Sunday, August 30, 2009

Record Board Update


Coach Hawk and I finally were able to get into the gym today and change the CHS Track & Field Record Board. This is one of those behind-the-scenes activites that few people get to see, so I thought I would document it with the camera. Enjoy my amateur photo-journalism!

Here is Coach Hawk setting out the new records. Every year, he orders new stickers for each record broken. The ones from 2008 got delayed somehow, so we were changing records from this spring and last spring. It is important to get organized when you are on the ground, as the record board is probably 20 feet up.

This is one record we were changing, the boys 4 x 800 from 2006. Man, that was a great race, I will never forget Tyler Nabours chasing down that kid from Denver South. Awesome!

This record was also getting switched out, the girls 4 x 800 record from 2007. I think we came in fourth or fifth that year at State.

A huge delay was getting the pneumatic lift all set up, then discovering we did not have the key to start it. In fact, no one had the key, and after calling the head janitor, we realized it was lost. Grrrr... So, after a bit of a delay, we got the ladder from the drama department. That's me up on the ladder using a window scraper to scrape off the old names, records and dates of the entries we are changing.

And this is Cory (with Jeff holding the ladder securely) putting the new records up on the board.

We were thinking that next year we would enter in an official boys sprint medley, to try and get all of that blank space above the boys 4 x 800 filled up.

Coach Hawk carefully has to smooth out the sticker names on the board. They are not individual letters, but they have to be level and lined up or they look unprofessional.

Once the sticker has been smoothed out, he peels away the backing, and the blue letters stay behind.

Jeff had left by then, so I left my post of holding the ladder to get a shot of how high up Coach was.

When we are done, we have a new boys record for the 4 x 800, set at the State Meet of 2009. (On my daughter's birthday, no less!)

And finally, we have updated the girls 4 x 800 record, when they were State Champions in 2008. I think it looks great.

We also changed out the records for high jump, long jump and shot-put, you will have to go into the gym and check those out sometime.

When I first started coaching at CHS, I told Coach Hawk that my goal was to turn as many of those records onto that board from "old" records into "2005 or later" records. I was being selfish I guess, I wanted those records to go to my athletes. My name is still up on the gym wall in my high school back East, (I hope), as I got up there for State Champion and All-New Hampshire. That is what I wanted for my athletes, to be recognized based on pure athletic achievement. (Until someone else came along and broke their record, of course.) Now, in 2009, we have a lot of them, but not all them yet.

That is the beauty of track and field. It all comes down to time, or distance, or height; nothing else. Achieving All-Colorado, sometimes that comes down to "all-politics". Getting on the Wall of Champions in the athletic hallway, that is something that not only depends on your competition that year, but also on the sport you are in. We have some track kids up there, but they were state champions. In other years they might have done the exact same performance, but not have been number one in the state of Colorado. Does the fact that the competition has changed make their performance any less great? Other sports celebrate All-Colorado, All-State, or All-American. In track, it is simple. There is one winner and a bunch of non-winners. But, that record board in the gym, there is no politics, no favoritism, no discrimination, no luck. If you get the mark, you get on, nothing else matters. It all comes down to how well *you* can perform on any given day. No matter what the competition does, or what the parameters are, you can always break a record. Those are the achievements I value.

Just like I told Coach Hawk when he was up on the ladder, I was really excited when the boys won the 4 x 800 this year at State, but I was 100 times more excited that they broke the school record. No joke, breaking that record was tougher than becoming state champs, and hopefully I will have to be on that ladder again scraping off some names to put up new records next year!


P.S. Huge thanks to Jeff, the custodian at school today who helped us out tremendously. We couldn't have done this today without his assistance!

Friday, August 28, 2009

New Middle School Results

Yesterday we competed against our cross town rivals, the Sagewood Wildcats. Everyone on the team did a fantastic job, almost all of us got better times on the same course that we ran last week. I would also like to thank all of the parents and volunteers who came out to support us. It was great seeing such a big crowd! But, the most credit goes to the athletes, as Sierra prevailed 94 - 150! Go Eagles!

The 8th grade boys won by a score of 26 - 29!

The 7th grade girls won by a score of 23 - 32!

The 7th grade boys won by a score of 18 - 60!

And the 8th grade girls won by a score of 27-29!

Great job everyone!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Walnut Hills TC Offical Status

This past Friday, the Walnut Hills Track Club became an official USATF club! Yay, that only took all summer long! :) :)

The good news is that since you are registered with USATF, (and if you have not done so, shame on you,) you can now change your club affiliation to Walnut Hills.

All joking aside, this is an important think to do. USATF covers our insurance, first of all, and they are the governing body of all big-time running in America. If you are not a member, you really need to be. Click below to start that process.

USATF Memberships

Once you are a member, and you have that official "membership number", you need to change your club affiliation. I don't think you can do that online, so you need to email the Colorado USATF lady, Sherry Markham. Her email address is listed below.

She is a very nice lady, and I bet if you give her your name, you date of birth, and your membership number, she will gladly change your club affiliation for you. You are now running for the "Walnut Hills Track Club, Colorado, #322" Please so this as soon as you get a chance, we need it done sooner rather than later.

I am excited, this has been a long time coming! :) :)


Walnut Hills Track Club Weekly Schedule

This week is going to be a little different than last week. Different, but better! :)

Monday - In the weight room with Coach Whitenack and Coach Neale. Hard intense weightlifting session.

Tuesday - Bring your fast shoes. Coach Neale wants to get you out on the track and see what you got for some intervals!

