Saturday, May 12, 2012

Boys League Champs Day 2 Wrap-Up

As I mentioned in the female version of this blog post, so good moments, some bad moments.  Let's stick with the good moments for the men as well.

In the boys mile, Dominic Compoz came in seventh with a time of 4:31.56, a new personal best.  James Kadoph, in only his second mile race of the season, also ran a new personal best, 4:33.79, to come in 8th. Those three points were huge points, ones we needed to stay in the hunt for the overall title.  Kaleb Roosa aslo ran the mile, lowering his best ever time by six seconds to 4:47.90.  Kaleb started the season injured, adn to come back to run a sub 4:50 is very impressive!  (While Dominic did not run his best race of the season in the two mile on Thursday, he does end his season with a a 10:03 in his pocket.  I can safely say that Dominic is the best freshman male runner we have ever had. Hopefully I don't mess him up too badly over the next three years!)

The boys 4x100 team easily outdistanced the competition, winning a second consecutive Continental League title.  Hand-offs were perfect, which they have to be, in order to win that race.  It was an example of working hard in practice, and then executing at the meet.  Great job guys!

Over in the 300H, Fred Campbell ended his stellar campaign with a 41.54, coming in 4th place.  This is a huge new season best for Fred, and while he was just short of qualifying for State, Fred deserves huge props for tackling the hurdle this year when the team really needed him too.  Excellent work Freddie, excellent work.

Ryan Kwiatkowski and Johnny Bacovin both ran tough races in the open 800 to improve upon their times, as did JJ in the 400.  Alex McArther had a breakthrough in the 400 today, running a 50.18 for third place, with a super fast time.  Finally getting through that 51.00 barrier is so tough, and Alek did it with his normal smooth style. Awesome job gentlemen!

Nolan Ellis fought through sickness to come in 4th in the pole vault, and Curtis ray followed up his stellar day on Thursday with a 6th place in the 200.  Again, more huge points for the Wolverines.

The two guys I want to talk about are two seniors who will be sorely missed.  (although they get one more week of practice, as both have qualified for State)  Ryan Reasoner and Gavin McHenry.  Ryan Reasoner had the meet of this life today, pole vaulting 13-6, coming in second, and re-establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with on Thursday up in JeffCo.  i know that Ryan has had a tough year, but his coach always believed in him, Ryan never gave up, and it turned out pretty damn good for him today,  Watching Ryan vault was a joy, it really was.  Great job Ryan, great job.

And Gavin only won the 100 and 200 outright, anchored the 4x100 to victory, and helped the 4x200 salvage a 4th place finish.  That's 35 points he had a major role in for us today, over a third of our total point score.  Uhhhh, I think the MVP award he won last week was deserved.  I have parents from rival teams coming up to me saying how great Gavin is with his competitors, I have coaches marveling at how effortless Gavin makes these sprints look, and i have Gavin with a short memory, as soon as he wins, he is preparing for his next race.  I can honestly say that this school has never seen a sprinter the likes of Gavin McHenry, and it might be a long time before we ever get close again.  Both Gavin and Ryan will be truly missed next year, in a Brendan Austin, Kirsten Lake, Jourdan Otis kind of way.  Just huge competitors, great leaders, and excellent kids.  It really was cool to have worked with both of you in some small way guys, thanks.  (But let's give me one more good week, huh?)

Overall, the boys team came in 2nd place, an improvement on our third place showing last year.   That is some good work, gentlemen, you should all be proud.


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