Wednesday, October 31, 2012

OverDistance Run

Today the Gulo gulo track club ran an overdistance workout today.  Heading north on Chambers Rd. the athletes were instructed to run at an easy conversational pace, then turn around between 30 and 45 minutes.  These over distance runs are key for any long distance racer, they build up all those tiny muscles in your legs that let you become a more efficient runner.  Coach Harris and I were very happy with how everyone ran, this is a great start to the season.

Here is the data:
Goose 95 minutes
Swiggy 95
Bacon 93
Kaleb 91
Austin D 91
Landon 83
Austin S 80
Dane 80
Emily 75
Kelly 75
Jill 75
Jenna 71
Molly 71
Ciara 70
Alex M 70
Whitney 70
Hanna 70
Patrick 68
Alex H 68
Caleb 64
Victor 64
James 64
Kiwi 45
Jessie 25
Chelsey 25

That's some excellent work there guys, keep it rolling at tomorrow's captains practice.  8 x 200 with a 200 m walk.  Eat it up!


Ed O'Neill (Jay) is just *killing* it on Modern Family tonight, I am laughing out loud!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nike Cross Regionals Training Plan

We have some athletes heading to Arizona in a few weeks to compete in the Nike Cross Regionals race.  I know from experience it is a great race, I hope those guys kick some butt down there!

Here is a suggested training plan for those guys, one that I think will keep their fitness rolling from XC season all they way to this championship race!


8th Gr. Restrictions

I have contacted all of the 8th grade parents who athletes are currently involved in winter track, and have let them know that their child's participation cannot continue.  I just got a call from my athletic director, and according to CHSAA rules, 8th graders cannot participate with high schoolers. Otherwise the program will be put on probation and eligibility could be affected.  We don't want that happening, so 8th graders cannot participate with the club this year.

Next year, however, I hope to see everyone out there!!!

This is on me, this is my fault for not researching this enough.  For that, and any other inonvience I have caused, I am truly sorry.


Roster Logistics

We got 45 kids on the roster as of right now, which is fabulous!

But, some of these names do not have USATF numbers, or have not made payment, or are missing emergency contacts....

Athletes have until next Monday to make sure everything is taken care of.  No USATF number, no participation. No payment, no participation.  No emergency contacts, no participation.

If you have questions about this, please shoot me an email and we can figure it all out.


Monday, October 29, 2012

1600 m Time Trial Results

Oct. 29 1600 m Time Trial Results

Quick thoughts/analysis:

Running cross country, as painful as it might had seemed for you middle distance kids, was huge for you.  The times on this chart are significantly better at this phase in your training than they have ever been in years past.   This is really fantastic, as this new mode of training, lots of hard speed work to make you all better MILERS, will demand a strong foundation.  Looks like XC gave that to you, and that is really awesome.

Huge turn out today, which made me really very happy.  I counted close to 50 kids come out, once I work on the roster, I will know much better.  The more kids we have, the better the team will be.  I have plenty of coaches willing to help, if we have the numbers, the coaches will coach you up.

If you did not run the time trial today, you will get a chance once you have taken your prescribed break.  If you are running this weekend for Parker Panthers, you will take a week off, then run the time trial.  If you are running NXMNXCNMSXC in New Mexico, then you will take your week off and runt he time trial.  The goal of this club is to turn everyone into awesome milers, or as awesome milers as they can be.  Taking times from a five km or a 400 m does not give me the level of specificity I need to turn you into awesome milers.

Great job today by everyone, looking forward to the distance run on wednesday.  Bring your labeled water bottles, I will carry them in the truck and follow you with them.


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Really, really, really excited

I am really excited for tomorrow's first day of practice.  After a great showing by the XC team yesterday at State, I think we have a great foundation we can build some speed on and really do some damage this May up in JeffCo Stadium.  Remember, the goal is to qualify a CHAP runner for each distance event at State.  I really think we can do that, and it all starts tomorrow.  Mid 60's, light wind, should be a great day for some mile time trialing.

A few stray text messages have come in today, and I want to adress them in this forum.  I figure if one person has that question, multiple people might.

On the left hand side of this blog will be our weekly schedule.  I will update it every Sunday night.  Check it before you go to bed Sunday evening, so you know how to prepare for the week of training.  I can train you for two hours a day, the other 22 hours, you need to be the best you can be so the training soaks in.  Planning and forethought are key to recovery.

Also, try to get in the habit of checking the blog every other day, if not every day. Subscribe to this blog, so you can get an email or a text when it is updated.  (Go to the very bottom of this page, there is a "subscribe to" feature you can access.  One of my secondary goals this year is to update this blog almost daily, with information that can make our team stronger and faster.

