Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fast Miles

He won't mind being overshadowed this weekend, but Steven Busch running a 4:24 indoor mile was only the 2nd fastest CHAP alum mile this weekend.  Alex Balsiger, of CSU, ran a 4:08 in Nebraska, on the tiny indoor track, to dominate the field.

The video of the race is pretty cool, Alex ran 32 second splits the first half of the race; didn't freak out when kids were jostling and he got pushed to the back of the pack; then in the last couple of laps, started dropping 30's, 29's and 28's to secure the win.

You can check out the video here:

Watch as Alex (in white tops and green shorts) keeps his form, never panics, then accelerates when he senses that the rest of the field is faltering.  He ran his race, he did not react to others, and the win & sub 4:10 time were his rewards.  Confidence, experience, and a feel for your abilities is what allows Alex to run so well, along with tons of training, and expert collegiate coaching.

Excellent job Alex, I think we can safely say you are the best middle distance runner to graduate from Chaparral, if not the best overall runner. We are all very proud of you back here!!



Steveo said...

The video is amazing! Even had time to flex at the finish line! Haha. Sep, I think it would be cool to add a new section to your blog on the side or something. Have a alumni record board with all the distance events! I have a feeling bals would be dominating it right now haha, but ya have 800 - 10k. Just a thought! It would be cool to see!


Brian Seppala said...

That is a good idea, I just people to send me some times that they run in college. I heard Keegan ran well this weekend too!

RDW said...

4:08 ?! That is awesome. Nice job, Bals!