Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bottled Water

You know the old joke about the Prime Minister of Rwanda having a heart attack upon entering Costco. You know, cause thier is more food in one Costco than the entire country of Rwanda? Ha-ha-ha. Well, I was at Costco last night, buying potstickers, and I saw a lady with 60 bottles of water!

Bottled water is the most wasteful product Americans purchase. The enrgy needed to produce the bottle, the fill the bottle, to ship the bottle, is unbelievable! Especially when you consider that water is essentially free, in terms of money and energy, because you can just turn on the tap and fill a cup as many times as you want.

So, don't buy bottled water. If you don't like the taste of tap water, buy a Brita, and filter it that way. Make your own bottled water. Stop wasting your money and energy by purcashing bottled water. Maybe people in third-world countries need it, like Rwanda, but Americans don't need to. Tap water is just as healthy.

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