Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekly Schedule for Sept. 28

Hey everyone,

With the race coming up on Saturday, along with two very intense weeks of training, the coaching staff has decided to change some things up for this week. We want everyone to race very well on Saturday, even if it is only a mile, and we think this schedule will accomplish that, as well as allow us to spring forward in upcoming weeks.

Monday AM: Nothing
Monday PM: Intervals @ Sierra

Tuesday AM: Whitenack Weights
Tuesday PM: Recovery Run (20 min)

Wednesday AM: Nothing
Wednesday PM: Intervals @ CHS (Bring the shoes you will race in on Saturday!)

Thursday AM: Whitenack Weights
Thursday PM: Medium Distance Run (60 min)

Friday AM: Nothing
Friday PM: 20 min Recovery Run (20 min)

Saturday: Metro Mile

Sunday: Medium Distacne Run (40 min)

Let's make this a great week of training, see everyone Monday afternoon at Sierra!

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