Sunday, March 20, 2011

Captain's Long Distance Practice

Monday and Tuesday, the senior captains will be running voluntary practices for the long - distance side of the track team.

Seniors will be in charge, you are not required to be there, but encouraged to be there.

Practice starts at 8:30 am at the CHS track.


Alternators - A Lactate Removal Exercise

400 hard/45 sec jog/1200 medium

The fast 400 is designed to stress you, but debilitate you. Go right into a 45 sec recovery jog. Then a 1200 at a slower than normal tempo pace to flush the lactate out.

Take full recovery, but no more than five minutes. If these are easy, take less recovery. If you can, eliminate all recovery.

Do five alternator sets. Do more if you are feeling it.

Panthers (KV, JB, NP)

400m@1:18 / (45 sec ez jog) / 1200m@1:33/lap

Ocelots (JK, CF, JB, RK, ZY)

400m@1:19 / (45 sec ez jog) / 1200m@1:34/lap

Jaguars (DF, MI, FC, CH, BR)

400m@1:26 / (45 sec ez jog) / 1200m@1:41/lap

Wildcats (AR, JR, KR, KW)

400m@1:33 / (45 sec ez jog) / 1200m@1:51/lap

Bobcats (SF, SR, ER, MH, JH)

400m@1:38 / (45 sec ez jog) / 1200m@2:00/lap

Pumas (HB, TB, EJ, LN)

400m@1:42 / (45 sec ez jog) / 1200m@2:10/lap

Tigers (DG, AL, XT, CC, CH. BS)

400m@1:52 / (45 sec ez jog) / 1200m@2:20/lap


Long Overdistance Run (75-80 minutes)

I was dismayed to find out that some athletes were not running the distances they should be running on last Tuesday. So, I have some landmarks put in place now.

You will be running the exact same path you ran last week. Start at the HS. Go north on Chambers, left onto Broncos Parkway, then turn around when you are supposed to. Run on grass, fields, & soft surfaces as much as you can.

These workouts are designed to be completes in 75 - 80 minutes, based on you fitness levels. If it takes a smidge longer, that’s OK, but you are not to be “Monfre Suffling” during these long runs.

Panthers: Must get to intersection of Arapahoe & Peoria, past Family Sports. Then turn around and come home. 10 miles.

Ocelots: Must get to Family Sports Bubble. Then turn around and come home. 9.5 miles.

Jaguars: Must get to Peoria/Bronco’s parkway traffic light, on top of hill. Then turn around and come home 8.5 miles total.

Wildcats & Bobcats: Must get to boat storage on Bronco’s Parkway. Then turn around and come home 8 miles total.

Pumas & Tigers: Must get to Dove Valley/Bronco’s Training Center. The turn around and come home. 7 miles total.

If you want to go a little faster, that’s fine, but do not kill yourself. This is an easy week, and I want you to be fresh for Wednesday.

Please be safe, run with a group, always face traffic, and represent yourself perfectly.

See y’all on Wednesday morning, 8:00 sharp!


P.S. Huge shout-out to the seniors running the show for me!

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