Thursday, February 28, 2013

Muscle Soreness

Take a look at this article from Runner's World on pain relieving creams.

While I do not really take a lot of medicine if I am sore, some of these salves seem to have lots of natural ingredients in them that might be able to help a little bit.

Check them out here!


Florida Food Survey

Since the coaches will be paying the dinners as well as the food on Saturday, I set up this survey to see what athletes want to eat. While I don't think I will be able to get every last item athletes ask for, this will give me a much better idea of what to pick up when I go shopping Friday night.

Please fill out this link only if you are going on the trip.

Florida Food Options

Thanks for taking the time to fill this out, it's a huge help to me and the other coaches going on the trip!


Buca de Beppo Menu

Flat Rocks Pizza/Pasta Co Menu

Message to the Parents

We had a great turn-out last night at the parent meeting, I was so happy to meet so many new parents, and to re-connect with veteran parents. A mom brought up the topic of my blog, and if you are reading this, than you have found it. I just emailed all of the coaches links to be able to post on my blog, so try to come here for any critical info not just on distance kids, but also on all the other disciplines as well.

Also, if you have any questions about, or are interested in signing up to help with: running the League Championships meet, working in the concessions shack, co-ordinating rides home from far away meets, bringing healthy snacks to the meets, silent auction in the fall, or anything else related to CHS T&F, please email me anytime, my email address is under my picture over on the right.

Thanks for supporting your son or daughter or both this season, I know we will have a great year!  SEP

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Florida Trip Payment

The deadline for the Florida/Disney trip payment is fast approaching. March 8th, the check must be in to Coach Sep.  The details for the payment can be found here. No money by March 8th, no entry into League Relays.

Also, I have one athlete who has not turned in his identification or health insurance information. If that does not happen by March 8th. If that information is not given to me by March 8th, then no entry for that athlete into League Relays.

Email me with questions.


Monday, February 25, 2013

2013 First Day of Practice

We had a great turnout at the first day of track practice today. Thanks to some intense shoveling by Ryan, Bryce and Mr. Schultz, we got two lanes clear on the track to run the 400 m time trial. I was very pleased with the results, these times bode well for the season. After getting some general strength in, practice was over for the day, and I am sure some tired athletes are already in bed right now.

In case you are still awake, here are the results from the 400 m time trial, take a gander if you want..

2/25/13 400 m TT

Don't forget to fill out your white information sheet that was included in your packet today, the sooner we get that in, the sooner we can personalize your training!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Monday morning shoveling

The first day of practice is tomorrow, if we have school. We will be outside of course, which means that the track needs to be clear. So, if we have school tomorrow,  I'm gonna need some early morning help getting the track ready. I'll be out shoveling at 6 am, and I could use all the help I can get. If you're up for it, bring a shovel and we'll  get the track ready to go for tomorrow afternoon. Thanks!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Top Nine

Top Nine

I have spent the past couple days working on this, and it is finally complete. It is a record of the top nine time in each distance event for each gender separated by month in Chaparral school history.  (Or at least as far as I go back, which is 2003-2004.)  In other words, this list ranks the fastest race times by month for the past ten years or so.

I was lucky enough to have a record of each time as well as be able to go on the internet and cross check any times I am not 100% sure of.

Asterisks mean that that spilt was run in a relay, with a running start. Italics represent the average of the nine times.

I think this will be af particular interest to kids on the team this year, hopefully they will try and race and crack into some of these lists.  I also think some alums will find it interesting, to see how their marks have held up over the years.

Comment away, this could be an interesting discussion!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Random Reminders

Spring Track & Field starts Monday, meet in the team room in the athletic hallway ready to practice outside no matter what the weather.

Make sure to get any registration forms in to Mrs. Whipple by tomorrow, Thursday the 21st.

If you have money for the Florida/Disney trip, get that money to me as soon as you can. If you are missing any health cards or identification, or you have not paid the remainder of the balance for the trip, you will not be entered into League Relays.

Other important early dates for you to remember are February 27 is the T&F Parent Meeting, March 4 is the Boulder Running Co shoe night, and March8/9 is our first set of competitions.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekly Training Plan (Feb 18th)

Monday: On Your Own Pick Up Run. I want everyone to go for an hour run, but within that run, do 10 pick-ups for about 150 meters at all out pace. Find a sign about a track straightaway down the road and simply sprint to it. This is essentially a fartlek, with that you must pick it up at least ten times in an hour.

