Sunday, October 23, 2011

Winter Track Club

Over the hills and through the woods......

Even with the falls sports gearing up for their championship meets, the track coaches have been hard at work getting the winter track club ready for the 2011-2012 season.

You should see signs popping up around the high school with more info, but it will be a similar set-up as last year.

We plan on starting Nov. 14th, meeting two-three days a week, having "captains practices" on the days where we don't meet officially, and offering not just running instruction, but all sorts of cool stuff that will make you a more complete athlete.

The club fee is 50 bucks, all of which goes back into the track account, and you will need to be a USATF member, simply for insurance purposes.

And we will be meeting outside, at the track, no matter what the weather is, for daily practice.  (Would you expect anything else from me?)

So, start getting psyched for winter track!


P.S.  I assume most of you who read this blog are distance kids.  So, please, tell ALL athletes that they are welcome at the club.  Sprinters, jumpers, throwers.  Freshman, sophomores, juniors, seniors (We are even opening up the club to 8th graders this year!)  I found out at League Championships last year that we need a complete team to compete at the highest levels.  So, if any of your friends have a desire to become better athletes, have them come to that first meeting in the 14th!  They are more than welcome!

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