Saturday, June 2, 2012

All Colorado Awards

I admit, with all that is going on with my house and with Reid, I haven't had time to look through theColorado Milesplit website.  Most of my time is digging sprinkler trenches, going for long-for-me-short -for-most-people runs with Chloe and watching Reid giggle at me when I balance him on my knees.

Long story short, I checked this morning, and Curtis Ray was not only named All-5A for his long jumping ability, but he was also named All-Colorado, regardless of school size!  That is quite an accomplishment, we have had maybe a few relay teams be All-Colorado, and Gavin achieved the feat last year, but never have we had one in a field event.  

Wow, that is awesome, great job by Curtis.  I think the Bears of Northern Colorado got themselves quite an all around track athlete next year, don't you?


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