Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Liberty Bell and Sub-Varsity Champs Info

(I am typing this on my iPad, please excuse any errors in formatting.)

 So, I think I deleted the original Liberty Bell posting by accident, I will now try and reproduce it here. Bear with me.

 Thursday, April 26th Sub Varsity Meet at Regis HS (3:30 start, bus leave CHS at 1:30)
Athletes: Amanda Costin - Throws
Caleb Long, Jackson Longwell, Dalton Morrisson - Sprints
Daniel Geerdes - Hurdles
Patrick Durkin, Landon Lundell, Cory O'Neil, Ross Sargent, Rob Turner, Eric Weng, Spencer Writebol - Distance
Coaches: Seppala & Bowman

 Friday, April 27th Varsity Meet at Littleton HS (4:30 start)
 All of these events are on a rolling schedule with a meet start time. This is a *mega-meet*, with over fifty (50) teams signed up. While I am sure the meet directors would love to stick to a published schedule, I would be shocked if they could. "Be early, be patient, be ready", is the motto of the day!
 3200 R - Dominic Compoz
*All the following races are prelims*
100H - Jenna Lanskey, Kristin Sjobakken
 110H - Dane Goldwasser, Devin Reasoner
100D - Jaylene Miller, Olivia Perry, Gavin McHenry, Chris Page
400D - JJ Johnson, Alek McArther, Jaylene Miller, Katrina Bacovin
300H - Jenna Lanskey, Corrina Carney, Fred Campbell, Dane Goldwasser
200D - Olivia Perry, Gavin McHenry, Spencer Bills

 Friday Field Events (4:30 start)
Long Jump - Keanna Anderson, Jenna Lanskey, Curtis Ray, Nolan Ellis
Pole Vault - Keanna Anderson, Alleah Bouley
Discus - Mia Davies, Jen Calscionne
High Jump - Ryan Reasoner, Devin Reasoner
ShotPut - RJ Martin, Nolan Lilies
 Friday athletes will be expected to get to Littleton HS on their own, as we will have no bus. Do not delay, parking will be at a premium!

 Saturday, April 28th, Varsity Meet at Littleton HS (10:00 start, bus leaves CHS at 8:30)
Sprint Medley - Katrina Bacovin, Jaylene Miller, Hannah Barringer, Corrinna Carney
4x800G - Janey Heard, Jill Hanrahan, Jessie Chappa, Whitney Schultz
4x800B - James Kadolph, Ryan Kwiatkowski, Zach Young, Johnny Bacovin
Sprint Hurdles Finals
100 Dash Finals
4x200G - Scratch
4x200B - Ian Campbell, Spencer Bills, Curtis Ray, Gavin McHenry
1600 R - Julia Nyiro, Laura Nyiro, Bryce Rich, Dominic Compoz
4x100G- Scratch
4x100B - Ian Campbell, Drew McReynolds, Curtis Ray, Gavin McHenry
400 Dash Finals
Distance Hurdles Finals
800D - Janey Heard, Shannon Hedges, Johnny Bacovin, Zach Young
200 Dash Finals
3200 R - Matt Kade
4x400G - Hanna Barringer, Shannon Hedges, Whitney Schultz, Jill Hanrahan
 4x400B - Alek McArther, Ryan Kwiatkowski, Fred Campbell, Curtis Ray

 Saturday Field Events (10:30 start)
Triple Jump - Hanna Barringer, Jenna Lanskey, Taylor Frangella, Tim Helmuth
Pole Vault - Nolan Ellis, Ryan Reasoner
 Discus - Terin Horne, Alex Michael
High Jump - Katrina Bacovin, Olivia Perry
ShotPut - Mia Davies, Jen Calscionne

 Now, there might be some athletes whose name is not listed in either the Thursday meet, or the Friday/Saturday meet. Due to silly league rules, we cannot take those athletes to the Thursday meet, as they would lose eligibilty for the varsity League Championship in two weeks. And the Friday/Saturday meet only allows two entries per event. Those athletes, while not competing this week, are strongly encouraged to come to the Friday/Satruday meet (they will have practice Thursday), and cheer their teammates on. We have plenty of room on the bus, as we are a team first, and we win or lose as a total team.

