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Liberty Bell and Sub-Varsity Champs Info

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 So, I think I deleted the original Liberty Bell posting by accident, I will now try and reproduce it here. Bear with me.

 Thursday, April 26th Sub Varsity Meet at Regis HS (3:30 start, bus leave CHS at 1:30)
Athletes: Amanda Costin - Throws
Caleb Long, Jackson Longwell, Dalton Morrisson - Sprints
Daniel Geerdes - Hurdles
Patrick Durkin, Landon Lundell, Cory O'Neil, Ross Sargent, Rob Turner, Eric Weng, Spencer Writebol - Distance
Coaches: Seppala & Bowman

 Friday, April 27th Varsity Meet at Littleton HS (4:30 start)
 All of these events are on a rolling schedule with a meet start time. This is a *mega-meet*, with over fifty (50) teams signed up. While I am sure the meet directors would love to stick to a published schedule, I would be shocked if they could. "Be early, be patient, be ready", is the motto of the day!
 3200 R - Dominic Compoz
*All the following races are prelims*
100H - Jenna Lanskey, Kristin Sjobakken
 110H - Dane Goldwasser, Devin Reasoner
100D - Jaylene Miller, Olivia Perry, Gavin McHenry, Chris Page
400D - JJ Johnson, Alek McArther, Jaylene Miller, Katrina Bacovin
300H - Jenna Lanskey, Corrina Carney, Fred Campbell, Dane Goldwasser
200D - Olivia Perry, Gavin McHenry, Spencer Bills

 Friday Field Events (4:30 start)
Long Jump - Keanna Anderson, Jenna Lanskey, Curtis Ray, Nolan Ellis
Pole Vault - Keanna Anderson, Alleah Bouley
Discus - Mia Davies, Jen Calscionne
High Jump - Ryan Reasoner, Devin Reasoner
ShotPut - RJ Martin, Nolan Lilies
 Friday athletes will be expected to get to Littleton HS on their own, as we will have no bus. Do not delay, parking will be at a premium!

 Saturday, April 28th, Varsity Meet at Littleton HS (10:00 start, bus leaves CHS at 8:30)
Sprint Medley - Katrina Bacovin, Jaylene Miller, Hannah Barringer, Corrinna Carney
4x800G - Janey Heard, Jill Hanrahan, Jessie Chappa, Whitney Schultz
4x800B - James Kadolph, Ryan Kwiatkowski, Zach Young, Johnny Bacovin
Sprint Hurdles Finals
100 Dash Finals
4x200G - Scratch
4x200B - Ian Campbell, Spencer Bills, Curtis Ray, Gavin McHenry
1600 R - Julia Nyiro, Laura Nyiro, Bryce Rich, Dominic Compoz
4x100G- Scratch
4x100B - Ian Campbell, Drew McReynolds, Curtis Ray, Gavin McHenry
400 Dash Finals
Distance Hurdles Finals
800D - Janey Heard, Shannon Hedges, Johnny Bacovin, Zach Young
200 Dash Finals
3200 R - Matt Kade
4x400G - Hanna Barringer, Shannon Hedges, Whitney Schultz, Jill Hanrahan
 4x400B - Alek McArther, Ryan Kwiatkowski, Fred Campbell, Curtis Ray

 Saturday Field Events (10:30 start)
Triple Jump - Hanna Barringer, Jenna Lanskey, Taylor Frangella, Tim Helmuth
Pole Vault - Nolan Ellis, Ryan Reasoner
 Discus - Terin Horne, Alex Michael
High Jump - Katrina Bacovin, Olivia Perry
ShotPut - Mia Davies, Jen Calscionne

 Now, there might be some athletes whose name is not listed in either the Thursday meet, or the Friday/Saturday meet. Due to silly league rules, we cannot take those athletes to the Thursday meet, as they would lose eligibilty for the varsity League Championship in two weeks. And the Friday/Saturday meet only allows two entries per event. Those athletes, while not competing this week, are strongly encouraged to come to the Friday/Satruday meet (they will have practice Thursday), and cheer their teammates on. We have plenty of room on the bus, as we are a team first, and we win or lose as a total team.

 Wow, 9 pm, I am exhausted. I hope this all makes sense, I hope Reid sleeps better tonight (he has a wicked stuffy nose) and I am off to relax. See everyone this weekend! SEP

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