Sunday, January 7, 2007

The Bluffs, EFT, Gymnastics, and the upcoming week in Practice

Otis and I went to the Bluffs this morning. The snow had drifted deep in places, in other places the ground is bare. The trail, however, is 99% covered, and the snow isn't crusty enough to stay on top of it. We need some severe melting before anyone can run on it. Come on Sun!!!

I did some EFT tapping the other night. After two rounds of it, went from feeling run-down, out-of-energy and overall simply tired, to feeling like I had taken a 40 min power nap! Itr was awesome. It is a little hokey, but it works; and if it is a placebo, then it is a great placebo! Legal cheating!!

The weak muscles in my stomach were so sore yesterday, after gymnastics Thursday night, that it hurt to laugh or sneeze. I have not been that sore in the core area in years! I can't wait for this Tuesday! Another example of legal cheating!

This week in practice, we need to continue the long runs and ramp up the strength routines as well. Monday: weight room. Tuesday and Thursday: gymnastics. Friday: weight room. Wednesday, long run. This is a crucial week of practice, we have to work hard every day. It is turning into two-a-days now, with running and strength pretty much every day.

And how about those Patsies! They better start preparing for San Diego though, that is going to be a tough game!!

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