Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Practice, we're talkin' about practice!

Well, Allen is on the Snuggly-Nugglys now. (I refuse to refer to him as Iverson, or A.I., I like the name Allen, it's a good east coast prep school name.) I think it is a good trade for Denver, not just becuase of the brawl taking out Carmelo for a month, but I think that the Nuggets will really need that veteran leadership come play-off time. As for Philly, well, they got two draft picks, so it is pretty early to tell.

Now, we all know that Allen is famous for not caring too much about practice, and as a athlete of his stature, he is allowed some leeway in that category. However, some athletes still need to practice, even it is on X-mas. So, here's the schedule for the next few weeks.

12/20--Long hilly LSD (Over one hour)

12/21--40-60 min Tempo Run (Do an out-and-back, racing home on the "back" section)

12/22--Walk the dog, active rest day

12/23--Extra long LSD (At least 1.5 hours)

12/24--Cross Training (Go skiing!)

12/25--20 min creative run

12/26--Easy 40 min run & push-up pyramid

12/27--Long hilly LSD (About an hour)

12/28--30-40 min Tempo Run (Same as last week, but a little shorter)

12/29--Walk the cat, active rest day

12/30--Extra long LSD (These are crucial!)

12/31--Cross Training (Go snowshoeing!)

1/1--Day Off (Sleep in!)

1/2--Go to school, see you in Hawk's room at 2:50

When you see Allen out on the trails, tell him I said hi!

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