Sunday, November 8, 2009

Random Sunday Thoughts

Just some quick hits for you on a breezy Sunday afternoon.

Great racing yesterday from the WHTC yesterday up in Longmont. Check out the results here.

Let me say, that was a tough race, my legs are killing me today.

WHTC practice this week is pretty standard. Normal weights in the morning, intervals @ SMS on Monday, long run on Wednesday, intervals @ CHS on Thursday, Kenyans @ Sep's on Saturday, easy recovery runs inbetween.

Things look pretty set for Arizona, I am *super* excited for this trip.

HNR is more important than anything else we can do leading up to this race, do not neglect it!

I am already planning the Disney Track Trip in March, that will be awesome!

The Winter Track coaches meeting is coming up, that means Winter Track practice is right around the corner.

I know we are setting up a CHAPTRACK twitter account, to be able to communicate with everyone, you can just "follow" us on it.

Congrats to all XC runners, you preformed well yesterday up in Ft. Collins. Take some time off, get rested up. You deserve it.

Go Pats!


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