Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Practice

Sundays, even though we do not have any contact with the athletes, are very important days for training.

Saturdays are always a hard effort, Mondays will always be a hard effort. You need to do something on Sundays to recover and be ready for the week.

In the mid-90's, training philosophy dictated a two hour easy slow jog, almost a walk. Now we know, that's not the best.

Sitting around and doing absolutely nothing is certainly not a good idea either.

My personal favorite: 45 minute easy jog, at something between 9 and 11 minute pace. listening to a brewing podcast.

But other ideas could be a short jog to Alpha Gymnastics, 45 minutes in open gym, then a short jog home. Or maybe you go for a hike up in the foothills with your dog while the weather is still good. Or perhaps a bike ride to a coffee shop along the numerous bike paths we enjoy here in Denver.

Just get out and do something, anything, that will loosen up your legs, flush out some lactic acid and not stress your system too much.

Active recovery is the best recovery of them all!


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