Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Varsity Meet Results

One of my favorite traditions on the CHS Track Team is ribbon day on Mondays. We usually have quite a haul, and handing them out to the deserving athletes is a blast. Here is a sneak peek at who might be getting some varsity ribbons, but I admit, this is one of the poorer jobs I have done of getting times/places for the entire team. I wrote down all the long-distance times, most of the mid-distance times, but none of the sprint or field event data. Gotta get better for next week, just like everyone else!


P.S. I also want to mention that the JV meet went very, very well. We had some excellent times on Friday afternoon, and that improvement in your racing will result in a bump-up in training level, which is what you need to continue to improve. Excellent job JV team!

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cm2230 said...

I think Coach Harris got many/most of the sprint times and splits