Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gymnastics in the Summer

I have been communicating with Coach Tom about the best way to keep up your general strength over the summer.  We were trying to figure out how to incorporate gymnastics into that, and this is the plan.

We both think the most efficient method for summer gymnastic strength training is the Sunday Open Gym sessions.  Since most of you are experienced gymnasts, this session will allow you to work on your routines, which will build your overall strength the best.  If you are not an experienced gymnast, that's OK too, as there will be plenty of coaches and assistants there to help you get into the swing of things. (pardon the pun.)

The first open gym is this Sunday, the 12th.   I will be there, so will Chloe depending upon her nap schedule (the open gym is from 11:30-1:00, right during Chloe's naptime), and Castle View's own Will Bakemeyer (pole vaulter and gymnast extraordinaire) will be in attendance as well.

This session on the 12th is free, however other Sunday Open Gym sessionswill cost 10 dollars.  If you are under 18, and you have not previously worked out at Alpha Gymnastics, bring a parent to help with waiver and sign-up forms.

The schedule for the rest of the summer is:

July 10th (whoops, I said the 19th earlier, typo!)
July 17th
July 24th

All of these are Sundays, all of these sessions are from 11:30-1:00.

These gymnastics sessions are open to all past and present high school athletes, no matter what school you are from or what sport you play.  Coach Tom and I firmly believe that gymnastics can be beneficial for all sports, so we want as many athletes there pushing each other to greater heights.  Summer training is about getting not just faster, but stronger too, and gymnastics has been proven time and time again to just for all athletes!


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