Friday, November 13, 2009

Race Change

I just got an email from the NXN Race Director. I was not aware the cut-offs for individual athletes to compete in the Championship Race is 19:45 for women, and 16:40 for men. They seem very intent on keeping any individuals out of the Championship Race, as those times would have been easily top ten in the Open Races last year. But, I am not in charge, and we have to race where they place us, which is in the Open Races.

What does this mean? Well, it means one thing to me, we have to go out and DOMINATE the open races. This turn of events could be interpreted as an obstacle, as a negative; but I choose to look at it as a positive, as a favorable opportunity. The course will be the same for everyone. the runners will be just as fast in both races, we will just have less of them in the open races. That means we need to be in the front groups from the gun. We will have less overall race traffic to deal with, we will be running earlier in the morning at a cooler time of day (girls at 8:45 , boys at 9:30), and the course might be faster, as it will be less beat-up and rutted out. This is a blessing in disguise for us, let's take advantage of it.

I firmly believe that we have great athletes, with great training, and when we get two kids from Walnut Hills Track Club on the podium, it will show everyone right where we belong!!!


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