Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Falcon Invite Percent Backs

Here are the percent back results for the latest race, the Falcon Invite. (I'm a little late, I admit, due to weddings and such this weekend.) As usual head over to Colorado milesplit.com for the primary source material from Coach Versaw.

But, overall, it looks like a lot of the JV kids stepped up pretty well running against some tough competition. These varsity competitions are more about racing, it's about preparing for your race, getting mentally ready to run the best race you an, and learning tactics that will help you eventually win some races. The more experience the younger kids can get at this level, the better.

Can't wait till next week at League, I wish everyone great luck! And I heard a nasty rumor that Alex Balsiger will be running a race at Washington Park Saturday morning with his CSU mates. Run fast, Bals!


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