Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ft. Collins Runner's Roost Highlights (UPDATED)

Well, the distance kids came to play this weekend, something we have been building towards for over a month.

Complete results can be found at Coach Versaw's website, but CHS Distance highlights include a second in the boys 4 x 800, a second in the boys 3200 m, a sixth in the girls 1600 m, a third in the girls 800 m, a sixth in the boys sprint medley, a first in the boys 800 m and a sixth in the boys 1600 m. Excellent work from ALL the distance kids, and not just the ones who are getting ribbons on Monday.

Why do I give the shout out to ALL of the distance kids? The distance contingent is a team effort. In practice, everyone pushes, inspires and helps each other become faster. At the meet this Saturday, the cheering and the yelling for those racing was the loudest I have heard in a long time. I expect that to continue. We succeed as a team, and we fail as team. I am very happy to say that this week, we succeeded, but we still have a long way to go. Success will be made easier by the strong seniors who stepped up and ran practice over spring break, by the runners who busted their butt on their own over spring vacation, and by the athletes who buckled down and kept/got grades up to my exacting standards. We have many more weeks to continue to get better, to continue to work hard, and when the middle of May rolls around, then we will see if we measure up.

Ryan K. shot some video for me this weekend, and I think it is good to take a look at. This first one is of Nate running sub 2:00 in the 800. I think he ran a great race, but I bet if he and I sit down, we can find room for improvements.

The next video is Keagan running the elite two mile and it was shot by (For some reason, I could not get the embedding to work, and my video that Ryan shot is taking forever to upload.) Keagan ran a great two mile , but I know he will say there are some things he could've done better, and if we all can learn from it, that is perfect.

UPDATE: Here is RyanK.'s video of Keagan's race. I think it shows Keagan's 63 second last lap much better.

Try and watch these videos before our race prep day on Friday. I want to be able to discuss them as a group and to use as tools to help all of us in our future races.

Hope everyone got in an easy run today, to shake out the lactate. This is going to be a hard week this week, with some different events for some of you On Friday/Saturday. Be ready!


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