Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Middle School Cross Country Banquet

(Coach Thornton and I "dropping some knowledge" on the 7th grade ladies before the race.)

I just got home from the middle school cross country banquet, and I need to tell everyone what a successful year the athletes had.

The 7th grade boys won their district division, with Jack D, James B. Sean R. and Nick F. all coming in the top ten in the district varsity race. The 7th grade open race had Tanner F. and Tanner S. coming in 1-2, so even out 8th & 9th guys on the team were super strong.

The 7th grade girls came in third, and we had an individual district varisty champion in Kat K, plus top tens from Megan G. and Erin G. As for the open race, we scored four girls in the top ten, Kaylee H., Emma R. Erika C. and Meridith N. Amazing job ladies!

The 8th graders also fared very well, with Dominic C. coming in 9th in the boys varsity race, and the ladies improving throughout the year to finsih in the top five as a team.

I was wicked happy with all the improvement shown throughout the year, both from the 7th and 8th graders. I am also very excited to coach all of you next year, either at the high school, or one more year at the middle school.

Congratulations Sierra Eagles, superb job this year!


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Katelyn said...

I'm so proud of my little Eagles!!! Go Sierra!!! Love, Coach Wojan