Monday, October 12, 2009

Change in Race Plans

Originally, I had intended to do the Littleton Stride 5 km race on the 7th of November. This was supposed to be a tune-up race for Arizona. However, I picked up a brochure at the race yesterday for the Twin Peaks XC Rotary Challenge. This is a race up in Longmont on that same Saturday, a little bit longer than the Littleton Race (3.5 miles vs. 3.1 miles), but ten bucks cheaper to register ($15 vs. $25). Alos, the money from this race goes to St. Vrain HS scholarships, which is a very worthy cause in my opinion.

I think that this race will be a better test and a better tune-up for the race in Arizona. I foresee less pavement running, more elevation changes and a looser atmosphere. This is from the same race series as what we did yesterday, and the athletes running enjoyed it very much. I think they will enjoy this race as well. I will have mail-in forms avaiable tomrrow at practice, or you can register through the above link.



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