Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Winter Break Training

I want to keep it very simple for winter break training.  I will not have any personal contact with anyone, so I want to keep the training simple, but effective.

We will have one speed day a week, one overdistance run a week, multiple strength sessions, as well as multiple recovery days.  I suggest staying on the schedule I put out, but if you need to make slight modifications, then don't let the schedule get in your way.  Just make sure to get in lots of quality miles, quality strength, and a dash of speedwork over the winter break.

All of these workouts should be preceded by a short warm-up and the lunge routine.  Do these workouts early in the morning, before you have time to figure how how to procrastinate them away. 

Mondays - 40 minute Fartlek off-road (trails)
Tuesdays - 45 min EZ Aerobic run w/Push-Up Pyramid
Wednesdays - 50 min Creative run w/calisthenics every ten minutes
Thursdays - 60 min EZ Aerobic run w/Push-Up Pyramid
Fridays - 20 min Recovery run
Saturdays - 75 min OverDistance run
Sundays - Off Day w/focus on Hydration, Nutrition and Relaxation (HNR)

Even though I will not be around in person, I will be reachable at all times.  If you have any questions, if you start to feel injured, if you need any clarification on anything; please let me know.  We can work on it via text or email or blog comments and keep you on the right track!  You all have been working very hard since October, we don't want to let it waste away in the next two weeks!


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