Friday, June 3, 2011


I am not one to say I am putting in a lot of miles, I've done that in my life and now I run to stay healthy, in-shape and not look too much like a "mom". However, I have found that I can set a few minutes aside each day to run, I may have to get up really early or go on my lunch hour but I can do it. It is time for you all to set time aside. You don't have to run a ton of miles but make your time count. If you only get 15 minutes in, it is better than nothing. Get 15 minutes in, trick your body and run 3 really hard 1 minute speed changers. or do the last 5 minutes at an increased pace. This will not make you have a great base or increase your ability to produce speed in May next year but it will make your body and mind feel better about the ability to run and train. We will need to start running, we will need to start training but for now, just set your time aside and go for a run.
I am and boy do I feel better when I do.

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