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Chaparral T&F Guidelines

Below are the 2012 Track and Field Rules & Regulations, along with a copy of the contract goals sheet we expect every athlete to turn in.  Please review them here online so everyone is on the same page right from the start.  We want to work with you as coaches, but we must have some boundaries and discipline in order to have a high functioning team.  You will get a paper copy of these guidelines on the first day of practice, but, you must have your gold card in order to come to practice.  No gold card (and I hear there are only FOUR of you who have taken care of that), no practice, no coaching, no nothing! Avoid that long line and get your gold card as soon as possible!


TRACK & FIELD - 2012

Please read through these guidelines and make sure you understand them. 
A signed contract must be returned to the coaches by March 2nd, 2012.
Without a contract, the athlete will not be allowed to participate in spring track & field.


In order to participate in the Chaparral High School track team, you must meet the academic eligibility requirements established by our school.  The weekly eligibility rule will be in effect during the entire season. 

Two academic Fs and/or an F in Citizenship will render the athlete ineligible for the following week. 
Consecutive weeks of ineligibility may cause the athlete to lose their ranking/position on the team. 
In addition, if the athlete receives two Fs in Citizenship during the season, the athlete will be dismissed from the team.

The coaches ask that the athlete does not do anything that would embarrass the team, the school or the community.  If the athlete is having trouble in any classes, communicate this with the coaches. The athlete, the teacher, and the coach can work together to find solutions to academic problems.


Practices begin at 3:10 with a brief team meeting and end approximately at 5:00.  If the athlete is regularly late to the start of practice, then participation in meets could be negatively affected.

If the athlete is kept after school by a teacher, administrator or another school related activity, then a note signed by that teacher or administrator must be brought to practice. 

The athlete may not leave practice until dismissed by your coach.  While the coaches try to end practice at 5:00. practice is officially over when the coach says it is over.

If the athlete has one unexcused absence during the week, the athlete will not be able to participate in varsity or non-varsity competition that week. Suspensions from school which result in missed practices are unexcused absences.

The only excused absences are absences from school the day of the missed practice, when there is a signed doctor's note explaining the absence; or if the absence has been pre-arranged with the coach.

If the athlete is asked to leave practice by a coach because of behavior detrimental to the team, the athlete will not be allowed to participate in the varsity or non-varsity meet that week. 

Injuries and illness do not exempt the athlete from coming to practice. Once the athlete is at practice, the coach will determine the appropriate level of activity.

As always, communication with the coach is important.  Exceptions can and will be made, but only at the discretion of the coach.

If you have an unexcused absence from a meet, you will not be permitted to compete in the next TWO meets.  Two unexcused absences from meets will result in dismissal from the team.


The athlete will be issued a team uniform and warm-up gear.  Team t-shirts, sweatshirts duffle bags and other gear will be available for purchase at the start of the season.  Shoes and spikes are the responsibility of the athlete.

No torn clothing or clothing with inappropriate pictures, sayings or advertisements will be allowed.  If a coach determines that the athlete's clothing to be inappropriate, at practice or at competitions, the athlete will be given one chance to remedy the situation.  If the athlete does not have appropriate clothing, the athlete will be sent home.

In accordance with CHSAA Track & Field guidelines, while wearing jewelry is acceptable at practice, any jewelry will result in disqualification at competitions, with the exception of jewelry worn for medical reasons.

In accordance with CHSAA Track & Field Guidelines, only the Chaparral HS issued team uniform may be worn during competition.  Athletes will be asked to purchase undergarments in white (females) or black (males) for comfort and warmth during competition.

Athletes will also be sent home by coaches if their clothing is not appropriate for the weather at practice or at a competition.

You will be fined for all damaged or lost uniforms/warm-up gear.


An athlete will compete at the varsity level if they rank 1st or 2nd in any event.
In the case of competitions that allow three athletes per open event, the third athlete will be selected at the discretion of the coaching staff.

There are no age restrictions for varsity and non-varsity.  Any athlete not participating at the varsity level will compete in non-varsity meets.  Rankings within the team will be determined by past performance in meets. Time trials will play a role in determining rankings when needed. 

The coaching staff will select athletes to compete in the relay events based on ability, chemistry and workload.


Athletic letters can only be earned by competing at the varsity level.

Lettering will be determined by a point system.  Nine points are needed to earn a varsity letter.

You earn points as follows:

       ONE point for each varsity meet the athlete competes in
       TWO points if the athlete competes in the League Championship meet

All varsity athletes must work both JV meets and sign up to work one middle school meet hosted at Chaparral in order to attend that week’s varsity meet and earn that weeks lettering point. More details on middle school meet volunteering will be given out during the season.

Hardship- A letter will be awarded to an athlete if it is determined by the coaching staff that the athlete would have earned the letter had it not been for special circumstances like an injury, or a serious illness, etc.


All athletes will be expected to participate in the team fundraiser.  The athlete will receive their uniform and warm-ups upon completion of the fundraiser requirements.  The fundraiser is a letter writing donation drive that doesn't require any more effort than addressing ten envelopes.  More information on the fundraiser will be available to the athlete the first week of practice.


1.     THEFT:  Theft will not be tolerated.  Any athlete caught stealing from a teammate, a coach or a member of an opposing team will be referred to the Principal and/or Athletic Director, and appropriate action will be taken.

2.     ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES: The use or possession of tobacco, alcohol, steroids or illegal drugs on or off campus will not be tolerated.  The guidelines outlined in the “Douglas County Schools Training Rule Contract” will be strictly followed.

3.     NON-SCHOOL COMPETITION: The athlete may not compete in any track & field meet or road race that is not the school schedule without the Principal’s or Athletic Director’s approval during the competitive season.

4.   OFF CAMPUS BEHAVIOR: At all times the athlete must follow the district rules regarding off-campus behavior. The rules found on page 33 of the “Student Rights & Responsibilities” handbook will be strictly followed.

5.    PRIVATE TRANSPORTATION: At all times athletes must follow the rules outlined in the “Douglas County                         Transportation Awareness” release form.  This form must be signed before any practices or competitions can be attended.

For specific questions, comments or concerns regarding your son or daughter, please contact his/her event coach first.  If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, then please contact Coach Bowman or Coach Seppala.

Craig Bowman  Head Girls’ Coach/High Jump                 303-517-7872                        craig.bowman@dcsdk12.org
Brian Seppala  Head Boys’ Coach/ Distance                    303-638-9810                        brian.seppala@dcsdk12.org
Ryan Harris   Sprints/Relays                                          720-933-8692                        
Blake Wright  Hurdles/Horizontal Jumps                        817-366-7257                        blakewright@comcast.net
Jared Liberatore  Throws                                               303-854-8534                        
Caitlin Able  Mid-distance/Relays                                   303-641-4021                        caitlin.able@gmail.com
Jim Maroney  Pole Vault                                                303-437-4832                        

The CHS T&F program also has two webpages, the official district homepage (Chaparral homepage, Athletics, Track & Field), and Coach Sep's training blog (www.brianbethsep.blogspot.com).

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Wolverine Track & Field Contract
(the undersigned understands all the above rules of the track & field team)

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Cell Number:

Prior Track



       No one outworks us.
       Do your job to the fullest extent every day.
       You race not for yourself, but for your team.
       Hills are an opportunity, not an obstacle.
       Mental toughness needs to be practiced often.
       You cannot do any better than your best.
       Everything we do is with a specific purpose.
       Relaxation, hydration & nutrition are very important.
       You cannot control the competition, but you can control your preparation.
       You have been handed a legacy, carry it on with pride and dignity.

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