Combining their natural talent with a lot of hard work is really paying off. That makes me very proud, and I know they will keep working hard and racing fast!

With League Championships and Regional Championships a few weeks away, I am confident the girls will keep this pace up and do awesome at those meets. And I am confident the boys team will come out swinging and do some damage at those meets too. If you get a chance to go watch a race, either at Heritage HS or out in Aurora, you should make a point to go watch, this team is pretty good!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Rockies vs. Padres


Here are my rambling thoughts on the demoralizing Rockies performance this evening...

The power went out at the 8549 Club right before Gonzales hit the grand slam. Would that be considered karma? At least the clam chowdah was still hot. And delicious.

The chants of M.V.P. for Holiday were a little early, don't ya think? That kind of stuff is so bush league. He hasn't won anything, bandwagon Rockies fans, and Rollins from Philly has had a fantastic year. So hold your horses.

Did we hear the MVP chants after Matt misjudged a flyball in the 8th and then went 0-3 in extra innings? Nah, I didn't think so.

It was just so frustrating watching the extra innings. You knew the San Diego had stud relievers just waiting to come in and shut it down, (T. Hoffman) and you saw the Rox relievers just gutting it out inning by inning. And the vaunted Rockies offense? Nothing, nada, nil. It was excruciating to witness. This team kills me sometime.

So, in the bottom of the 13th, we had a little rally, tied the game even. Will it pan out? Stay tuned....

And Holliday slides in head first (which you should NEVER do to home plate) and he missed the plate!! He missed the freaking' plate, it's as plain as day. Holy sh**! And that horrible umpire McClelland calls him safe??!! Are you serious?? Game over, I guarantee this will argued about for a few days by the SoCal talking heads, in-between fish taco hour and surfing updates on San Diego talk radio. Until the Chargers lose again.

Now they are giving Holliday "player of the game"? Are you serious, did those voters even watch the game? Or did the power go out at their house too? What about the Rox bullpen, they kept them in the game!

Well, see you Saturday night, as Beth just told me we got tickets. I'm gonna attend my first play-off game ever! Rox win, and I had total faith in them!! :)