Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jim Creek Time Trial

Ed's Note: The following post is guest written by Katelyn W. and Tyler B. They participated in an uphill time trial on the Jim Creek trail in Winter Park. About two miles long, well over 9,000 feet at the start line, and about 35 degrees F to start. Not an easy task, to say the least. Here are their thoughts, unfiltered by me.

Nothing against Jim, but he picked the most excruciatingly painful spot in the entire world to name after himself. The first thirty seconds of the time trial felt great, but after that I was taking four breaths for every one that I would take down in Parker. My legs and arms felt fine; it was my lungs and throat that were not happy. The thing that kept me going on the trail was the amazing scenery, I could not believe how gorgeous it is up here. Although this run nearly killed me, I think it will definitely make Tempe an even better race because I know that I will not be racing in the snow, over the ice, through the ice cold water, over long rock piles, a couple thousand feet higher than usual, and it will be twice the temperature it was today. --Katelyn

Wow, I don't even know how to explain how this time trial felt. It was really, really hard. Going through the campground (the first part of the trail) was very tough, then once the boardwalk (the second part) came around I thought I was gonna die throughout the rest of the course!! The Jim Creek Trail is a great trail for HIKING, not running, especially for me. After the exhausting time trial was over I felt great and was glad I did it, now I am really excited to run at lower elevations and pumped to run at Tempe because that course is nothing at all like this one! It has been eight hours since we ran and I can still feel it in my legs!! I am still very glad that we did this and I can't wait to come back next summer and get a better time and run at this elevation again --- Tyler

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