 Wow, 9 pm, I am exhausted. I hope this all makes sense, I hope Reid sleeps better tonight (he has a wicked stuffy nose) and I am off to relax. See everyone this weekend! SEP

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Great Day at Loveland Invite


What a great day we had yesterday at the Loveland Invite.  It was great to have the whole team with us, varsity and sub-varsity.  It was great to be competing against teams that we usually don't see.  It was great to be competing at an old-school venue, with grass in stead of astro-turf.  It was great to see so many athletes compete so well all day long.

Some highlights of the day for me were the boys 4 x 8 running sub 8:10, Nolan vaulting 13-7, Curtis winning the long jump by going over 21 feet, Whitney going higher than 4-9 in the high jump, and the Jill breaking 2:32 in the 800.  There were many other great performances, those were just the ones that stood out in my mind.

We are in the process of compiling all of the new season bests that were made yesterday, we will have the information by Monday.  However, a quick glance of can tell us a few things.

One, there is a great article on the meet, with a cool picture of Gavin winning the 100 m dash.

Two, complete results are also available, lots of new season bests for both women and men in there!

Three, the meet records page.  While this is a relatively new meet, it still is nice to see so many Chaparral kids up there.

Enjoy your two days of relative easiness, we are going to start up again working hard on Monday!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Loveland Invite - Entires & Schedule

The CHS T&F team is boarding the bus at the high school at 10:00.  Be prepared for a long day, we will have two busses, so fee free to bring lots of supplies!

Thompson R2-J Invitational (Loveland Invite)
2012 Time Schedule

1:00 p.m. Girls Pole Vault                                                            3:45 p.m. Girls High Jump
1:00 p.m. Girls Long Jump                                                            3:45 p.m. Girls Triple Jump
1:00 p.m. Girls Discus                                                            3:45 p.m. Girls Shot Put
1:00 p.m. Boys High Jump                                                            3:45 p.m. Boys Pole Vault
1:00 p.m. Boys Triple Jump                                                3:45 p.m. Boys Long Jump
1:00 p.m. Boys Shot Put                                                            3:45 p.m. Boys Discus

Athletes will get 3 attempts…Top 9 make finals

1:00 p.m. Girls 800 Meter Medley Relay
1:10 p.m. Girls 4 x 800 Meter Relay
1:25 p.m. Boys 4 x 800 Meter Relay
1:40 p.m. Girls 100 Meter Hurdles
1:55 p.m. Boys 110 Meter High Hurdles
2:10 p.m. Girls 100 Meter Dash
2:25 p.m. Boys 100 Meter Dash
2:40 p.m. Girls 4 x 200 Meter Relay
2:55 p.m. Boys 4 x 200 Meter Relay
3:10 p.m. Girls 1600 Meter Run
3:30 p.m. Boys 1600 Meter Run
3:50 p.m. Girls 4 x 100 Meter Relay
4:00 p.m. Boys 4 x 100 Meter Relay
4:10 p.m. Girls 400 Meter Dash
4:25 p.m. Boys 400 Meter Dash
4:40 p.m. Girls 300 Meter Hurdles
5:00 p.m. Boys 300 Meter Hurdles
5:20 p.m. Girls 800 Meter Run
5:35 p.m. Boys 800 Meter Run
5:50 p.m. Girls 200 Meter Dash
6:05 p.m. Boys 200 Meter Dash
6:20 p.m. Girls 3200 Meter Run
6:40 p.m. Boys 3200 Meter Run
7:00 p.m. Girls 4 x 400 Meter Relay
7:15 p.m. Boys 4 x 400 Meter Relay

We will run ahead of schedule and stay ahead of schedule if possible

We have decided that we will not be having a bus back to the school after the meet.  If you do not have a ride home, please, please, please ask around of kids in events that end the same time yours do for a ride.

Here are the line-ups for this blended Varsity and Sub-Varsity meet.  We get unlimited relays, as well as six entires in each open event.

If anyone has any questions, please email me!  


