Thursday, February 23, 2012


On Wednesday the 29th, the Track & Field Team will be having a Very Important Parent Meeting.  It will be at 6:30, in Coach Bowman's room (504 Upper).  If we have more parents than we expect, (and we hope we do!), then we will move it to the Commons.

Why is this meeting important? We are instituting a lot of significant changes to the program this year.  New coaches, new bussing protocol, new meets, new booster club procedures, new fundraising, new communication methods, and more new stuff that escapes me right now.

I know parents are very busy, but if they are reading this and could carve out an hour next week to attend this meeting, it would be great.  If athletes are reading this, please direct your parents to this posting.  There will be no food, no chit-chat; we'll start right at 6:30, and try to blast through everything.  Any and all questions are welcome, either during the meeting or right afterwards.

 If you are a new parent to the track team, we hope to see you there.  If this is your 3rd child that has come through the program, we hope to see you there.  As a parent of a toddler, I know baby-sitters can be tough to find, so bring the little ones.  Get them inducted into track early!   Mark off Wednesday the 29th on your calendars, and come by and meet all the new coaches. I hope to see lots of people in attendance.

Thanks in advance,

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