Monday, January 28, 2013

Chaparral Women's Team Thoughts

I have often been subtly accused of having a distinct bias towards coaching the men's distance runners. While I do not think that is true, I think I put equal effort into both the men's and women's teams; I think that perception arises due to the success that the men have had over the years in comparison to the women. The men have been very competitive year in and year out, and while the women are not as consitently competitive, when they do put it all together, they are at an elite level.

While I do not think this year's women's team is at that elite level just yet, I cannot help but express how excited I am with the women we have on the team now. All of the women are so mature and so willing to do what it takes to be the best runner they can be. They come prepared, they never quit a workout, they take care of themselves; they are the best women's team we have had here at CHAP in a long time. The four distance seniors, Jill, Whitney, Mackenzie and Hanna are just killing it in training right now. Hanna simply has been running faster and more consistently than I have ever seen her, and a solid year of XC seems to have really allowed Whitney to rack up more, faster and longer intervals. Jill looks so much more comfortable on her feet, her technique is quick and efficient and there is so little wasted movement, and Mackenzie has the huge heart and I think she is the spirit of the team, just quietly banging away interval after interval.

We haven't even gotten to the younger kids, Ciara could be the fastest of them all; she simply does not know how to run slow, she has no fear, but she is always smiling and ready for more training. Ellen is going to surprise a lot of people when she has a seat on that bus on Saturdays.  Along with Molly, Erika, Kelly, Jessie and Jess, we have a lot of women who are simply hard workers and I think are going to be really awesome this year.

The mens team will be fine, especially on the distance side. They have suffered some illness and injury, but I am confident we will come out of it. I'm telling you though, look out for the women, they are going to surprise a lot of people this spring!

The next generation of fast wolverine women

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekly Plan - Jan 28th

With early morning practice leading into a late night arrival in Grand County, followed by a wicked early morning Chloe wake-up call preceded an all day ski festival going without having a day to sleep in this morning, that means this blog post might be a little incoherent.

Every day is important this week for training.  We got pace changers on the track after school tomorrow, and a creative run led by the captains on Tuesday.

Hills, hills and more hills are on the menu for Wednesday, and then the seniors are going to be in charge of 200 m repeats on Thursday.

Friday, we won't train before school, but we will have an after school practice of really hard five minute intervals.

Saturday is on your own, sprint ladders, and Sunday is your day to sit down, watch the Super Bowl and see how much you can eat without getting physically ill.

Of course, we have gymnastics on Tuesday and Thursday nights as well.

These are all crucial days of training. I expect to see most, if not all, of the distance kids there. Even if you are sick, still come by, just to check in. Remember, just as important as training is recovery. That means going to be at a good hour, eating good healthy foods, practicing excellent hygiene and drinking plenty of water. All of these things require varying degrees of sacrifice, but believe me, at the end of the year, it is worth it. Please make sure to recover as well as you train, everyone, that's the ticket to reaching your potential.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Friday Morning Practice

Our view after the last interval

Friday morning, before school, we will be holding practice for both sprinters and distance kids.

We will be running 4 x 500 for distance kids, 4 x 300 for sprinters.  These intervals are run at top speed, all-out, as hard as you can go.  You should run so hard that you need the total recovery time to catch your breath and get your heart rate down before the next interval.

The intervals will be timed, as a tool to motivate you to run your fastest.

The first 500/300 will start at 6:10 am sharp!  If you miss it, you miss the interval.  That means you must be there earlier than 6:00 to get in a proper warm-up.

I will be at the cube between 5:30 and 5:45.

The next interval will be run at 6:25 am, than 6:40, than 6:55.  That is 15 minutes between intervals.  We are increasing the workload, but decreasing the recovery time slightly.

Bring trainers to warm-up, cool-down in, and bring fast shoes to run fast in. Also, bring clothes to keep warm in, the weather is significantly cooler at 6:00 am.

Make sure you eat a good dinner tonight, eating the morning of this workout leads to breakfast on the track.

Winter track attendance has been sporadic to say the least for some people, I expect a high turn-out Friday morning!

See some of you tonight at gymnastics, and all of you tomorrow morning, No excuses!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Preventing Illness

I called up the governor of Tennessee and I asked him why his state has localized outbreaks of the flu.  