EDIT: Kaleb Roosa, out of the mile Alex Michael, in the mile, Austin Stewart in the 100, Mark Ingram  in the 400, Alleah Bouley in the 200

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Random Stuff

Ryan, Johnny, Wally and Bryce

The CHS Track & Field Team and Cheer team did a pep rally at Cherokee Trail Elementary this morning, and I have to say, it went off wonderfully!  The girls got the kids all fired up with cheers and tumbling, and the guys did a great job on getting the kids ready to run.  Even Wally the Wolverine was fantastic!

Chloe and Reid
We have discovered that Chloe loves to hold Reid.  If she doesn't get her few minutes a day of taking care of him, she gets really cranky.  She really loves him, and always wants to give him kisses.

In other, more track related news, we are having our meet this Friday, at Loveland HS, and it is a varsity and sub-varsity meet.  In other words, everyone is going!  We have no school Friday, so the busses will leave CHAP at 9:30 from the athletic hallway.  More details pertaining ti line-ups and schedule wil be forthcoming.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Bus Issues

Major change of plans, due to bus issues, athletes need to get to All City Stadium on their own tonight.  We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but let's make this work!

Here are the directions to the stadium, it is about 20 miles, should take about 30 minutes or so.  Do not be late, you do not want to get stuck in Friday afternoon traffic!

I-25 North to Downing St (206) exit. (Across from Univ. of Denver)
Bear right off that exit ramp, and turn right onto Franklin St.
All-City Stadium is on Franklin St., right across from Wash. Park.



Thursday, April 12, 2012

Twilight Meet Varsity Line-Ups

CHS T&F - Twilight I  - Field Events
Long Jump Girls: Janna Lanskey & Keanna Anderson
Pole Vault Boys: Mark Ingram Ryan Reasoner
Discus Boys: R.J. Martin Terin Horne
Triple Jump Boys: Tim Helmuth & Taylor Frangella
High Jump Girls: Olivia Perry & Katrina Bacovin
Shot Put Girls: Lauren Costin & Jennifer Calascione
Long Jump Boys: Nolan Ellis & Curtis Ray
Pole Vault Girls: Keanna Anderson & Alleah Bouley
Discus Girls: Lauren Costin &  Jennifer Calascione
Triple Jump Girls: Jenna Lanskey & Hanna Barringer
High Jump Boys: Ryan Reasoner Drew McReynolds
Shot Put Boys: Nolan Liles & R.J. Martin

CHS T&F - Twilight I  - Track Events
Sprint Medley Girls: Hanna Barringer, Olivia Perry, Corrina Carney & Katrina Bacovin
4 x 800m Relay Girls: Jessie Chappa, Mackenzie Hirsch, Whitney Schultz & Jillian Hanrahan
4 x 800m Relay Boys: James Kadolph, Ryan Kwiatkowski, Fred Campbell, & Steven Rummler
Sprint Hurdles Girls: Jenna Lanskey & Kristen Sjobokken
Sprint Hurdles Boys: Dane Goldwasser & Jordan Trembley
100m Girls: Olivia Perry
100m Boys: Ian Campbell Gavin McHenry
4 x 200m Relay Girls: Katrina Bacovcin, Keanna Anderson, Whitney Schultz & Jaylene Miller
4 x 200m Relay Boys: Scratch
1600m Dash Girls: Julia Nyiro & Laura Nyiro
1600m Dash Boys:  Kaleb Roosa Bryce Rich
4 x 100m Relay Girls: Scratch
4 x 100m Relay Boys: Scratch
400m Dash Girls: Katrina Bacovcin & Kristin Sjobakken
400m Dash Boys: Alex McArther & JJ Johnson
Distance Hurdles Girls: Jenna Lanskey & Corina Carney
Distance Hurdles Boys: Fred Campbell & Dane Goldwasser
800m Dash Girls: Shannon Hedges & Janey Heard
800m Dash Boys: John Bacovin & Zach Young
200m Dash Girls: Hannah Barringer & Olivia Perry
200m Dash Boys: Curtis Ray Gavin McHenry
3200m Girls: Scratch
3200m Boys: Matt Kade Dominic Compoz
4 x 400m Relay Girls: Hanna Barringer, Jill Hanrahan, Whitney Schultz & Corina Carney
4 x 400m Relay Boys: Alec McArther, JJ Johnson, Ryan Kwiakowski & Curtis Ray

Meet starts at 3:45 at All-City Stadium at Denver South HS.  The complete schedule is below.  Be forewarned, this meet is slightly infamous for running a tad late.  But, that makes it pretty unique in my book, running that 4 x 4 in the cool night air under the city lights, awesome!

