Friday, November 13, 2009

Plan for the Next 8 Days

Good morning everybody.

One week from now we will be at DIA, getting ready to board a plane to Arizona. (I bet we get an otter plane.) The week prior to this is very important. So, here is the workout plan, take heed.

Friday (11/13): Easy Recovery Run. Pay attention to your H-N-R!
Saturday (11/14): Kenyan Runs @ 7:30 @ Sep's House
Sunday (11/15): Long Aerobic Run (45-60 min). Do not neglect this, we do not want to have to make it up later in the week, make sure to get this run done!
Monday (11/16): Light weights in the early morning. 43's after school @ Sierra. Last hard workout of the fall! Be prepared with race shoes.
Tuesday (11/17): Easy Recovery Run. Make sure to focus on H-N-R! At this stage, recovery is more important than working out.
Wednesday (11/18): Light weights in the early morning. In the afternoon, same as Sunday Long Aerobic Run (45-60 min) on your own.
Thursday (11/19): Tempo Intervals after school @ Sierra. Then pack for Arizona.
Friday (11/20): Fly to AZ in morning, tour race course in afternoon
Saturday (11/21): Race fast. Race really fast.
Sunday (11/22): Fly to CO in morning, relax in afternoon.

Let's make sure to do everything perfectly this week. Eat good food. Stay super hydrated. Get lots of sleep. Stretch at every opportunity. Mentally prepare to race fast. We have been working towards this goal for months, lets have a perfect last week!


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