Friday, December 17, 2010


Ugh. I have been fighting this low-level flu since Monday night, and I am really getting tired of it. Not sleeping at all, hacking up all sorts of slimy stuff. No energy, blowing my nose constantly. At night, alternating between shivering & freezing to lying in a film of sweat. Yuk.

Chloe had a little bit of this over the weekend, and she is still fighting it off, and I am hoping Beth has a strong enough immune system to ward this off. It just sucks. It's not debilitating, but just on that line. Grrrrr...

So, it looks like a week off from training (which will help my strained foot) and winter break couldn't have come soon enough.

I hate being sick.



STEVE-O said...

go to wal-mart and get "Airborn." You drop it in a cup of gatorade mixed with a few ounces of pedialyte, and do that 4 times a day. cures you. That is how i kept from being sick all season. When I would feel something coming on that would knock it right out.


Brian Seppala said...

Hmmmmm..... I drank beer. Probably not the same, huh? :)