Monday, September 20, 2010

Percent Back Thoughts

So, if TAnderson in the last race was 10% back of the leaders, how does that relate to training?

We know that if *races* 10% faster, then he will be on the podium, but how does this translate during the week?

Does he do 10% faster intervals? (Instead of a 60s/400m, he runs a 54s/400m?)
Or does he do 10% more intervals? (Instead of ten intervals, 11 intervals?)
Or does he run 10% longer? (Instead of a kilometer repeat in 2:00, he does an 11oom repeat in 2:00? Or, he runs for 11 miles on his long run instead of 10? Or he runs for 1:22 instead of an hour-fifteen?)
Or maybe he should reduce the rest between any type of interval by 10%. (Instead of 3 minutes rest, he only gets 2:40?)

Hmmmmm..... how to get 10% faster??


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