Saturday, April 7, 2012

Legend Invite Analysis

I was only able to attend the meet today for the first half, due to a new baby in the house, but what I saw, and read about later on, was very impressive.  Here are some of the distance highlights.

JamesK in the elite two-mile, running a season best 10:09.  Later on in the day, MattK and StevenR would also run season bests, in 11:02 and 11:10.

The girls 4 x 800 team ran a great race, 10:26 overall, with a third leg of 2:35 by JillianH in her first 800 m race ever pacing the great finish.  (It was really fun yelling, "Great Race, HAN-ra-han, after she was done, it was like I had never stopped yelling that!)

The boys 4 x 800 race was treated to a sub 8:00 finish by Cherry Creek, but with three season bests by JohnnyB (1:59), DominicC (2:08) and BryceR (2:06), I really feel that we will be giving all the team in our league and in the state are real scare in May.

(Chloe and I left immediately after the open 200s, after watching CurtisR and GavinM run great races to both get top ten, and the rest is from reading the Titan Track Clash results from

RossS took about 18 seconds off his previous best in the mile, running a 5:26.  With four kids who can't drive under 5:30, the boys distance team is in great shape.  Excellent race, Ross!

AlekM had a great race in the open 400, on pace to a fifty-point, Coach Bale said, before having that dreaded piano jump on his back the last 100 m.  Hey, I would rather someone go out and make ar un at it, then hold back all race.  That piano can be trained to not jump on your back, but unless you have the courage to go out that hard, you'll never get rid of it.  Great race Alek, great courage.

Girls open 800 also saw two season bests, with MackenzieH running three seconds faster than she has in 2012, and JessieC running a 2:34 to better her previous mark by three seconds.  Wonderful job ladies!

The race I wish I had seen, but am so proud of the boys in it, was the boys 800.  Both RyanK and ZachY scored points for us, with RyanK coming in 8th in a 2:05 and ZachY winning the whole frickin' thing in a 2 flat.  Damn, I wish I had been able to witness that race, the excitement in the air and the kick Zach must have put on was probably out-of-this-world.  Wow, awesome job gentlemen!

With a lot of fast 800's today, I give a lot of the credit to Coach Able.  He expertise, not only in practice, but on meet day, has been invaluable.  We got six more weeks to keep getting faster, and with Coach Able on our side, I know we are going to do it.

Next two weeks will be tough, one more segment of modified block training; then we enter the championship season.  Block training is tough, I know, but if you think back to the three-minute eggs at Sierra, the kids who were out there at the end, Zach, Johnny, Jill, Ross, etc, those were the kids who three weeks later had the huge new season best marks!  Training does not affect you overnight.  It takes a lot of hard training and a some time to grow stronger in order to get faster.  Have faith, be present, and believe; that is what makes champions.  Overall, I think we are in great shape, in both genders, but we just have to keep working hard every day in practice and keep improving little by little.

See you all Monday, make sure you run on Sunday.

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RDW said...

ZachY's finish was awesome. One of the beasts CCHS had in that 4x800 made a move on him, but Zach was able to hold him off. It was sweet!