Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mega Post

Lots of info for y'all, please read carefully.

1.  I think we had a great weekend at Liberty Bell.  We only earned one ribbon, but that was due to a lot of tough competition.  We did have lots of new season bests, and I think it was a great meet to propel us into the championship season.

2.  This upcoming Sunday, the team is throwing a giant cook out pep rally.  From 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, on the football field, we will be having a cookout with burgers, hot dogs, games; the works.  This is in place of the end-of-the-year banquet, we think that a pep rally to get psyched for championship season is gonna be more fun than a banquet inside.  The track team will provide almost everything, but we are asking for the athletes to bring some deserts.  Also, if anyone wants to bring lawn games (bocce, frisbee, kickball), that would be awesome.  The overall team awards will be handed out as well, so we hope to see everyone there!  Bring siblings, parents, grandparents; it will be fun!

3. Congratulations to the winning ten kilometer relay team.  We ran the race yesterday for our fundraiser, and the team of Katrina B, Dane G, JJ Johnson, Tim H, James K, Caleb L, Landon L, Jordan T, Jenna L, Jaylene M, and Kristin S came home with the prize.  Congrats!  This is a huge fundraiser for our team, and good job to everyone who participated.

4.  Freshman/Sophomore Championships are this Thursday at the new Sports Authority stadium, right after school.  Bus leaves Chaparral at 1:30, so don't be late coming out of class.  I think we have a shot to win some titles in this meet, let's go out there and do it! this meet at starts at 2:30 pm.
FR/SPH Champs Track Entries

FR/SPH Champs Field Entries

If you are not competting in the FR/SPH championships, you will be expected to attend regualr practice at Chap.

5.  On Friday night, we are heading back up to All-City Stadium for the second Twilight meet.  We are bringing only a select few kids to this meet, in hopes of getting them one more chance for a good mark to qualify for State.  Another way we are using this meet is to give kids a chance to compete Saturday with full rest.  There is no bus, kids need to get up there on their own, and remember that Friday afternoon traffic heading up to the city is notoriously tough!  Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get to the stadium so you can warm-up without stress.

Tentative Schedule of Events
TJ Twilight II
May 4th

Track Events
3:30 Girls Sprint Medley
3:40 Boys 4 x 800 Relay
3:50 Girls 4 x 800 Relay
4:05 Boys 110M Hurdles
4:20 Girls 100M Hurdles
4:35 Boys 100M Dash
4:50 Girls 100 M Dash
5:05 Boys 4 x 200 Relay
5:20 Girls 4 x 200 Relay
5:35 Boys 1600 M Run
5:45 Girls 1600 M Run
6:00 Boys 4 x 100 Relay
6:15 Girls 4 x 100 Relay
6:30 Boys 400 M Dash
6:40 Girls 400 M Dash
6:55 Boys 300 M Hurdles
7:10 Girls 300 M Hurdles
7:25 Boys 800 M Run
7:35 Girls 800 M Run
7:45 Boys 200 M Dash
8:00 Girls 200 M Dash
8:15 Boys 3200 M Run
8:30 Girls 3200 M Run
8:45 Boys 4 x 400 Relay
9:00 Girls 4 x 400 Relay

Field Events
3:45 Girls Long Jump (East pit)
3:45 Boys Triple Jump (West pit)
6:15 Girls Triple Jump (West pit)
6: 15 Boys Long Jump (East pit)

4:00 Girls High Jump
6:15 Boys High Jump

4:00 Boys Pole Vault
6:30 Girls Pole Vault

3:45 Girls Shot Put
3:45 Boys Discus

6:15 Boys Shot Put
6:15 Girls Discus

Twilight II Track Entries

Twilight II Field Entries

If you are not competing in the Twilight II Invite, ask you individual discipline coach on where you need to be.  For example, I will be at the meet, so I expect all 800 and up distance kids to be at the meet where we can have a practice on the side fields.

6.  On Saturday, we have our last invitational of the season.  The Cherry Creek Invite, at Cherry Creek HS.  Bus leaves early, 6:30 am I believe, as the first field events start off at 7:45.  Everyone, unless they communicate with me prior, will be on that bus.
This meet has a funky schedule, to all ow for prelims in some events, and finals in most others.  I incorporated the event start times on the entries.  It is imperative that athletes stay hydrated, full of good food, and out of the sun.  As I mentioned at Monday meeting, this is our last chance to compete for time and time only. In championship meets, the time slows, as athletes are just being strategic and going for the win.  Take advantage of this highly competitive meet!  

Cherry Creek Invite - Morning Track Entires

Cherry Creek Invite - Afternoon Track Entries

Cherry Creek Invite - Field Events

7.  Now, it is only Tuesday morning, many of these entries could change.  Keep the lines of communication open with your coach, and let's have a great next few days of practice!


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