He said, "Coach Sep, we focus on three things. One, we stress hand-washing as much as possible.  Either with soap and water, or hand sanitizer, or kerosene, we are constantly washing our hands. Two, hydration. I encourage all of my constituents to carry a water bottle at all times and stay as hydrated as possible. If you walk by a old well, take a drink, Slippery moist hydrated cells can stand up to germ attack much better than dry cracked crusty cells. Finally, you gotta get plenty of sleep.  When you sleep, you recharge your body, and give it the energy to fight off illness. There's nothing to do in Tennessee at night, so going to bed early and getting a good night's sleep is a pretty good idea."

Well, there you have it, straight from Governor Bill Haslem. If you want to run fast in May, you gotta train hard in January. And you can't train hard in January if you are sick.


P.S. I seem to remember writing about this very topic about a year ago. It looks like Bill and I are on the same wavelength.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quick Post: National Letter of Intent

Attention Seniors. If you are going to be signing a National Letter of Intent to run at college somewhere, then Mr. Thompson and I need to know. On Feb 6th, Chaparral will be holding a special ceremony for the athletes who will be signing. It is a big deal formal thing, with parents, athletes, coaches and administration all in attendance. You actually sit down, with your parents, and formally sign the letter, with cameras clicking away constantly. The Letter of Intent signifies that you are going to that college on a scholarship and you will not be recruited by other schools. If this is something you are unsure of, please contact your college coach as soon as you can. If this applies to any of our seniors, please let me know and I will forward that info onto Mr. Thompson.


P.S. I love this ceremony, I love seeing our hard working athletes taking that next step, its' so cool!

Twitter Ski Pic

For those of you who didn't see this gem on my twitter account, (@ColoradoSep), here it is again.

Yeah, that's me, in a cross country ski race in 1993. Maybe 94? I am pretty sure it was at Whittaker Woods in North Conway, and it was obviously a nice warm spring day. I have no idea how well I did, probably 21st in a race where top 20 was in the money, but hey, check out that mullet.  And those authentic 90's Oakley M-Blade sunglasses. I am pretty sure I still have those skis toady. I was the epitome of style back then, just like now.

Wow, after further review, this picture could really come back to haunt me.  Commence commenting, I can handle it.



Yesterday was the start of a hard two week block of training. The previous ten days or so were specifically designed to be easy days, to help you get rested for this block of tough training. If in those ten days you got sick, or did not heal up 100%, then we still need to temper your training, especially the hard sprinting stuff. Everyone who is healthy, however, be ready for a lot of hard fast running over the next fortnight. Check the left sidebar for the exact schedule, and congratulations to the 15 or so kids who showed up yesterday for the pursuit race. And a big congratulations to Victor G. for taking home first place in the race.  Yeah Victor!


Friday, January 18, 2013

T-shirts, Tights & Monday Practice

T-shirts are in, everyone who signed up fro Gulo Gulo track club gets one. See me at practice this upcoming week for one. They are sweet dri-fit shirts, white with fast red lettering.

Speaking of practice, distance kids will have organized practice on Monday. We will meet on the soccer fields by Parker Rec. Center on Lincoln at 4:00 sharp, so don't be late!  Bring your in-between shoes if you have a pair.  Not race flats, but not trainers, something more like a 10k shoe.

I still have some Gulo Gulo running tights. I have three smalls and three mediums. If you ordered a pair, bring me thirty bucks this week for them. If you didn't order a pair, but want to be a cool kid with Gulo Gulo running tights, bring me thirty bucks this week and you can have a pair.

Thinking of buying shoes for the upcoming spring track season? Please fill out the survey with what you think you will need for specific footwear.  Please do this over the weekend, so Pete can send in an order early next week.  If you are an odd size, if you need a specific style shoe, or you just want to make sure your shoes are there in stock, give Boulder Running Co the heads-up and I promise they will take care of it.

Last nights gymnastics session was the best session we have had in years. So many kids, all working extremely hard, all striving to become better athletes. That is what training is all about!

I was a huge Lance fan, Beth and I spent our honeymoon in France watching him race in 2005. Now, not so much of a fan. He said it himself, he is a bully, and I don't like bullies. Underhanded cheating is more tolerable than real authentic bulling.

If you are running in the AFA meet this Sunday, skip the OverDistance run. Text me as soon as your race is over with your result! I want to know how well you did, that's important to me.

Pats will win, but it will be by less that nine. No way the Pats blow out the Ravens. And I really think the Falcons will make a game of it, but ultimately the Niners will win (but by less than four points however).

See you Monday,

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Simple Recovery Test

While training hard is certainly very important, recovery is even more so.  Working out, sickness, athletic competition, travel, lack of sleep, school stress, social stress; all of these factors can interfere with an athletes recovery.  Without adequate recovery, the athlete cannot train as hard as they need to.

