Saturday, December 3, 2011

Frozen Beard Run

Great run this morning; super cold, windy, heavy snow that turned wet as the temp rose throughout the day tried to stop us, but 8 hardy runners forged on.  By the end of the run, I ended up sporting a great ice beard, a couple of kids got frozen hands, but for the most part, everyone made it unscathed to the bagel store.  It wasn't snot freezing weather, but it was close.

So, even though the roads were pretty hairy, (which is why I do not fault anyone for running at home), huge props got to Janey, Laura, Julia, Johnny, Zach, Ciara, Charlyn and Jess, for getting in seven great miles in a little over an hour up here in the DTC.  Running through moderately deep snow is a great workout, it adds a hint of resistance, but it also forces you to stay balanced, to stay alert, and keep those secondary running muscles engaged to prevent slips and falls.  It was a great workout, one you can look back on when it is windy in the spring and say, I ran for an hour in that, a little wind is nothing!

Great job everyone, see you all Monday, with a sparkling cleaned out cube!


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