Monday, October 31, 2011

WTC Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts, musings and ideas while we get ready for winter track.

8th graders:  I am issuing a challenge to all 8th graders, do you think you have what it takes to hang with elite HS athletes?  Are you ready to run, run, lift weights, and then run some more? If so, come on out for winter track at Chaparral.  So far, over 15 8th graders have expressed interest in participating in the club, which is awesome!  The more 8th graders, the better the program will become now and in the future.

USATF membership:  The main reason we need you signed up for USATF is for insurance purposes.  If you roll an ankle and shred your tendons while training with us, USATF has insurance that covers that.  I did some more digging in the USATF membership website, and it is only 20 bucks for a youth, and if you sign up after Nov. 1, but before Nov. 14th, you get a free month of membership.  In other words, instead of expiring on 12/31/11, it would be good for the rest of 2011 and all of 2012.

All HS XC athletes:  Take these next two weeks off.  Rest, heal, catch up (or get ahead) on schoolwork.  The potential to get run down and injured by not taking two weeks off between seasons is for outweighed by the potential benefits and gains you can make by being rested and ready to go.  Trust me, relax, get rested, you won't lose a ton of fitness, and be ready to go on the 14th, physically and mentally.

Nov. 14th:  Bring clothes to run in.  Bring in any fees (payable to CHS T&F) or proof of membership.  Bring water.  Bring good running shoes. Bring a positive attitude.  Bring a willingness to work.

Schedule:  It is looking like the distance kids will be training Monday and Wednesday.  It looks like the sprinter kids will be training Tuesday and Thursday.  Athletes can also create custom schedules with their coach on the days that they can come.  All fees and membership information will be due on the 21st or the 22nd, depending on the athlete's schedule.

Any questions, feel free to email me.  I am really excited for the first practice, I think we have a group of athletes that are going to be super fast in the spring!


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