Here is a simple test I found that the Canadian Ski Team uses to diagnose "overtraining".  They suggest  you do it once a week.  I would do it as often as I could, shooting for every other day.  And the only thing you need to use is a watch & paper/pen on your bedside table!

1) Before you get out of bed, lie there and take about a minute worth of deep breathes.  Don't get out of bed, just easily wake up.  After a minute or so of no movement, take your heart rate.  Count your pulse for 15 seconds, and write that down.

2) Now, immediately stand up. Take one-two deep breathes, and then take your pulse again for 15 seconds. Write that number down.  You don't have to do any squats, or jumping jacks, just stand up quickly, and take your pulse

3) Stand there, and take about a minute or so of gentle relaxed breathing.  Nothing forceful, just controlled breathing.  Then, take your pulse then.  Write that number down.

(yep, that took all of three minutes or so.)

4) Multiply these numbers by four, so you get three heart rate/minute values.

Now, what do these numbers mean?  Well, nothing by themselves.  What you need to do is establish a baseline, and that menas doing this least at least 4-5 times, when you are feeling healthy and non-stressed.  Once you have this baseline, you can then use future data to see if you are training too hard, not enough, or just right.  The key to this test is repeatability.  Make sure you do it the same every time.  Same number of breathes while standing up, same amount of time lying in bed, etc, etc.  Heck, if you want to do ten deep squats, then take your second pulse, fine.  Just make sure you do that every time.  You must do the test the same way every time, in order to get reliable numbers.

Here are some general guidelines.  If you have consistent elevated numbers over your established baseline mean you are overtraining. If the third number stays close to the second number, is means you're not recovering like you should.  If the second numbers keeps getting lower every time you do this test, you are getting fitter.  Again, these are just general guidelines, since the best way to analyze these numbers is to keep a log of them.  Once things start getting abnormal, bring your record of data into me, and we can look at it to try and pinpoint the reason behind the numbers.

Overtraining is a very real factor in an athletes success, especially driven HS athletes like yourselves.  Leave yourself a note by your bed to remind yourself to do this test in the morning, and try to keep good accurate records.  This is a easy and simple tool that can really help you reach your peak at the end of May!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Random Mid-Morning Thoughts

Gymnastics tonight! Be there at 7:40 to fill out paperwork, so excited to start the program.

Some of you showed up to practice with no hat, no gloves?  Uhhhh... not a good idea.  Go out and buy a hat & gloves and bring them to practice.  We are not sprinters, we have to train outside everyday.

I'm going through the Florida packs, and I am still missing a ton of stuff from people.
S.B. - Athlete Trip Guidelines Form & Student ID/Health Insurance Copies
O.P. - Student ID Copy
R.K. - Student ID Copy
T.A. - Student ID/Health Insurance Copies
N.E. - Student ID/Health Insurance Copies
Z.Y. - Notarized Health Form & Student ID/Health Insurance Copies
W.S. - Student ID/Health Insurance Copies
D.G. - Student ID/Health Insurance Copies
This will be your last reminder.  Your next reminder will be when you are not entered in League Relays in March

I am thinking we are going to play a game tomorrow at practice.  Something to mix things up. Maybe.

The second shipment of running tights are in, and if you ordered a pair, bring your $30 bucks and pick them up from me on Wednesday.  I have already paid for them, so please make sure to get your money into me and pick them up.

ONe last thing, if you are planning on purchasing new race spikes, field spikes, or training shoes from Boulder Running Company at our shoe night on March 4th, please fill out the following survey below. It is so we can make sure the shoes you need are in stock, and you don't have to wait for them.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Quick Post: Weekly Plan

This will be an easy week for us, the last real easy week for a while. I tweaked the schedule so the team would be well rested going into the season. I also tweaked the schedule because I knew that some kids were sick, I got the sense that some kids were on the verge of getting sick, and a few some kids simply just need a little break.

Since last week was essentially a "medium" week, this week will be an easy week, but not as unstructured as other easy weeks.

Please, do everything you can to rest as much as you can, get healthy, and heal up any nagging injuries that you have. Take advantage of this week to get as healthy as you can!!!

