Sunday, October 4, 2009

Great Results - EDIT!

It was a cold morning to start, but the racing from the WHTC kids certainly heated up the place, as we had the second overall male and the second overall female! (How's that for a newspaper intro??)

The race was super fun, but it was not as easy as I thught it was going to be (even though it was only a mile). There was a tough uphill start with a tight left hand corner right off the bat. I almost ripped a guy when he cut me off. No one went down though. Then a long (for a mile race) downhill section. We then weaved through a flat parking lot, and the final road section was an uphill surge to the finish. A quick left at the top of the hill, and the finish was through the stadium. (It was this left turn where Coach Neale slingshot me and passed me at the end! D'oh!)

After the race, the WHTC represented very well at the awards ceremony, with Tyler getting second overall in a 5:20, Katelyn getting second overall with a 5:35, and Coach Neale getting second in his age group with a 6:04. EDIT!! We also had the 1st place overall young womens finisher, in Corrina Carney, with a 6:27. Excellent! As Coach Whitenack commented this morning in a text, "Not bad for a bunch of sprinters!"

Before we get to the pictures, this week's schedule looks somewhat similar to last week. Monday is weights in the morning, hard intervals at Sierra in the afternoon. Easy run on your own on Tuesday. Wednesday is weights in the morning, and then a long over-distance run in the afternoon. Thursday afternoon is double intervals (tempo and speedwork) at the CHS track after school. Friday is a recovery run, and there might be a cool surprise for Saturday, stay tuned. Sunday is the long 5 mile XC race up in Louisville. With the new data points, the times will be faster on all the intervals. Be ready! Get lots of sleep, stay hydrated, eat really well. Do all of the little things that will help you succeed in your practices. Success in practice leads to success on the race course.

Now, onto the great pics taken by the Walnut Hills C.F.O. Beth Seppala

It was pretty chilly at the start, even with all the warming up we did. The sun was doing nothing for me at this point.

Someone got a good fast start! All that explosive strength work paid off!

Tyler finishing first all by himself in the rugby stadium, very cool!

Coach Neale in the foreground, blazing to a strong finish. Thank goodness there are no pictures of him slingshotting me!

This girl passed me on the turn, but I got her back at the finish. :)

Tyler, getting interviewed about his win. I hear he gave all the credit to his coaches. :)

The team after the race, Tyler, me, Katelyn and Corrina. (Corrina just joined the club, she will be a *huge* addition!)

Future sub-five miler.

Hope to see everyone out again next Sunday! Get ready for a hard week of training. Go Patriots!


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