Saturday, January 20, 2007


So, I counted all the comments I have received over my new "project" and it came up to one. Ugh, not good, maybe my lovely wife is right, the blog is a waste of time. But, I don't think it is, because it keeps me off the streets. However, I would welcome any and all feedback, if you are visiting the site. Any new ideas for running, any lively cyber-discussions on the NFL, C.H.S. track or shoveling snow, (I know, not very diversified.), or any questions on what is running through my tiny little brain, would be welcome.

So, let's have some comments, anonymous or not, I don't care!!

Qualifing for States

Other interesting information I gleaned from today's stupendous results.

-The girls 4 x 800 team is about 4 seconds per girl from pre-qualifing for States.

-Our top male two miler projects to be about 12 seconds away from pre-qualifing for States.

-That same male runner would have tied his PR in the mile today.

-Another male runner learned it is possible to run with no feeling in your gluteus maximus.

-We have two girls that are very close to 60 in the open 400. I mean tenths of a second close!

-The tuna sandwiches at Spicy Pickle are really two meals in one.

Now of course, the season is still weeks away, and a lot could happen between now and then. Some would accuse me of putting the cart before the horse. But, this is a FANTASTIC start, for everyone, and we have to keep building on it. All the hard work does pay off, today proved it.

Long easy run tomorrow, to get rid of the lactic acid, then we start Spenst Hill on Monday!!!


Also, there will be a post on "The Importance of Hills" so look for it! :)

Jan. 20th Indoor Meet

The results from today, and how the times compare to spring track distances-->

600 m Race (800 m Spring Race)
J. Lake 1:44 = 2:18
K. Lake 1:51 = 2:28
K. Wojan 1:53 = 2:30
P. Abbey 1:42 = 2:16
K. Hanrahan 1:52 = 2:29
K. Dutton 1:52 = 2:29
S. Follett 2:13 = 2:58
K. Grimm 1:21 = 2:28
Z. Hauer 1:35 = 2:07
S. Maloney 1:44 = 2:18

1500 m Race (1600 m Spring Race)
J. Lake 5:12 = 5:25
K. Dutton 5:39 = 5:51
C. Hine 5:31 = 5:44
A. Balsiger 4:49 = 5:02
S. Busch 4:22 = 4:36

I am very pleased with these times, as well as all of the other times from the races this afternoon.

Looking ahead to League Relays, the winning girls 4 x 800 time last year was CHS in 10:13. Right now, we have five girls running about 2:30, which is a 10:00. Nice.

More stats to come.


Monday, January 15, 2007

Predictions Follow-Up

I picked some winners, but I picked them too early.

If you look back, I had the Saints beating the Eagles, and the Pats beating the Chargers, but in the conference championship games, not the divisional games.

Other than that, I am totally wrong everywhere else.

Go Pats!!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Just call me Coach Pete

Monday, Jan. 15th, 2007.

1:30 p.m.

CHS Track.

(Bring Your Own Shovel)

Cause we're pulling a Pete and shoveling the track for early season intervals!

Chinese Proverb: Many hands make light work.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bottled Water

You know the old joke about the Prime Minister of Rwanda having a heart attack upon entering Costco. You know, cause thier is more food in one Costco than the entire country of Rwanda? Ha-ha-ha. Well, I was at Costco last night, buying potstickers, and I saw a lady with 60 bottles of water!

Bottled water is the most wasteful product Americans purchase. The enrgy needed to produce the bottle, the fill the bottle, to ship the bottle, is unbelievable! Especially when you consider that water is essentially free, in terms of money and energy, because you can just turn on the tap and fill a cup as many times as you want.

So, don't buy bottled water. If you don't like the taste of tap water, buy a Brita, and filter it that way. Make your own bottled water. Stop wasting your money and energy by purcashing bottled water. Maybe people in third-world countries need it, like Rwanda, but Americans don't need to. Tap water is just as healthy.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic--> originating from within the body

Motivation--> a drive or incentive that causes a person to act

In other words, intrinsic motivation is something that comes from within your body/heart/soul that causes you to do something.

However, those lame-ass predictions on are doing a pretty good job of motivating me as well!!!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

The Bluffs, EFT, Gymnastics, and the upcoming week in Practice

Otis and I went to the Bluffs this morning. The snow had drifted deep in places, in other places the ground is bare. The trail, however, is 99% covered, and the snow isn't crusty enough to stay on top of it. We need some severe melting before anyone can run on it. Come on Sun!!!

I did some EFT tapping the other night. After two rounds of it, went from feeling run-down, out-of-energy and overall simply tired, to feeling like I had taken a 40 min power nap! Itr was awesome. It is a little hokey, but it works; and if it is a placebo, then it is a great placebo! Legal cheating!!

The weak muscles in my stomach were so sore yesterday, after gymnastics Thursday night, that it hurt to laugh or sneeze. I have not been that sore in the core area in years! I can't wait for this Tuesday! Another example of legal cheating!

This week in practice, we need to continue the long runs and ramp up the strength routines as well. Monday: weight room. Tuesday and Thursday: gymnastics. Friday: weight room. Wednesday, long run. This is a crucial week of practice, we have to work hard every day. It is turning into two-a-days now, with running and strength pretty much every day.

And how about those Patsies! They better start preparing for San Diego though, that is going to be a tough game!!

Friday, January 5, 2007

Spending the Spoils

My brother and I won our fantasy football league. We spent 1/3 of our budget on LT, and never looked back. Urban and LAster were far behind us, playing in the loser bowl.

With a day off from school, I finally had time to sit down for an hour or two and figure out what I am going to blow my sudden windfall on.

Item #1: A new Yamaha A/V receiver

Item #2: A new center speaker for on top of the TV

Item #3: New front speakers


Monday, January 1, 2007

NFL Predictions

Chiefs beat the Colts (Larry Johnson vs Indy Run defense, no contest)

Seahawks beat the Cowboys (Two HORRIBLE teams, but I go with home field advantage)

Patriots beat the Jets (Mangini is a jerk, Bill and Tom will expose him)

Eagles beat the Giants (The Ewing theory is working for Garcia, why should it stop now?)

Patriots beat the Ravens

Chargers beat the Chiefs

Eagles beat the Bears

Saints beat the Seahwaks

Patriots beat the Chargers

Saints beat the Eagles

Patriots vs. Saints...Patsies win the big one!

Let the Season Officially Begin!

Tomorrow, 40 degrees and sunny, perfect weather for the first official day of winter track. Be ready to run...outside!!!