Tuesday: Captains Practice - Creative Run. Men go for 60 minutes, women, go for 40.

Wednesday: We will meet at the track after school for some tempo repeats then some hill work. Expect a longish day on Wednesday.

Thursday: Captains Practice - EZ Aerobic Run. Men go for 70 straight minutes, women go for 50.

Friday: We will meet at the track after school for so tempo repeat work, then 500m repeats. Expect a longish day on Friday as well.

Saturday: TBD


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ten Wolverine Commandments

On the bottom of the team guidelines is our "ten commandments of track & field".  Coach Laster and I came up with these a few years ago, and I think they are really important to what we are trying to accomplish every spring.

That was on display yesterday, when I had three senior boys decide to come out and hammer 6+ laps of sprint ladders after 10 km of race pace intervals. As they were walking off the track, they knew that Creek or Vista was not out there working that hard.  That is outworking the competition. If you think the competition is working harder than you, change that.

Every day, whether it is at practice or a competition, you need to carry out the role you have been given. If you need to stay in the lead pack, then do it. If you need to run 10 intervals, then do it. If you need to take an ice bath, then do it. Don't worry about tomorrow, just do your assigned job every day, one day at a time.

When you are out there training, don't think that you are training for yourself. You are training for your friends, for your teammates, for your school. When your legs are burning, and you feel like throwing up, think of how hard your teammates have trained. Think if what they are doing, and how you do not want to let them down. That inspiration can carry you to new heights in your training and racing.

Most people see hills as a difficult obstacle to be suffered through. But, if you are successful at hills, then you will be a stronger racer, not only physically, but mentally. If you can conquer 30 hills, the pain of an 800m race is greatly diminished. Hills bring you to another state of being, and the more you get there in practice, the easier it is to get there in a race.

You are not born being mentally tough. (Look at toddlers, they cry for no reason at all!) Mental toughness needs to be worked on, by training in inclement weather, training beyond your perceived capabilities, or by practicing your positive mental imagery. Just like running fast, being mentally tough is something you need to work on every day. The more you work on it, the stronger it gets and the easier it is to call up.

This one is from Coach Monfre, and it holds true, especially in competition   If you prepared to the best of your abilities, and your raced to the best of your abilities, than you should be happy with your performance. There is not need to be disappointed, not if you did everything to the best level you could have.

We do not waste time, energy or practice on this team. Form drills are key to ingraining proper technique in your muscles. Recovery runs are important to let your body grow back stronger. Hills are crucial, to build physical and mental strength.  Tempo runs teach your body to get rid of lactate efficiently  Nothing we do at practice is a waste, they are all equally important, and must be treated as so.

When you train hard, your muscles break down on the cellular level. Proper recovery allows your muscles to grow back stronger from the training breakdown. Proper training requires lots of water, good healthy foods, and plenty of sleep. Not just once a week, but every day, consistently, throughout the season.

When you step on the starting line, you have no control over what your competitors have done. You can only worry about yourself, and if you prepared to the best of your abilities, every day of practice, then you have nothing to worry about. Do not concern yourself with other athletes energy and attitudes on the starting line; just focus on yourself and what you have done, and have confidence in that.

Chaparral Track has been an elite team for a number of years now. We are invited to elite meets, we win state titles, we place in the top three in Colorado. This is because athletes before you had immense pride in what they were doing and carried themselves with the utmost dignity. It is now your turn to have that pride and that dignity. Not just at competitions, but at practices, in your classes, at home. You are an valuable member of the Wolverine Track team, that is an honor you must embrace.

Print these ten "rules" out. Post them on your bathroom mirror, or put them in your gym bag.  Slap them in your locker, or tape them on your dashboard. If you wake up every day and try to follow these ten rules to the utmost every day, than your track season will be a raging success.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Intense Practice

We had a super intense practice today. The senior boys calculated that everyone ran between 5,500 and 10,200 meters of intervals at orange pace today. The top boys were running 5:00 min/mile pace, the top girls were running at 6:30 pace. We ran one mile, two 1200's, three kilos and four half miles, all with very limited rest. The wind was howling from the North, and the temp was not very high. All of the kids ran extremely impressively. All might not have hit their beeps exactly, but everyone fought through and finished the workout totally spent. Three senior boys even came out after the VO2 Max ladders and six laps of sprint ladders, running until their legs simply couldn't fire anymore. I couldn't have been more pleased with the practice. Tough weather, difficult workout, running on tired legs; that is the secret to running fast in May.