Tentative Schedule of Events
TJ Twilight I - April 13th

Track Events

3:30 Girls Sprint Medley
3:40 Boys 4 x 800 Relay
3:50 Girls 4 x 800 Relay
4:05 Boys 110M Hurdles
4:20 Girls 100M Hurdles
4:35 Boys 100M Dash
4:50 Girls 100 M Dash
5:05 Boys 4 x 200 Relay
5:20 Girls 4 x 200 Relay
5:35 Boys 1600 M Run
5:45 Girls 1600 M Run
6:00 Boys 4 x 100 Relay
6:15 Girls 4 x 100 Relay
6:30 Boys 400 M Dash
6:40 Girls 400 M Dash
6:55 Boys 300 M Hurdles
7:10 Girls 300 M Hurdles
7:25 Boys 800 M Run
7:35 Girls 800 M Run
7:45 Boys 200 M Dash
8:00 Girls 200 M Dash
8:15 Boys 3200 M Run
8:30 Girls 3200 M Run
8:45 Boys 4 x 400 Relay
9:00 Girls 4 x 400 Relay

Field Events

3:45 Girls Long Jump (East pit)
3:45 Boys Triple Jump (West pit)
6:15 Girls Triple Jump (West pit)
6: 15 Boys Long Jump (East pit)

4:00 Girls High Jump
6:15 Boys High Jump

4:00 Boys Pole Vault
6:30 Girls Pole Vault

3:45 Girls Shot Put
3:45 Boys Discus

5:45 Boys Shot Put
5:45 Girls Discus

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Track Team Signs

I just got notified that the surprise track team lawn signs are out in the community!  Wow, that is very cool, we have never had these before.

Huge shout out to the three "elves" who placed them, as well as "Mr. and Mrs. Claus" who provided them!  (They know who they are, and they know I am very grateful!)

Awesome, Chloe and I need to run around the neighborhoods and check them out!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Legend Invite 800 Mens

Huge thanks to Dominic and Ross, for capturing great video and providing prescient commentary of the race.

Wonderful start for both Zach and Ryan, no boxing in, making sure they are in postion to go through fast, not burn energy fighting the crowd.

More proof that 800 m races are won with 300m to go, watch the acceleration that Zach throws down.  Great tactical move by Zach, making the race his, not re-acting to others.

Awesome job men, both of you ran sensationally.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Legend Invite Analysis

I was only able to attend the meet today for the first half, due to a new baby in the house, but what I saw, and read about later on, was very impressive.  Here are some of the distance highlights.

JamesK in the elite two-mile, running a season best 10:09.  Later on in the day, MattK and StevenR would also run season bests, in 11:02 and 11:10.

The girls 4 x 800 team ran a great race, 10:26 overall, with a third leg of 2:35 by JillianH in her first 800 m race ever pacing the great finish.  (It was really fun yelling, "Great Race, HAN-ra-han, after she was done, it was like I had never stopped yelling that!)

The boys 4 x 800 race was treated to a sub 8:00 finish by Cherry Creek, but with three season bests by JohnnyB (1:59), DominicC (2:08) and BryceR (2:06), I really feel that we will be giving all the team in our league and in the state are real scare in May.

(Chloe and I left immediately after the open 200s, after watching CurtisR and GavinM run great races to both get top ten, and the rest is from reading the Titan Track Clash results from

RossS took about 18 seconds off his previous best in the mile, running a 5:26.  With four kids who can't drive under 5:30, the boys distance team is in great shape.  Excellent race, Ross!

AlekM had a great race in the open 400, on pace to a fifty-point, Coach Bale said, before having that dreaded piano jump on his back the last 100 m.  Hey, I would rather someone go out and make ar un at it, then hold back all race.  That piano can be trained to not jump on your back, but unless you have the courage to go out that hard, you'll never get rid of it.  Great race Alek, great courage.

Girls open 800 also saw two season bests, with MackenzieH running three seconds faster than she has in 2012, and JessieC running a 2:34 to better her previous mark by three seconds.  Wonderful job ladies!

