Monday, September 27, 2010

CHS Results @ Rock Canyon Invite

Below are is the percent back data for the CHS race this weekend at Rock Canyon. It looks like the top boys did not race, which I think is a great idea. That allows Purdue, Bills, Vargo, and the other guys to get a week off, therefore giving the younger kids a chance to gain some varsity experience.

On my clickable chart, you have the name of the racer, their actual race time, then right underneath it, how far back from the leaders they were. We had another negative %-back, with Miss Devan Foster winning the girls race, being 3/4 of a percentage point faster than the average of the leaders! Way to go Devan!

If you want to see the actual results, go to Alan Versaw's page at Milesplit, he has the original file.


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