Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I have been doing some thinking, and I realize that I need to set some goals. I need to set goals in all aspects of my life, but I have really been thinking about the track gaols I need to set. And, when you actually write goals down, it makes them more meaningful, so I am going to publish mine on my new "obsession."
At the end of the season; usually on some sweltering day in the summertime; Coach Hawk and I get out the hydraulic lift at the high school, and change records that had fallen from the previous track season. Even though it is about 110 degrees, it really is one of my favorite jobs to do, because it is a physical representation of all the hard work that the athletes and the coaching staff has done. That leads to my goal for the year.
Sep's goal is to have every long distance record on the record board have the year 2007 next to them.
This year I am focusing on the male and female milers and male and female two-milers. Four events, with some consulting on the 4 x 800 teams. With this "reduced" workload, I think that these goals will be tough, but they are certainly attainable.
CHS Long Distance Records:
Boys 1600--4:33.56
Girls 1600--5:20.61
Boys 3200--9:54.00
Girls 3200--12:06.04
I've already started chasing down these goals. Gymnastics training, EFT mental training, surge work, hill work; this stuff is totally going to benefit the distance program. Even without exactly knowing what my goals were, I wanted to improve the program anyway possible.
The goals are set, the schedule is in place, the vision is clear. One more ingredient: Hard Work. No problem!!!!

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Kelsey Dutton said...

Those are some pretty impressive goals coach. I'm going for the girls one mile record.

PS--Hope you dont mind me commenting on your blog...:)