The race I wish I had seen, but am so proud of the boys in it, was the boys 800.  Both RyanK and ZachY scored points for us, with RyanK coming in 8th in a 2:05 and ZachY winning the whole frickin' thing in a 2 flat.  Damn, I wish I had been able to witness that race, the excitement in the air and the kick Zach must have put on was probably out-of-this-world.  Wow, awesome job gentlemen!

With a lot of fast 800's today, I give a lot of the credit to Coach Able.  He expertise, not only in practice, but on meet day, has been invaluable.  We got six more weeks to keep getting faster, and with Coach Able on our side, I know we are going to do it.

Next two weeks will be tough, one more segment of modified block training; then we enter the championship season.  Block training is tough, I know, but if you think back to the three-minute eggs at Sierra, the kids who were out there at the end, Zach, Johnny, Jill, Ross, etc, those were the kids who three weeks later had the huge new season best marks!  Training does not affect you overnight.  It takes a lot of hard training and a some time to grow stronger in order to get faster.  Have faith, be present, and believe; that is what makes champions.  Overall, I think we are in great shape, in both genders, but we just have to keep working hard every day in practice and keep improving little by little.

See you all Monday, make sure you run on Sunday.

Weekend Alumni News

News from around the collegiate scene:

Kirsten Lake of Drake Universtiy was reported to have run a 2:11 open 800 in Stanford this weekend. SHe ran a 2;11, for 4th place ih her heat, in what must have been a blazing fast heat.

Katelyn Wojan also ran the open 800 this weekend, setting a Drury Universtiy school record with a 2:17 and winning the entire race.

Alex Balsiger of CSU ran an great last 300 meters to come in second by 0.01 seconds. He ran the 1500 in  3:49.72, which is a 4:06 for a track mile race.

Excellent job from all the alums, but, did I miss anyone?  Text me and let me know.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Legend Track Invite Heat Sheets

Below are is the ten page of heat sheets for the Legend Invite this Saturday.  The meet has a funky schedule (one I think I will like) so please go to Nack for Track to look at the overall schedule.

The meet starts at 8:45 with the elite 3200 m and progress to the end of the boys 200 m Dash.  Then, there will be a break until the girls sprint medley starts it up again at 11:30.  Make sure to get to Sports Authority Stadium in Parker in plenty of time for a good pre-race routine liked we talked about on Monday. 

As most of you know, Beth and I had a baby boy this morning, so my status for the next few days is uncertain.  Everyone is home from the midwifery safe and sound, Beth and Reid are sleeping soundly, and Chloe is watching Handy Manny on the iPad.  All of the other coaches will be there carrying my weight, so lean on them for any meet day guidance you usually get from me.

This is going to be a great meet for all of us, let's turn the last 2 weeks of hard work into some first place ribbons!



Thursday, April 5, 2012

Home JV Meet Musings

I was very impressed with Landon L and Rob T getting new season bests in the mile in an extreme headwind on the finishing straight.  Great job guys!

Where did TaylorF and JennaL come form in the horizontal jumps?  I don't know for sure, but form the looks of their marks, they might have jumped their way onto varsity next week!  Excellent job by them!

Thanks Coach Kennedy, for all the marvelous clothes for Chloe, it's like an early Christmas!

Huge thanks go to all the athletes who stuck around and helped run the meet today.  As I am sure most of you know, Beth and I are very close to having a Thing2, so it is tough focusing on track & field right now.  The support I was given today was awesome, I very much appreciate it.

As always, I will keep all of you in the loop as to what my schedule is as it materializes.  No matter where I am though, I expect a good slingshot/hand-off practice on Friday, and a great meet on Saturday!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Legend Invite Line-Ups (UPDATED)

Here the varsity line-ups for Saturday's competition. Legend HS is hosting the meet at Sports Authority Stadium, show-time is 8:45 am!  If you are not on the list, then you will be competing at our home sub-varsity meet on Thursday. Your coach will have more details on that on Wednesday.

April 7th Varsity Field Line-Ups

April 7th Varsity Track Line-Ups

Update: Drew McReynolds is out of the open 200, Spencer Bills will take his place.  Gonna be a busy day for Spence with four events!!