Since we ran so well today, and since I truly believe everyone gave everything they had today, we will NOT be having 5:55 am practice tomorrow. I believe that having less than 16 hours is not enough time to recover properly to execute the 500m repeats correctly. I also think the weather will be pretty nasty, and I think that sleeping in will have more long term benefit than track repeats. Ask the seniors, I don't do this often, but I am changing the practice to after school tomorrow into flying sprints, ten of them, that the senior captains will be in charge of. (I have P/T conferences.)

Great work today everyone, I am proud of all of you, and your reward is a few extra hours of sleep. Work hard after school tomorrow, see some of you at gymnastics, some of you on the trails Friday, and all of Monday for another tough practice.


500s on the 555's

Tomorrow morning, we will be having an early morning track practice. I love early morning practices, I really do.  They really tell me who is dedicated to making themselves better runners.  Actions speak louder than words, and the action of getting up and getting to the track in the early morning darkness speaks volumes.

The plan is 4 x 500m (or 4 x 300 for sprinters) at an all-out, 100%, need the full recovery time, pace.  The first interval will start at 5:55 sharp! That means you need to get there early to get warmed up and ready to go.  The next interval will start at 6:15, then another at 6:35, then the last at 6:55.  You get 20 minutes rest between these intervals, to allow you to run them as fast as you can each time.

I will be there at 5:30 or so to open up the cube, make sure to dress appropriately, and see you bright and early on Valentine's Day.


2013 T&F Guidelines


In order to participate in the Chaparral High School track team, you must meet the academic eligibility requirements established by our school. The weekly eligibility rule will be in effect during the entire season.
Two academic Fs and/or an F in Citizenship will render the athlete ineligible for the following week. Consecutive weeks of ineligibility may cause the athlete to lose their ranking/position on the team.
In addition, if the athlete receives two Fs in Citizenship during the season, the athlete will be dismissed from the team.
The coaches ask that the athlete does not do anything that would embarrass the team, the school or the community. If the athlete is having trouble in any classes, communicate this with the coaches. The athlete, the teacher, and the coach can work together to find solutions to academic problems.
Practices begin at 3:10 with a brief team meeting and end approximately at 5:00. If the athlete is regularly late to the start of practice, then participation in meets could be negatively affected.
If the athlete is kept after school by a teacher, administrator or another school related activity, then a note signed by that teacher or administrator must be brought to practice.
The athlete may not leave practice until dismissed by your coach. While the coaches try to end practice at 5:00. practice is officially over when the coach says it is over.
If the athlete has one unexcused absence during the week, the athlete will not be able to participate in varsity or non-varsity competition that week. Suspensions from school which result in missed practices are unexcused absences.
The only excused absences are absences from school the day of the missed practice, when there is a signed doctor's note explaining the absence; or if the absence has been pre-arranged with the coach.
If the athlete is asked to leave practice by a coach because of behavior detrimental to the team, the athlete will not be allowed to participate in the varsity or non-varsity meet that week.
Injuries and illness do not exempt the athlete from coming to practice. Once the athlete is at practice, the coach will determine the appropriate level of activity.
As always, communication with the coach is important. Exceptions can and will be made, but only at the discretion of the coach.
If you have an unexcused absence from a meet, you will not be permitted to compete in the next TWO meets. Two unexcused absences from meets will result in dismissal from the team.

The athlete will be issued a team uniform and warm-up gear. Team t-shirts, sweatshirts duffle bags and other gear will be available for purchase at the start of the season. Shoes and spikes are the responsibility of the athlete.
No torn clothing or clothing with inappropriate pictures, sayings or advertisements will be allowed. If a coach determines that the athlete's clothing to be inappropriate, at practice or at competitions, the athlete will be given one chance to remedy the situation. If the athlete does not have appropriate clothing, the athlete will be sent home.
In accordance with CHSAA Track & Field guidelines, while wearing jewelry is acceptable at practice, any jewelry will result in disqualification at competitions, with the exception of jewelry worn for medical reasons.
In accordance with CHSAA Track & Field Guidelines, only the Chaparral HS issued team uniform may be worn during competition. Athletes will be asked to purchase undergarments in white (females) or black (males) for comfort and warmth during competition.
Athletes will also be sent home by coaches if their clothing is not appropriate for the weather at practice or at a competition.
You will be fined for all damaged or lost uniforms/warm-up gear.