Monday: SEP Practice - Tempo Road Repeats, just what we did last week, on Stonegate Pkwy..
Tuesday: Captains Practice - EZ Aerobic Run (45 min) & Gymnastics
Wednesday: SEP Practice - Pace Changers on the Track
Thursday: Captains Practice - EZ Aerobic Run (45 min) & Gymnastics
Friday: O.Y.O.: EZ Aerobic Run (45 min)
Saturday: O.Y.O.: OverDistance Run (90+min)
Sunday: Total Day Off, get ready for a week of skullcrushing domination!

See you Monday,

Friday, January 11, 2013

Quick Post: Gymnastics Details

I just got off the phone with Coach Tom, from Alpha Gymnastics. We figured out the gymnastics schedule, and here are the details.

When: Tuesday and Thursday nights, 8:00 - 9:00 pm for six weeks.

Where: Alpha Gymnasium, which is on S. Progress Way. It is just west of Twisters Burritos, behind the Colorado School of Dance.

Who: Any freshman or sophomore* on the winter track team. Distance athletes, sprint athletes, field event athletes, doesn't matter. Coach Seppala and Coach Maroney work with Coach Tom of Alpha Gymnastics to provide this opportunity.

Why: This gymnastics program creates strength (physical and mental) in young athletes that cannot be gained anywhere else. Through a rigorous combination of traditional gymnastics, energy systems, yoga, nordic ski drills, and general running strength, this program turns average athletes into exceptional athletes. Every track state champion at Chaparral has been involved with gymnastics, it is a fantastic opportunity to become a better athlete. I highly, highly, highly recommend it.

Other Details: The cost for 12 one hour sessions is $120. (Ten bucks/hour for elite level facilities and coaching is a steal!) Payment can be made in full at the start, or it can be broken up into two payments. Checks can be made out to Alpha Gymnastics. We start on Tuesday the 15th, show up at the gym at 7:45 to fill out any paperwork.

This is not mandatory, but it is an opportunity to become a better athlete, both physically and mentally. I love coaching gymnastics, my daughter does it, and we have been putting this high school program on for seven years now, because it always makes our athletes that much stronger. It's totally worth it. Talk to your parents about it, and try to make it work for you. You won't regret it.

Any questions, of course, email me!


*Coach Tom has decided to offer the program to any juniors and seniors who are seriously interested. We expect perfect attendance, as well as being a excellent role model to the younger kids. If you think this describes you, see you Tuesday night!

Quick Post: Weekend Plans

Friday: Easy Aerobic Run (30 min)
Saturday: Creative Run (60 min, stopping every 10 min for calisthenics)
Sunday: Active Rest Day (20 min walk)

Next week is an easy week, just easy running and recovery. Gotta get rested and ready for the next month of hard training!


P.S. Go Patriots!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Running To Your Potential

I love Jay's line in here about "confronting the reality..."  So true, so true.


Hills meets Long Run

On Thursday, I will not be able to make practice. I strongly suggest that the captains take charge of the workout, and that workout is a long run over hilly terrain. A great place to do this in Parker is behind Sierra, up in Ponderosa Hills. If you want to run to Sierra MS, or drive to Sierra MS, using that as a starting points gives you some fantastic terrain to run on. Quiet dirt roads with lots of little elevation changes. Heavenly. No need to go fast, just get in a nice overdistance run. For some of you, that might be 60 minutes, for others, it might be 100 minutes. Just make sure you run with someone of your ability level, and get yourself good and tired from running a nice looooong run.

Make yourself earn that easy day on Friday!


Monday, January 7, 2013

Quick Post: Florida Paperwork

Just a quick reminder, the paperwork for the Disney trip is due to me by Wednesday at practice.  If you don't have the paperwork, you can download it here.



Saturday, January 5, 2013

Jan 5th Analysis & More!

The second shipment of red Gulo Gulo tights have been mailed.  If you ordered them, they should be here by the end of this week.  Please bring in your thirty dollars to me as soon as you can.  I will be honest, I do not have the list of who ordered them and who did not.  So, if you ordered them, please step up and pay for them. I still have a few people who have not paid for their tights from the first shipment. :(  If there are extras, I will do my best to sell them to other kids on the team at the end of this week, so we do not lose money on them.  I love my pair of tights, I have worn them for almost every running workout I have doen this winter, they are perfect for these chilly winter days!

Disney Athlete Assignments
I have planned out what I think the best events for the athletes going to Disney World would be.  I tried to balance it out with your goals (or what I think are your goals) as well as scheduling of events that day.  If you want to do something different than what I have listed to the right, please let me know by Monday at the end of practice.  I need to get everyone signed up sooner than later to avoid a significant late fee.