Wednesday - More weights with Coach Whitenack and Neale, as well as a long run afterwards. This slow easy run should be 5 minutes longer than the long runs on Wednesday (8/19) and Sunday (8/23) of this past week.

Thursday - Yoga with Coach Maroney at 5:20

Friday - Recovery Day

Saturday - Sep's house - 7:30 am - Tempo Intervals

Sunday - A long run of equal distance to Wednesdays run

Coming tomorrow, results and reactions to Saturday's Sierra 5 km race. First impressions: fantastic job!


Middle School Results

Below are the results for the Sierra Middle School Cross Country team in their race against Mesa MS last Wednesday. I have posted these because I had more than a couple of parents ask me if there was any place on the web to check out how their athletes did. So, I figured I would throw the score sheets up onto my blog, and people can access them there. I will try to get as many of the races up as I can, so check back often.

A couple of points. "Coaches error" on the 7th grade boys timing. Neither Coach Thornton nor I got times from about 50% of the boys, and for that, we apologize. We will do much better next time. I purposely did not put last names up either on the results, as the people who truly care about the results will be able to figure out who is who from first names only.

Enjoy, and we hope to see everyone at our next race, this Monday, the 24th, against Sagewood. We will be racing at Sierra, 4:00 sharp!


8th Grade Boys Results

7th Grade Boys Results

7th Grade Girls Results

8th Grade Girls Results

Blog Layout Updates

Over on the left sidebar, I have made some changes. We got a new member of the Collegiate Alumni. Melanie Bergen is running for Queens University in Charolotte NC, and you can follow her exploits by clicking on her picture. Go Mel!

Also, I have updated some other Collegiate Alums pictures; I put up their "glamour" shots from college.

If there are any more kids who are running this fall in college, please let me know. I will get them up on the blog as soon as possible.

And, a new link in the blogroll, follow Steven Busch as he writes about the goings-on at Drury University in Springfield MO. Very interesting stuff, it really is a true account of what college running is like.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just signed up!

I just signed up for the 5km, watch out for number 521! Going sub-20 this year!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Update & Schedule


We had a fantastic practice on Saturday. It was a tempo workout, and I was worried that it would become too hard to stay at a tempo level. Well, I was dead wrong, as Tyler, Travis and Katelyn just knocked it out of the park! We ran about 4 total miles at tempo pace, and they did very, very, very well. Next Saturday is the Sierra 5 km race, and then the weekend after that will be another tempo workout, but with different variables thrown in there.

As f0r this week, the boys will be doing strength and speed work with Coach Whitenack Monday-Wednesday, yoga with Coach Maroney on Thursday, recovery day on Friday, then the race on Saturday. Wojan will be coaching the middle school kids this week, and will be working *very* hard to keep up with them on intervals. :)

More later, hope all of you saw the 9.58 100m last night!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sierra Spirit Day

In two weeks, on Aug. 22nd, Sierra is hosting the Sierra Spirit Day. It is a day of fun for all Sierra kids, and it is also somewhat of a homecoming for Sierra, as all Sierra alums are invited to participate as well.

There will be a 5 km race, an intramural scrimmage for football, as well as volleyball exhibitions. Food and drinks will be served by the Sierra staff and there will be lots of other fun games going on as well.

I encourage all who are reading to come by, support your old school, and have some fun while doing it.

To sign up for the 5km race, you need to go to the Sierra Website. You can get there by clicking on the flyer at the end of this post.

Then, on the left side of the page, click on "Clubs & Activities"and scan about halfway down that page until you get to "5 km Run/Walk".

You can download a copy of the brochure and bring it into the school with your registration fee anytime.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

IAAF World Championships

Track World Championships are coming up, starting this weekend and running through all next week. I can't wait to watch, they are on NBC on the weekend, and Versus throughout the week.

Below is a link to the TV schedule I found online. I believe the times are for the Eastern timezone, so you need to account for that.

Versus IAAF World Championships TV Schedule

From the looks of it, they will have lots of prelims, finals and not a lot fluff-filler stuff. Should be great TV to watch!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Whitenack Weights

Yesterday was the first day of Whitenack Weights, and it went awesome-ly!! (Is that a word?) Here are the results, straight from Coach Whitenack.

For time:
200m Run then,
15 squats/body row/push-ups then,
12 squats/body row/push-ups then,
9 squats/body row/push-ups then finish with a,
200m Run.

Here are the results:
Tyler Brost - 7:57
Julia Costin - 8:47
Paige Follett - 8:56
Travis Batt - 9:00

Wow, great job everyone! Way to work hard!!!


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weekly Plan for Aug. 10th

Hey guys,

Had a great meeting with Coach Maroney, Coach Whitenack and Coach Neale. This is what we came up with for this week starting Aug. 10th.

This only applies to Tyler & Travis. Katelyn will be working with me and about 90 middle school kids during the week! :)

Fill out your training logs with the following information.

Monday: Hard strength & conditioning with Coach Whitenack in the weight room after school.

Tuesday: Sprint work with Coach Neale after school at the cube.

Wednesday: Moderate strength work with Coach Whitenack in the weight room after school. Additionally, a 30-45 minute easy run must be completed after weights.

Thursday: Yoga with Coach Maroney (even Wojan!) at Core Power Yoga at 5:30 sharp! Do not be late, or Coach Maroney will be angry! :) No other running or strength that day.

Friday: Easy recovery run on your own, 20 minutes or so.

Saturday: Long Interval work at Sep's house at 7:30. (even Wojan!) (We need to start earlier, since it takes so long for you guys to jog back home!)

Sunday: Long over-distance run on your own. (even Wojan!) At least five minutes longer than your longest run of the summer so far.

Any questions, give me a call!