Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome Tracksters

It is official, the season has begun. In order to maximize potential and utilize talents in the many areas of Track & Field, our scrimmage this year will look a little different. Along with being an opportunity to race against other runners, it is going to be a chance to compete against your fellow Chaparral teammates.
This year Captains chosen by the coaching staff will draft a well rounded track team to compete against other Chaparral teams to be the best team at Chap. Captians will choose Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors to compete with them in the areas of Track and Field. Once the draft is complete, you will sign up for events in the scrimmage with your team mates. All members of the team must compete in 4 events. A field event specialist must do at least 2 field events. A running specialist must do at least 1 field event. As your team signs up, remember you will be competing against others Chap teams.
The winning team will be receiving some free track pack gear from coach Hawk.
We will not be scoring all events for the competition but instead will choose 7 events (hence the heptathlon name) You will not know if we are scoring the 800m or not. We may score the high jump and long and triple jump. So as your team is picking 4 individual competition events, be sure events are chosen that can be scored well in as well as opportunities to score in all the different events.
Also, be aware that there is a relay meet coming next and your ability to be a part of a team may be extremely important for us to decide where you fit in that competition. In the same way, it would be best to pick events you think you have a chance at being the top 3 or 4 for Chaparral.

Be thinking about your specialty, your ability to try different events and your willingness to do an event if the team needs you to fill a gap.
Draft will be on Wednesday at practice. Event selection needs to be completed at the beginning of practice on Friday. Any one who recruits a new track member by Thursday or Friday can add that team member to their heptathlon team.

Events at the Scrimmage include
Tripple Jump, Long Jump, High Jump, Discuss and Shot Put
100, 100/110 hurdles, 200, 300 hurdles, 400, 800, 1600, 3200
You will receive a sheet that shows the order of events. There will be no relays

Time to start thinking track and about what your role is on the team
Have you filled out your blue sheet?
Are you drinking water?

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