Speaking of goals, there are a good number of people who have not yet filled me in as to their goals for the 2013 track season.  If that is you, please go to the GOALS blog post and fill that out.  Without knowing what your goals are, I cannot make smart decisions on how to effectively train you.  No goals, and we go to the lowest common denominator of training... junk miles. Ugh.

And while you are filling out your goals, if you could fill out your media guide biography, that would be a huge help to me as well.  I only have a few people who have sent me this biography, and I would like to get all of you dedicated winter track athletes some positive press this spring!

Jan. 5th Results
We had a great day at the indoor meet this afternoon, I was so excited to see all 19 athletes compete.  I will have some action shots up soon, but for right now, here are the raw results.  I went off of my watch at the finish line, as I discovered that some of the official results were not as accurate as they could have been.  I saw your first race as the real test of your fitness, and your second race as a workout with competition   To say I was pleased with the results would be an understatement, some of these times are the best January times anyone Wolverine has have since I have begun coaching here.  But, no one gets medals for January times, we have to keep working hard every day and keep improving all the way through April and May, that's the goal.  And that starts on Monday with some long road tempo work.

Gulo Gulo Improvements
One thing Coach Harris and I wanted to get from this indoor meet was to see how we have improved since we all did that mile time trial back in October/November.  That is why I encouraged everyone to go to this meet, and I will not be pushing any other indoor meets this winter.  While you are more than welcome to go to them on your own, I want to spend time with my family, Coach Harris wants to spend time with his family, and I think that too much competition for athletes from January to May is not that beneficial. (Maybe that going skiing for a Saturday might be even better for you!)  Anyways, I digress, because what I wanted to talk about how so many athletes improved from that windy cold time trail to the race today.  I have attached the improvement sheet, and almost everyone has gotten significantly better in the past couple of months.   That is really fantastic, like I mentioned, we have some really fast kids on this team, and it bodes very well to my goal of getting one athlete in every distance event at State this year.  Now, if you were not one of those improvements, don't get down, but resolve to keep working hard in practice and keep yourself healthy, because there are going to be plenty more races for you to show your speed!

Distance Athlete Groupings
I took all of these times and incorporated them into the new distance groupings spreadsheet.  We had some kids make some significant jumps up the ladder, into new groups that are training pretty fast.  I hate to admonish over the Internet, but I must say this.  The athletes who raced today and who moved up that training level ladder were the athletes who I have seen at practice every day for the past five weeks.  Not just the past couple of weeks, although those practices are important, but the athletes who were there during finals week, during the freezing windy days in December and who were around during Thanksgiving week.  The key to running fast is really simple.  The secret is consistency. (Guess it's not a secret anymore.) You cannot just randomly show up to practice inconsistently and expect to get any better.  You need to show up every day, no matter how you feel, no matter how tired you are, no matter how tough of a day you had, no matter what the weather is, no matter what your other workload looks like; and be ready to practice to the best of your ability, EVERY DAY.  In the winter, we are efficient and we follow a pretty standard routine so we can be done practice as quickly as possible.  You need to balance your schoolwork, your job, your family, your social life and your training if you want to become an elite top flight runner.  Being a successful runner on this particular team is not a hobby, it is an adjustment to your lifestyle and a therefore huge dedication.  The athletes that improved by 3, 4, 5 percent and jumped up the training ladder understand that and accept that and embrace that.  We have a very, very, very competitive group of athletes this year.  If you want to reach your goals, you need to be as dedicated as everyone else, and if might have to figure out a way to be even more dedicated.  Now, can you still move up the training ladder?  Of course.  There are plenty more meets you can attend on your own.  Sign up for one of them, race really fast, and I will move you into the appropriate group after verifying your time on the Internet.

Thanks for reading everyone, enjoy your Sunday of easy walking for about 20 minutes with the Kwiatkowski's dog.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Getting Ready For The Indoor Meet

For a few of us, this will be the first indoor track meet we have ever participated in, so here are a few pointers to help make they day as successful as possible.

Get to Balch Fieldhouse at about 11:30.  Parking is not easy, so be prepared for that.  The 60 Hurdles is first, they will go quick.  The 60 dash is next, that might take a bit, with lots of heats.  Then the 1500 is up, so you want to make sure you get there with enough time to get settled, get warmed up, and be ready to race.  Coach Harris and I will have set up a camp somewhere (on the infield, or maybe in the balcony).   Look for us, and we will look for you.

If you signed up and paid on your own, go to the website and print out your receipt.  That will help you with registration tremendously.  If you registered though me, I have the receipt  and I will get you all registered.