Always, always, always bring your fast shoes to practice, every practice.  These could be XC race shoes, lightweight racing flats, or track spikes.  If you have them, you can always put them on.  If you don't have them, then you might be stuck doing flying 30's in heavy old trainers.  Put your fast shoes in your bag and bring them every day.

HNR.  Hydration, nutrition and relaxation.  In other words, eat good foods, drink tons of water, and get as much sleep as you can; every day/night until the summer.  The key to running fast is not how hard you train, it is how well you recover and grow stronger.  The training this year will be tough, as always, make sure you take care of yourself.

I want to see everyone tomorrow, after school, at the track.   Sprinters, throwers, XC runners, jumpers.  Everyone.  Bring your filled out registration form, and a check for 75 bucks tomorrow and get signed up.  Even if your discipline does not start working as a group until Thanksgiving, I want to see you tomorrow.  Don't worry throwers, sprinters, jumpers, and XC State boys.  You won't have to run the time trial, but I want everyone there to figure out numbers and go over logistics of the club.

Again, I am really excited about tomorrow.  This is the first step in a long, but fulfilling  journey   Embrace it, I guarantee you won't regret it.


Monday, October 22, 2012


While congratulations goes out to the boys CHS XC team for qualifying for State, most of you reading this blog are "in-between seasons".  With winter track starting up one week from now, this is what I want you to do during your week off.

Get healthy.  Coming down with a cold? Vitamin C it to death.  Do you have a little strain or nagging injury? Stretch, ice, and get it fixed.  Something more major?  See the trainer at the high school or go see a doctor. 

Catch up on grades.  Even though winter track is not grade-eligible, I do not want anyone in the club to be struggling in their grades.  Use this time after school without practice to get caught up on any grades that might have been suffering during XC season, or use it to get ahead in some classes.

Active rest.  If you are healthy, and you are going nuts from not running, then go for a couple easy slow 20 minute runs.  Or go for a mountain bike ride.  Or come to my house, and I will pack up Chloe for you and you can take her for a two hour trip to the playground. :)  Stay active, but avoid long intense draining workouts.

With next Monday being the mile time trial, I want everyone well recovered going into it.  This time trial is how we find our baseline for the beginning of winter.  And for you XC boys, we'll have a conversation and figure out a plan for you guys on Monday.

See you all in a week!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Winter Track for 8th Graders

Last year, we were allowed to open up the winter track program to 8th graders from Sierra.  It was a smashing success, so we are going to do it again this winter. Here are the details that are pertinent to the 8th graders.  (Unfortunately, we do not allow 7th graders to train with us.  Mixing 7th graders with 12th graders is too big of a range for proper training.)

All athletes will do the same workout, regardless of grade or age.  We base our workouts on how fast you are, not how old you are.  8th graders can potentially be in ability groups with 12th graders, if the times set up that way.  8th graders will do the same stretches, the same form drills, the same interval workouts, the same long runs, as the high schoolers.  Just like in middle school, your ability dictates your exact training level.

Practice starts at 3:00 at the high school, and usually ends somewhere around 4:30 or so.  Some days we will run longer, some days we will run shorter.  We will have formal practice on Monday, Wednesday and every other Thursday.  Tuesday, Friday and every other Thursday is "captain's practice" which the 8th graders are encouraged to attend.  This schedule is not 100% set in stone, but any alterations to it will be clearly communicated to the athletes.

The club does not provide transportation to and from Chaparral track, but last years 8th graders did an awesome job of communicating and carpooling.  The final bell at Sierra is a 2:45, if parents leave right form the back parking lot, they can make it to the high school in plenty of time.  In the past, 8th graders have changed for practice in the car, they have their workouts clothes under their school clothes, or they have politely asked their teachers if they can get finve minutes to go to the locker room to change out during 7th period. Of course this privilege is the teachers discretion, but it worked out pretty well last year.  I figure if I can change out and make it to the HS by 3:00, so can the athletes.  The coaches will not leave the track after practice until every 8th graders is picked up, and we check to make sure that we know the person picking the athlete up,. If practice gets done early, the athletes usually dial the cell phone to reach their parents.

Of course, practice is always open, so if anyone wants to stop by to observe, feel free to swing by.

I encourage all 8th graders to work out with the distance kids for the first month.  Then, once the sprinting specific workouts begin after Thanksgiving, they can branch off in that direction.

Everything else is the same.  Please refer to the previous post, "Winter Track Details" for all the important information.  And fo course, email me with any questions you might have.  Having the 8th graders train with the high schoolers certainly makes the 8th graders better runners, but more importantly, it builds up the overall Chaparral/Sierra culture of running and fitness, and that is what we are striving for.