An athlete will compete at the varsity level if they rank 1st or 2nd in any event.
Individual event coaches may also use discretion in determining if an athlete is capable of competing at the varsity level.
In the case of competitions that allow three athletes per open event, the third athlete will be selected at the discretion of the coaching staff.

There are no age restrictions for varsity and non-varsity. Any athlete not participating at the varsity level will compete in non-varsity meets. Rankings within the team will be determined by past performance in meets. Time trials will play a role in determining rankings when needed.
The coaching staff will select athletes to compete in the relay events based on ability, chemistry and workload.

Athletic letters can only be earned by competing at the varsity level.
Lettering will be determined by a point system.
EIGHT points are needed to earn a varsity letter. You earn points as follows:
  • ONE point for each varsity meet the athlete competes in
  • TWO points if the athlete competes in the League Championship meet
    All varsity athletes must work both JV meets and sign up to work one middle school meet hosted at Chaparral in order to attend that week’s varsity meet and earn that week’s lettering point. More details on middle school meet volunteering will be given out during the season.
    Hardship- A letter will be awarded to an athlete if it is determined by the coaching staff that the athlete would have earned the letter had it not been for special circumstances like an injury, or a serious illness, etc.
    All athletes will be expected to participate in the team fundraiser. The athlete will receive their uniform and warm- ups upon completion of the fundraiser requirements. The fundraiser is a letter writing donation drive that doesn't require any more effort than addressing ten envelopes. More information on the fundraiser will be available to the athlete the first week of practice.

  1. THEFT: Theft will not be tolerated. Any athlete caught stealing from a teammate, a coach or a member of an opposing team will be referred to the Principal and/or Athletic Director, and appropriate action will be taken.
  2. ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES: The use or possession of tobacco, alcohol, steroids or illegal drugs on or off campus will not be tolerated. The guidelines outlined in the “Douglas County Schools Training Rule Contract” will be strictly followed.
  3. NON-SCHOOL COMPETITION: The athlete may not compete in any track & field meet or road race that is not the school schedule without the Principal’s or Athletic Director’s approval during the competitive season.
  4. OFF CAMPUS BEHAVIOR: At all times the athlete must follow the district rules regarding off-campus behavior. The rules found on page 33 of the “Student Rights & Responsibilities” handbook will be strictly followed.
  5. PRIVATE TRANSPORTATION: At all times athletes must follow the rules outlined in the “Douglas County Transportation Awareness” release form. This form must be signed before any practices or competitions can be attended.
For specific questions, comments or concerns regarding your son or daughter, please contact his/her event coach first. If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, then please contact Coach Bowman or Coach Seppala.
Craig Bowman Head Girls’ Coach/High Jump --
Brian Seppala Head Boys’ Coach/Long-Distance  --
Ryan Harris Sprints/Relays  --
Cory Hawk Hurdles  --
Jared Liberatore Throws  -- 
Caitlin Able Mid-distance/Relays  --
Tessa Hartman Horizontal Jumps  --
Jim Maroney Pole Vault  --

The CHS T&F program also has two webpages, the official district homepage (Chaparral homepage, Athletics, Track & Field), and Coach Sep's training blog (

Wolverine Track & Field Contract
(the undersigned understands all the above rules of the track & field team)

Cell Number:
Prior Track Experience:
Preferred Events:
Season Goals:
No one outworks us.
Do your job to the fullest extent every day.
You race not for yourself, but for your team.
Hills are an opportunity, not an obstacle.
Mental toughness needs to be practiced often.
You cannot do any better than your best.
Everything we do is with a specific purpose.
Relaxation, hydration & nutrition are very important.
You cannot control the competition, but you can control your preparation.
You have been handed a legacy, carry it on with pride and dignity.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Final Ski Trip Details


After a lot of organizing, I think we have it all set for the ski trip this Friday.  If people still want to go, just shoot me an email, and I can try and make arrangements. But, I wanted to get everything set in stone as early as possible, to make it easier for the people at Devils Thumb.

I will be up in Fraser already, and I will monitor the roads. If the roads are even a little bit sketchy, then you will have an early Friday morning text canceling the trip.  No text, that means the trip is on.

Be at the high school by 7:00 am.  Ryan K., Jordan T. and Mrs. Schultz will be there ready to drive up to the mountains.  Ryan will be taking Zach Y, Erika C and Jess N. Jordan will be taking Devin R, Nikki F, and Dom C. Mrs. Schultz will be taking Austin D, Emily W, Kelly S,  Ciara D, and Ellen D.  Please remember to bring a little extra money to give to your driver for gasoline.

