Monday, October 12, 2009

46 Furlongs

The Walnut Hills Track Club did another race yesterday, with only the high school athletes competing. Katelyn and Tyler and I went up to Louisville, for the Coal Creek Challenge, a true cross country race.

This race had all the elements of an old school XC race: an extra long distance to race (5+miles), a 3/4 mile trail-less long field to navigate, a steep bushwhack uphill, hay bales to leap, a stream crossing, and extra cold temperatures. I heard the race described as "brutal", "excruciating" and of course, "fun". It was a great test, both mentally and physically. Both athletes said that Arizona is going to be a piece of cake comapred to this race, which is just the feeling I wanted them to get!

As for the results, Katelyn was the 13th female, in a time of 44:27, and Tyler was the 53rd male, in a time of 46:08. Excellent results, I am very proud of that!

I took as many pictures as I could, in-between coaching the kids up and keeping them warm and dry, but I admit, my photography skills are not nearly as good as Beth's.

Getting changed to race in the relative warmth of the truck.

Jogging around the park before the start.

The front group of leaders, very, very fast humans.

Katelyn at the start, in perfect position at the very back of the pack. :)

The icy stream crossing, or a reasonable representation of it.

Katelyn at the bottom of the bushwhack hill, hurdling the hay bales.

Katelyn charging up the hill. You can see the long field they had to navigate in the background.

Tyler, flying up the bushwhack hill, about to leap the second drainage ditch.

Tyler, passing his competition to move up in the overall standings.

Great racing guys, you should be very proud of yourselves! But now, we have another week of hard training, so be prepared!


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