Sunday, October 3, 2010

Collegiate Results

A quick post on some recent CHS alum racing news.

Ryan Bull ran in the Rocky Mtn. Shoot-Out up in Boulder this weekend. Over the difficult 8 km course, Ryan ran a very solid 30:14, which improves upon his 8 km time by 40 seconds! Wow!

In Chicago, in howling wind, blowing sand, and overall brutal conditions, Steven Busch ran a eight kilometers in 25:39 to snag a top 20 in the race and be the second runner on the Drury men's team. Katelyn Wojan, after a particularly stirring pep talk from her teammate, ran her five kilometer race in 19:44 to be the third Drury Panther to cross the line.

Excellent work everyone, those are some really great results. And if there are any other alums out there competing, shoot me a text message, I want to hear about how you are doing!


EDIT: Go to Coach Whitenack's excellent blog for more alum news!


Katelyn said...

Thank you for the shout out Coach. Just wanted to let you know that if we hadn't done all those practices during blizzards, wind storms that blew me over, thunderstorms, up hills in the heat, and through any other type of weather imaginable, I would have quit during that race. I can't thank you enough for preparing me for the big leagues all through high school. There is no coach in the state that better prepares their athletes for the present, but also the future. I am so lucky to have had a coach like you in high school. Love ya Coach.

Sep said...

Hey Woj, thanks for the appreciation. I always knew those hard practices would come in handy, even though Colorado has gorgeous weather most of the time.

I am just glad you are running so well, a freshman being he third runner, that's awesome. Just keeping working hard every day at practice, and the racing will take care of itself.

Can't wait to hear of some more results, keep it up!