Classic Skiing
The drive is about 100 miles from Parker. The route is easy, E-470 up to I-70 West, through Idaho Springs.  Turn onto Rt. 40 (exit 232) into Empire. Go carefully up and over Berthoud Pass, into the village of Winter Park.  From there, is about 6 miles to the right hand turn onto CR 83. This is a three mile long dead end road that leads to Devils Thumb Ranch.  Reid and I will be waiting in the ski shop, just find some parking and look for "Zach's Mercantile" For exact directions, go here for the google maps link.

I would bring a lunch, and plenty of water. If you have a CamelBak, now is the perfect time to use it. Bring some sunscreen, as Devils Thumb Ranch is in a mountainous reflective bowl, and if it is sunny, is can really cook ya.  Bring some dry clothes to change into for the ride home, and wear your ski clothes. Bring a camera too, the scenery is gorgeous! The weather looks to be in the teens, so I would wear medium thickness socks; two pairs of tights and maybe some windpants over them; a long underwear top, a medium weight fleece top and maybe a Chap track hoodie over that. I would make sure to bring a good winter hat, excellent gloves, and sunglasses.  Cross country ski clothes are basically running clothes, and if you dress in layers, you can always take off what you don't need.
Skate Skiing

We will check in upon arrival, get hooked up with rental equipment, then get a classic ski in.  Then we will have some lunch, and head out for a skate ski. After that, the exhausted drive home begins.  Pretty simple day, but I am super excited for it, and can't wait to see everyone up there!

Email me with questions, comments, concerns, and I will do my best to figure anything out -- SEP

UPDATE There has been a change in driving. One driver cannot go. If there is anyone who can drive, please let me know as soon as possible.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mumford & Sons


 I just love this band. I really hope they win some big awards tonight. Loved the Taylor Swift singing along part, glad she noticed the camera was one her so she could look engaged.


P.S. Gymnastics has been moved up to a start time of 7:40. It will be ending at 8:40. Repeat, gymnastics is starting (and ending) 20 minutes earlier, all you Gulo Gulo gymnasts out there, adjust your schedules accordingly. See you Monday for Pace Changers.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Skied Every Trail

Devils Thumb Ranch Trail Map

This morning, I finally skied every trail at Devils Thumb Ranch. I woke up early, got out there as the sun was rising, and skied up "Priceless", the last trail on my bucket list. This is a trail that leads to nowhere off of Lactic Grande, but it was the last uncharted territory for me. It took me three winters, but I got them all checked off.
The only turn-around trail at DTR

If I had to rank my five favorite trails to ski at DTR, it would go:
1. Waxwing - love the narrow trees heading up
2. Molly's Meadow - best views on the property
3. Ram's Curl - around the farmhouse is a great downhill
4. Jager - the best green trail on site
5. Black 10 - Crime and Punishment hills are jaw-dropping

Looking towards Byers Peak

It's a good thing I got out first thing in the morning.  The weather was gorgeous, there was even a warm spring wind blowing that made me unzip my jacket for a few minutes as I was really overheating.  By contrast, later this morning, the weather had turned into a blizzard and visibility was down to nothing.  That didn't stop Chloe from celebrating Mardi Gras though!

Chloe on the Manger Loop

Want to experience this? It just so happens we are organizing a ski trip this Friday! Sign up on the blog a few posts down this weekend and we'll figure out the details on Wednesday. 


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chaparral XC Ski Trip Cost Update

I just got off the phone with the director of skiing up at Devil's Thumb Ranch.  On the Friday we plan on heading up there, he can get us $5 trail passes, which is 75% off the normal price, as well as $10 rentals, which is 50% off.  Bring a twenty, give your driver five bucks for gas, pack your own lunch and water, and you are all set!  I am dumbstruck at this pricing, so I need to give Devil's Thumb Ranch a huge props for this.

Skiing past the cabins @ DTR

If you are at all interested in getting outside in the mountains  hanging with your teammates, learning a new sport, in a setting that is spectacular  then this is the trip for you. If you don't know how to ski, don't worry. I can teach you how to ski, so can Beth, so can the croo at DTR.  We already have a few people interested in going, but the more we can get the better.  Talk to your parents about it, then talk to your teammates about it.  Make a day of it, it will be a great adventure, one that you will not soon forget.  As much as I love running, I LOVE skiing, so I am excited to share this passion with all of you.

The link to the google doc gauging interest in this outing is found here. Fill in this survey to give me a general idea of interest in this trip. I will need to make final arrangements by Monday, so pelease figure out your plans this weekend at the latest.


