Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mid Week Thoughts

If you haven't given me or Coach Boymel a blue goals sheet, we would really like to get one from you by Friday at the latest!

All this week we have been stressing our bodies. Monday was hard, Tuesday was moderately hard, today was super hard. Now, literally right now, as you are reading this blog, we need to work on recovery. Contrast showers, stretching, sleeping, easy workouts, all of it works with the stress to grow you into a better runner. Stress without the rest creates burn-out and injury. Rest without the stress creates couch potatoes. So, make sure to get the right balance of both in your lives.

Thursday night, Spike Night, BRC/DTC, with a special guest, two time Stanley Cup winner Stephane Yelle of your Colorado Avalanche will be there talking about anything you want to talk about. Pretty cool, huh? Party starts at 5:30, you should have plenty of time after practice to get there.

One other thing, all athletes reading this should start thinking about what events they want to compete in on Saturday. Mid-Distance kids, if you have been with Coach Boymel all week, I suggest you run a 400 m or longer at some point on Saturday. Long-Distance athletes that have been with me, I suggest an 800 m or higher on Saturday. Of course you can do more, but make sure you get those events in. Think about putting yourself in other events that you feel strong in and that you feel you can help the team the most in during the course of the season. This is the only time you get to chose your events, so choose wisely. Ask a coach for more guidance or advice if you want, what's what we are here for!


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