Monday, July 12, 2010

End Radio Silence

Coming out of my summer hibernation for a few minutes...

It has been very refreshing to take some time away from the track scene the past six weeks, but I admit, I do miss it quite a bit. I have been pretty busy, not with specific track stuff, but with training and athletics in general. Just to clear things up, I am not going to do any private coaching this fall. In fact, I closed out the Walnut Hills Track Club checking account just last Thursday. I will be coaching middle school as usual, but after that, I want to go watch some HS XC races, compete in a few road races, and not have organized practice. I am enjoying this break, and my family is too, of not having a coaching schedule. What does that mean for the winter and the following spring? Hard to tell right now. I know we lost two great coaches to other schools, and we wish them all the best, but now the remaining coaches have to pick up the slack. Those solutions and those scenarios will figure themselves out once school starts though. Coaches have moved on before and we have always found a way to provide the best track experience possible. It is your job to keep up your training. Summertime is a time for milage, hills and more milage. You do your job, and we will do ours.

Speaking of training, this summer, I have gotten back on the rollerskis, and have been immersing myself into the nordic ski culture. There are a series of cross country ski races in Grand County this winter, and I want to compete and do well in them. So, I have been hammering the pavement a couple of times a week. I have forgotten how much fun roller skiing can be, whether it is around the Tech Center, or when we can get up to the mountains and I can cruise around.

I have also been running, even though my seven year old orthotics have finally worn out. (Thanks to Dr. Farrett and the B.R.C. for helping me get that problem fixed. If you have structural issues with your running, and you don't go see Dr. Farrett, you're cheating yourself!) I got a new Garmin watch for Father's day, logging into my training logs on, been having a blast pushing Chloe around Wash. Park doing tempo intervals, and dusted off the old bike to get some distance work in when the knee was not cooperating. (The TdF every morning seems to inspire me to get out there and ride.)

Why all the training? Warrior Dash. Coach Whitenack and I are going head-to-head this year, with Coach Laster also competing in the heats the day before. I intend on destroying both of them. That's my goal, what's yours?


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RDW said...

I would normally talk some trash about how I was going thrash
you in the Warrior Dash... (that's a rhyming triplet)

but your dedication so far has put mine to shame. However, I have started and I just hope to be competitive. The first part of the race is a run UP the slopes of the Copper Mountain ski slopes. Yikes! Busted out a 14er with Jared and another friend near that area yesterday. It is going to be some hard going.

As for your break from coaching, it is well-deserved. I just feel sorry for the kids that you do get back with in the late Fall, early Winter. They are going to get a seething vat of running-coach rage, that has been bottled up for months.