Disney Trip Costs Update

Well, the airline tickets are booked, the hotel rooms are reserved, the mini-vans are gassed up, and the athletes are registered in the meet. Now we just gotta figure out how we are gonna pay for all of this. :)

The athlete was asked to pay for the airline ticket as well as their share of the hotel room. Chaparral Track & Field is paying for meet registration, oversized baggage fees, all food costs, and ground transportation.  CHS T&F is also playing for the volunteer coaches to be at the meet.

Here is the breakdown.  Through Southwest group sales, I found airline tickets, all on the same plane, for $278.80 one way. (Trust me, as someone who flies back east on a yearly basis, under 300 bucks for a non-stop ticket is a steal!)  That adds up to a $557.60 round trip, non-stop, ticket to Orlando. I insisted on everyone being on the same plane to avoid anyone getting lost at the airport or en route to the hotel.

Each Marriott hotel room, through a generous alumni benefactor, worked out to $191.76, including taxes and fees, for both nights. This includes pool, breakfast and never-smoked-in rooms (if you have ever stayed in a hotel that used to be smoker friendly, you know it is miserable).  The other great thing about this hotel is that is is very close to the actual track stadium. This allows the coaches to take athletes over in shifts, so they do not have to bake in the hot Florida sun for hours on end. I'll be honest, I was really psyched to secure this hotel for under 100 bucks a night, especially being so close to Disney World. Ask Beth, I was used to staying in fleabag motels that open up directly to the street miles from anywhere. This place is an upgrade for me!

The room pricing is going to be broken up based on how many athletes are staying in each room. The men, they will all be four to a room, so that is going to be $47.94 for boarding for each male; and the women are staying in one room of two ($95.88) and one room of three ($63.92). I will discuss which women want to stay in a double and which ones in a triple, based on roommate preferences and cost, today at practice.

Each of you gave me at least $200 bucks at the meeting in Bowman's room a few months ago. The remainder of the cost for the men is going to be $557.60 + $47.94 - $200 = $405.54.  I realize I said it would be a little less, but costs came out to be a little more than expected. The women will be a bit more, ($557.60 + $63.92 or $95.88 - $200 leads to $453.48 or $421.52), and again, that is more than expected, but  I shopped around and tried to get the least expensive deals for us that were still safe and allowed us to compete at our best.

Everything is paid for, and because of that, CHS T&F is kind of in the red. I asked for the money by March 8th, and I can stick by that, but if you can get that to me any earlier, that would be awesome.  I know some of you (Austin S., Spencer B) have slightly different accommodations, and we can talk about that in private.

I am really looking forward to this trip, track & field season is almost upon us, and we are gonna really compete well down there in Orlando!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mandatory Pre-Season Meeting

This Thursday, right after school, there will be a mandatory pre-season spring Track & Field meeting in Coach Bowman's room.  If you are interested in spring track & field, you need to be there, and if you can, bring a friend, someone who has not done track before.  We need lots of awesome athletes to have an awesome team this spring!


Cross Country Ski Trip Survey

If you are interested in going on the ski trip next wek, please read and fill out the Google Survey below.



Letter Signing Ceremony

One of our own, James Kadolph, is signing his letter of intent tomorrow in the auditorium at Chaparral.

Wednesday, 8:00 am, there is a big ceremony involving all the Chaparral athletes who are signing their letters stating that they are attending the college of their choice.

This is a big deal, and I would love it if we had as many #chaptrack athletes and coaches there as possible.  We need to show our support for James, as this is a really big deal.

So, if you have nothing going on at 8:00 tomorrow morning, I hope to see you there!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Monday Practice

Hope everyone is enjoying the big game. I got a new phone, and am.posting this blog from it. So please excuse any mistakes. But Monday, we will have an easy practice, wear your trainers, we will be doing some easy training on the road. See you all then.


Friday, February 1, 2013

2013 Outdoor Chaparral T& F Schedule

2013 CHS T&F Schedule

This is a DRAFT.
Coach Bowman and I believe it is 99% accurate, but it is still a draft.
Keep up to any changes that might occur in the schedule by reading this blog.


Indoor Meet Photo Album

We got a couple of athletes heading up to Boulder tomorrow for the indoor meet.  If you have never done an indoor meet, this is what you are missing!








Corrina & Coach




Ciara, Whitney & Ellen

Thanks to Mr. Anderson for the great pics!