Thursday, December 9, 2010


What a great run yesterday, I was happy to see everyone who was there. If you weren't at practice, read on, my thoughts are consistency apply to everyone!

On those aerobic run days, going fast is not the main point, it's going steady. As you get more and more fit, you cut down on the walking breaks/rest stops and are able to run at a constant steady pace. Consistency is the key to achieving this fitness. If you only run one or two days a week, you won't get fit nearly as quickly as if you train 4-5 days a week. So, even though your legs are hurting from lunges, you have blisters on your feet, and you want to go skiing; but you have schoolwork, and you need to go holiday shopping for your winter track coaches :), make time to get out there and run! Most days, it requires less that an hour a day, so find the time to make your training consistent. Work thought all the aches and pains, and keep working on your aerobic fitness. It will pay off in spring track season, trust me!


P.S. I was so glad to see Coach Jeanie (I called her Janie in an earlier post, sorry!) Boymel with us yesterday. I think she had fun dodging cows with us! Anyway, she has access to the blog now, so look for her words of wisdom cropping up on this site!

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