Bring your race shoes, with small (1/4") spikes in them.

Wear clothes in which to warm up outside with.  There is not enough room to run around the fieldhouse to get a warm-up run in.

Pack lots of Gatorade, water and good snacks to eat in-between your races.

If you have a good book, bring it, waiting around is the norm at indoor meets.

Race in a shirt/singlet that represents either Chaparral or Gulo Gulo Track club.  If you have one of last years black Gulo Gulo shirts, wear that.  Or you can wear your Chaparral XC singlet.  Make sure it is comfortable and something you feel good about racing in though.

And most importantly, bring your racing attitude.  You paid money to race. You are going to be on a start list. There will be official timers. So, make sure you are ready to give it your best, and treat this like a real race. Pre-season or not, whenever you step on that line to race against real competition, you have to be mentally ready to give your best.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sprint Workout

Warm Up:
Our typical sprint dynamic warm-up

4 x 30 Meter:
Main focus is on strong, powerful start. Staying low and driving with power
strong arm swing with quick feet at the start. Should be a VIOLENT arm swing.

4 x 40 Meter:
Main focus still on strong start and gradually rising up towards the end of this
sprint. Also should have a strong knee drive just like our WALL DRIVES!! Should finish strong.

3 x 60 Meter:
Main focuses finishing strong with a nice high knee drive relaxing through your
shoulders. Remember hand movement should be from chin to pocket stay relaxed towards the
end of the 60 meters.

2 min between each sprint
4 min between each set of sprints

Dumbbell Jump Squats:
3 x 15 - Lower weight is preferred

Walking Lunges with Dumbbell/Med ball
3 x failure or 3 x 10 each leg.

Leg Press:
3 x 10 with lower weight
2 min rest between each set.

Finish with your choice of Abs.

Any questions, tweet me @RMH5280


Saturday's Entries

Here is the listing of Saturday's entries for Gulo Gulo/Wolverine Track Club:

Jack DeWinter
  [ ] 15-18 Division 1000m run NM
  [ ] 15-18 Division 1500m run NM

Patrick Durkin
  [ ] 15-18 Division 1500m run NM

Victor Gardner
  [ ] 15-18 Division 300m dash NM
  [ ] 15-18 Division 1500m run NM

James Kadolph
  [ ] 15-18 Division 600m dash NM
  [ ] 15-18 Division 1500m run NM

Landon Lundell
  [ ] 15-18 Division 1500m run NM

Devin Reasoner
  [ ] 15-18 Division 1500m run NM

Austin Stewart
  [ ] 15-18 Division 60 dash NM
  [ ] 15-18 Division 300m dash NM

Ryan Kwiatkowski
  [ ] 19-105 OpenMaster 1500m run NM

Corrina Carney
  [ ] 15-18 Division 300m run NM
  [ ] 15-18 Division 60m run NM

Ciara DePinto
  [ ] 15-18 Division 1000m run NM
  [ ] 15-18 Division 1500m run NM

Ellen Durkin
  [ ] 15-18 Division 1000m run NM
  [ ] 15-18 Division 1500m run NM

Jill Hanrahan
  [ ] 15-18 Division 600m dash NM
  [ ] 15-18 Division 1500m run NM

Mackenzie Hirsch
  [ ] 15-18 Division 600m dash NM
  [ ] 15-18 Division 1500m run NM

Whitney Schultz
  [ ] 15-18 Division 1000m run NM
  [ ] 15-18 Division 1500m run NM

The athletes listed above, please bring me $5/event tomorrow at 9 am practice.  No money from you, I cannot enter you into the meet officially.  Also, double check, make sure the events listed above are the ones you want.

In addition to the above athletes, we have three boys who have entered and paid on their own, they will be running as unattached.  That makes a grand total of 17 athletes competing at this meet, which is a fine number.  Competition for us starts at noon, Coach Harris and Coach Seppala will be there to support everyone, and we hope to see lots of family and friends there too.  Should be a great start to the 2013 season.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Five Athletes

As of 7:30, Tuesday night, I only have five athletes who have given me valid USATF numbers, their birthdates, and the events they want to run on. So, we have Hirsch, DePinto, Schultz, Durkin, and Stewart registered and ready to go.

If you fill out that google doc in the previous post after 12:00-lunch tomorrow, then I will not get you in and you will have to figure out how to pay and how to race on your own.  I know it is not as easy as doing it directly online, (actually, I think it is easier) but it the way it has to be done this time.