Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weekend Race Updates

For the next two weekends, we will be doing some good old fashioned racing! This weekend is the Metro Mile, at Infinity Park in Glendale. Race registration opens at 7:00 am, if you are pre-registered, I suggest showing up around 7:15 or so. Plenty of time to find the place, get your number, and get a good solid warm-up in. Since the race is only a mile, a good warm-up is very important. The bestway to get there is to head North on Colorado Blvd. from I-25, and hang a right on Kentucky. It is right behind the Home Depot on the right, you can't miss the neighborhood. Chloe and Beth and I will be there bright and early, can't wait to see everyone!

Nect weekend, on Sunday the 11th, the next race we will do is the Coal Creek Cross Country Challenge. I have done this race in the past, and it is a ton of fun. It is the truest cross country race I have run here in CO, with running through fields, down trails, under barbed wire fences. When I did it, it was no T-shirts, no prizes, just going out for a fast run. This race is only ten dollars to join, and if you are a member of Active.com they will probably give you a discount. Only 150 racers are allowed, so sign up early! Chloe Beth and I will be there as well, should make for a great day!

Here is a course map for the Coal Creek Challenge, with a link to the homepage for more information.



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