Coach SEP

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Winter Track Details

Here are some early details about the Gulo Gulo Winter Track Club.

If you are playing a winter sport (basketball, wrestling, swimming, etc.), then you do not have to participate in winter track to participate in spring track & field.  If you are not playing a winter sport at Chaparral, and you want to get ready for spring track & field, then this is the place for you.  This club is open to all athletes who are thinking about spring track & field, so spread the word.  The more kids we have training, the better team we will be overall!

Training starts with a meeting (and a mile time trial for the mid-distance and long-distance kids who did not practice the last week of cross country) on October 29th.  All the other disciplines (sprinting, jumping, vaulting, hurdling), will be starting their training after Thanksgiving.  These disciplines will be sprinting based, with one day a week to focus on their field disciplines.

All the coaches expect to see everyone at this first meeting on Oct. 29th, regardless of chosen discipline, down at the cube by the track.

The cost is going to be 75 dollars this winter.  This will include 2-3 days/week of direct coaching, a personalized training plan, and of course, a Gulo Gulo track club dry-fit T-shirt.

Gymnastics will be available again in January, open to 8th, 9th and 10th graders.  This is something the club does not pay for, but is well worth the money.  Many champions have come from our gymnastics program, it makes you stronger mentally and physically.

Training for the Winter Olympics
The club will be going on a paintball excursion in November or December.  The club will be able to cover 1/2 of that cost, but the remainder must be taken care of by the athlete.  Also, I am trying to set up a cross country ski excursion for this winter.  Ask Mackenzie H. how much fun she had four years ago, it sounds like hard work, but it really is a blast!

We are planning on attending some indoor meets this winter.  This will not be the focus of the club, but we will use these meets as tune-ups to keep our brains in race shape.  More details on these indoor meets as the schedule is set by USATF-Colorado.  The entry fees are on a per race basis, and are paid for by the athlete.

Finally, we are in the beginning stages of planning an out-of-state trip near the beginning of the spring season.  (California, Florida, Louisiana?) Athletes who want to compete in this meet will have to reach certain standards set by the meet committee to gain entry.  The best way to get fast enough to meet those standards is dedication in winter track.  The cost of the trip will be substantial, and while Gulu Gulo Track Club/CHS T&F will try to help out as much as we can (race entries, van rental, food), a good chunk of the costs (airfare, hotel) will have to be paid for by the individual athlete.

Coach Able is going to be starting up an "elite" wing of the Gulo Gulo track club in December.  This will involve going to CU-Boulder two nights a week to train with the collegians.  Invitation to this elite wing of the club will be based on attendance, attitude and aptitude.  This is a fantastic opportunity to take your training to that higher level.  Starting with the time trial mile, the coaches will be looking at athletes who we think can handle this intense level of training.  Show us that you belong in this elite wing, and we will put you there.

Gule Gulo insurance is covered by USATF, and you must be a current member of USATF in order to participate in the club.  Go to this link to sign up with USATF. Our USATF name is WOLVERINE TRACK & FIELD and our number is 32-0269. Remember, memberships expire on Dec. 31st, so make sure you are a member for the rest of this year and for next year!

On October 29th, all you need to bring with you is, the completed membership form found at the bottom of this post, a check for 75 dollars written out to: Brian Seppala - Bahamas Vacation Fund   Chaparral High School Track & Field, as well as gear to workout in if you are going to run the mile time trial mentioned above.  (Don't worry state qualifying XC runners, I will make sure you get that time trial in, but you will need a couple weeks rest first!)

More details coming later in the week as things get sorted out, stay tuned!


Monday, October 15, 2012


What motivates you?  It is a tough question, but think about it for a second.  What makes you do what you do?

Is it this?

Or maybe it is this?

Maybe it is one of those cheesy motivational posters you see in the administrators offices.

Or maybe those running quotes that are so popular on T-shirts.

Perhaps something like this motivates you.

Or this?

I know what motivates me.

What motivates you? Whatever it is, harness it and use it to your advantage. Use it every day.  Every day when you wake up, find your motivation and ride it all day.  

At its core, motivation is the desire to do things. It's what drives you to accomplish things you never dreamed you could accomplish.  Motivation keeps you pushing, keeps you achieving  keeps you alive.  

You might be thinking,"What does Coach Sep want to do?"   Simple, get at least one kid in each gender in each running event at State.  Take the first step to doing something by dedicating yourself to winter track.  We start October 29th, 3:05, at the track.  All are welcome, all are expected. 

More details to come later this week, stay tuned.